Friday, February 6, 2015

Hannah Minx, seriously where is she?

I felt like I should've updated that blog entry that I wrote before this. But I assume that Hannah Minx hardcore fans would, you know, follow her update. No matter how long she had been in hiatus. But now its 2015, and she was last seen in the internet since October 2013. That's like.. over a year ago. So what happened to her?

This is a stock picture that someone send me through an email.
I wasn't worried at all about her disappearance. Not because I'm cold-hearted bastard that doesn't care about a fair and delicate lady like her gone missing, but because I know that she actually not alone. I felt like most of her fans, if not all, loves to imagine or fantasizing that Hannah lives alone. So you guys could creep in for, you know, a cup of coffee. If you get my drift.

I firmly believe that she actually live with someone, either a roommate, a friend, or even possibly a relative. Or, she might even lives her parents still. I don't know. But what I do know, is that she doesn't have psychic power to capture all of those pictures without using her limbs. All of her pictures and video, that is not a selfie, was captured by a third party. You might say that she could use a self timing camera, tripod and whatnot, but I've seen a particular video of hers before.

The one that she wears a costume of Princess Leona from Dragon Quest - Dai's Great Adventure with Gome stuffed toy shoved between her breasts. She also wear other super revealing clothing in that video, but I didn't quite catch what other character that she was cos-playing at that time.. but it was almost if not actually, very sensual to the point.. hmm.. those video was recorded by a MAN.

Anyway, I didn't lie in the previous blog entry when I said that she was probably busy acting in a movie. She even announce it in her Facebook a few month before she went off the grid. I didn't include this picture in the previous entry because, again, I assume that the hardcore fans would scour her Facebook page for any sign of her activity. Evidently not. But I understand, that the picture have 2 things that stands out.

However, it was as clear as broad daylight, that she was busy with her new project. Which actually, not really something out of the blue. She did cast in another movie in 2012 called 'The Devil's Carnival' and also appeared in "FearFighter", a movie-game. You can check from IMDB about this. But in case you are wondering, the rumor about her doing porn probably came from the movie-game "FearFighter".

Even in her own video, she even explicitly said something along the line, "Sorry I'm busy, everyone. I'm working on my new movie!" in some of her more recent videos before her disappearing. But then again, who am I kidding. Of course you guys didn't hear any of that. Over 100 videos in her channel, have any of you actually can speak Japanese by now? And as for the rumor about her got married and being pregnant, well.. the mysterious camera guy. From what I heard, its her boyfriend. But I'm not really sure, so I think I'll reserve my judgement when.. wait why do I have to judge anything at all?

The reason I'm writing this blog entry here is because I felt a bit, well, guilty. Slay Belles is coming out on Christmas 2015, you guys.  IMDB puts it on 1 November 2015, but I'm a bit skeptical about the exact date. Because before this, it was written 1 November 2014, and that didn't happen. So make that, the release date is on some time during Christmas in the year where Christmas is still around, something like that.

At any rate, you can visit: to know more.


  1. maybe this is her :


  3. Still waiting for Slay Belles. Her original YouTube channel is showing some activity with her old smoking fetish videos being reposted. Keep a keen eye out everyone. Something is finally brewing.


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