Friday, August 2, 2013

[Movie] Django Unchained

Django Unchained (the D is silent) is probably one of the most bloody and yet hilarious movie I've ever seen. Its not a new movie, in fact it was released from last year in December 2012. But I didn't recall seeing it in the cinema around my area. I watched it from a DVD that belongs to my friend, we had like a movie marathon at that time, a Quentin Tarantino's movie marathon some sort. So yes, among those movies were Inglorious Basterd (where everyone ended up dead, in a bar), Reservoir Dogs (the game is actually much more entertaining), Grindhouse: Planet Terror (also hilariously bloody), and of course, Django Unchained.

Just like any other Quentin Tarantino's movie, this one too was wrecked with controversy for being too bloody AND weirdly enough, offensive. Well, I couldn't say anything on the bloody part, its a cowboy-spaghetti-western movie. But on the offensive part, I think i could agree that in a way, it did gives away an offensive vibe. Especially when the movie use the 'N' word a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean almost in every line of the dialog of every character. If the dog in the movie have a dialog, I'm pretty sure even the dog would have the 'N' word in his line. Also, its about slavery in the Southern America. So yes, some people might find this movie is more than just 'distasteful' and probably downright to 'highly offensive'.

But to tell you the truth, this movie is not just historically inaccurate, but also NOT based on a true story. Its purely fiction and even the gunfight is highly exaggerated. In the movie, when someone was shot by a rifle, the blood splatters everywhere like it was more of a cannon shot. Very bloody. So you can see that being offended by this movie is almost the same as offended with the Superman being white (what, they don't have African-Kryptonian there?) because the Superman is a fictional character and is not based on the real world race demographic (we just assume that all humanoid aliens is pretty much Caucasians).

The cast includes Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio (whoah), Samual L. Jackson (whoah!!), and Christoph Waltz (he's the villain in the Green Hornet movie that have a middle-age issue and when bananas). The slave was, of course, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, named Django Freeman. Hence the movie name Django Unchained. The story goes that Django Freeman and a few other slaves were released by Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) when his slaver was marching him up the road to, urm, slave market I think. And by released I mean Schultz shot the slavers, because obviously its the most cowboy thing to do.

Schultz have no intention of keeping the slaves so he release them all, except Django. Schultz was tracking a bunch of law breakers called the Brittle Brothers, which is weird because Schultz introduce himself as a dentist. He have a toy tooth up on his wagon to prove that. Django knew the Brittle Brothers, more like he can identify those crooks, so agree to help the suspicious dentist-with-a-toy-tooth-up-his-wagon to track the Brittle Brother in return for his freedom (hey, the dentist just shot a couple of slavers without even batting an eye, so he might as well agree).

Turns out, Schultz isn't really a dentist. Well, obviously, its the wild west. Everyone is either a gun-fighter or dead. So Schultz is actually more of a bounty hunter, collecting rewards... in the name of justice (I know, its completely contradictory). Also, bounty hunting give a pretty decent pay because keeping a clean teeth and healthy gums isn't exactly a thing in the West yet.

As their journey together, Django learns a lot from Schultz and earn his freedom after they manage to pin down the Brittle Brothers (okay, they shoot them dead because the reward say 'Dead or Alive'). With his newly earned freedom, Django wanted to find his wife named Broomhilda no matter how impossible that could be (its really impossible). Schultz decided to help Django because obviously he knew that it impossible for Django just to ride into town and asking questions. In fact, Django could get shot for just being seen riding a horse, in the Deep South. With Schultz help, he introduce Django as his slaver partner, and manage to get themselves access to, urm, slaver's log book? I didn't know they kept log books..

In the last part of the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin J. Candie, and Samuel L. Jackson as the Candyland overseer, makes an appearance as the villain. You gonna love Samuel L. Jackson, he was really hilarious. Especially when he remarks the appearance of Django, who was riding a horse. He couldn't believe a slave could ride a horse as equal as the slave's master, obviously jealous because even he who is the Overseer of Candyland estate have never rode a horse before. And to put salt to injury, his master Mr Candie ask him to prepare a proper bed for Django, because he is to be treated as client. You gonna love the part where Samuel L. Jackson was cursing around. Hahaha

Anyway, the whole movie is hilarious and entertaining. The story is fictional, and the characters have nothing to do with anyone either alive or dead. Even the character name is obviously a made-up name. Like Django 'Freeman'? Or Calvin J. 'Candie', owner of 'Candyland' estate (as in sugar plantation)? One of the best movie I ever seen, and also a memorable movie marathon night.

Hmm, I wonder if I could do another movie marathon night some other time....



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