Thursday, August 8, 2013

[Movie] Machete

Machete is a action exploitation movie released on 2010. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, with Danny Trejo as the main cast, it is understandable that the movie did not appear in my local cinema. Probably censored by my country's Board of Film Censorship or something. But, when I found the movie trailer in the Youtube, I quickly find the DVD release of the movie off from the Amazon.

The casting in the movie is not to be underestimate. It includes Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagel and, Lindsay Lohan (ooh~ yeaah~). Now the movie itself is pretty much um, its not exactly epic with huge explosion or fighting robots, but suffice to say that it is entertaining despite the female nudity and extreme gore.

The hero, or should I say anti-hero, is called Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo). The movie starts with Machete who is a Mexican Federal agent got screwed over by his superior who works for a powerful drug-lord, called Rogelio Torrez (Steven Seagel). Barely escapes with the skin of his teeth (btw his wife got killed too) Machete cross the border and scraping for yard works in Texas.

Then in Texas, he got an odd job of killing a corrupt Texas State Senator, John McLaughlin (Robert De Niro). The senator is winning the voter by promising to put an end to the Mexican illegal immigration by putting electric fences across the border (huh..). However at the same time, he made a deal with the powerful drug-lord Torrez so that now he can control the Mexican illegal migration (in other word, human trafficking, and um, also supply of gardeners..). And so, in the twist of fate, Machete must do what is necessary to be done to save his fellow countr- ah screw it. Turns out the guy who hired him to kill the senator is actually the senator collaborator who staged the assassination to increase the public opinion.

Machete, solves the whole messy affair with the only that he knows, the Mexican way. So yeah, he goes around and kills everybody with er, a machete. The final fight was the most hilarious, in my opinion of course. A whole group of Mexican immigrant (they drives a whole bunch of stereotype jumping cars equipped with rocket launcher that looked like fireworks) confront the so called Border Vigilantes (the senator henchmen) to end the urm, war?

Hahaha, all in all, the movie is actually just for fun. Enjoyable and cartoonish. Like the time Machete cut open a guy's stomach and use his intestine to drop on the lower level, or the part that he armed himself with gardening tools and enter a house with tight security by just saying, 'I'm the new gardener'.
The first film is admittedly have a weak appearance and weak acting (especially Jessica Alba), but there are going to be a sequel called 'Machete Kills'. Ooh.. I can't wait for this one. Charlie Sheen, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Antonio Banderas is also gonna be in that movie.


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