Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[Tutorial] How to fix corrupted Winrar file

So you have a WINZIP or WINRAR files that would not get extracted no matter what. And it turns out that this file is like, really, really important. Or you just spend almost one whole day of your life downloading this file from er, an anonymous cloud storage service that was uploaded by uh, one your office colleague. Work stuff or something, but definitely entertaining for some reason, you colleague said. So you must extract this file or tomorrow you would be the only person in the office that will be left out from this 'entertaining-yet-suspicously-large-file' conversation. What can you do to resolve this dilemma?

Today I'm going to write a tutorial to handle such problem, which is highly unlikely to happen by the way, but if it did then at least you are prepared to claim back all those time loss downloading this mysterious file. Work stuff of course, cough*.

First of all, does the problem start from the part where you were unable to completely download the file? And also you were unable to re-download it back because the file, or a part of the file, mysterious disappear from the cloud storage service? But you are so close, 8 more percent and everything will end with rolling curtains and drum-rolls, while you go and order a pizza with a big bottle coke to enjoy this *cough* work stuff. Should you ask your 'colleague' to re-upload it back or should you just suck it up and deal with the disappointment?

But then, you take one last look at the files right before condemning it into the Recycle Bin and start to wonder if there anything you could do to repair this files, or even extract a little bit of whatever left from that compressed files. I mean 8% is like, 92% more for you to view right? But when you try futilely and fruitlessly to extract this files, you just gonna get bombarded by those annoying messages saying 'This file is corrupted, and also there is a missing part, dumbo!' something like and it just infuriates you.

Actually, you can still extract the file. Its no biggie, all you have to is actually rename the file to match with the remaining parts. Easy right?

And the WINRAR software comes out with a message that pretty much sounded like, 'Which part of the message that said 'A part of this files is corrupted' that you do not understand, dumbo?'. When all seems to be hopeless, well, the effort of trying to rename the file parts is admirable enough but actually it just not enough.

And by not enough, I mean screw that stupid message and click on the tab 'Extract To' and you going to get a new window like this. In this window, choose the destination path to extract the files, AND tick on the option to 'Keep Broken Files'. Then press 'Ok'. Ready to get disappointed by yet again a futile attempt to fight the weave of fate? 

Well, in all fairness you must know that would happen right? Right??? You know what, just click on close and be done with this corrupted files. If you couldn't watch the 'Obvlion' video (is it a mispelled Oblivion or it stands for another meaning?) then perhaps you should brace the completion of your humiliation where you have spend hours of downloading the whole 3 parts of the files and just another 8% you would joined the crowd talking about, um Obvlion?

Or God still loves you and you actually have succeeded in extracting the movie, uh I mean the entertaining video sent by your office colleague. Be mindful though that the file is still corrupted, meaning this video will not be able to play on the part where it is corrupted. In this tutorial, the one that is incompletely downloaded files is only part 3, so you can safely assume that the final missing 8% of the video could be probably the credit rolls that you won't even care. But if it was the first or middle parts, well.. you could miss a few scenes.

This tutorial also works on a haphazardly transferred files between flash/optical drives that turns bad or corrupted due to bad sector of the drives or by some computer hoodoo stuff or something. The most important thing is that, if it compressed and only a fraction is corrupted, then yes you can still extract and retrieve the pieces that is not corrupted, of course.

Hopes this help.    


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