Thursday, September 19, 2013

[Movie] After Earth

Danger is Real.
Fear is a Choice.

After Earth is a 2013 sci-fi movie starred by a father and son. None other than Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith.The movie is actually solid, but not kind of a blockbuster movie. Its more of a, direct to DVD kind of a movie.

Which in a way, is a bit disappointing. Because this movie is actually directed by M.Night Shyamalan, who directed the Avatar: The Last Airbender. You know what, to think of it now I know why this movie sucks. Because M.Night Shyamalan just suck balls in directing sci-fi movie. Or maybe Shyamalan was just still experimenting and stuff like that.

Now, the movie is about somewhere in the future where humanity left Earth because we screwing way too much and the Earth becomes uninhabitable. So humanity went for Nova Prime and this time something meets us to keeps us on our toe, S'krell, an alien invader who teaches humanity a whole new level of  screwing around. No, they did not drop a nuke on the human settlement. Instead, they dropped a legion of ugly exotic deadly killing machine beast called the Ursa. And to add salt to injury, the beasts are not only ugly and intimidating, but also blind and preying on humanity by sensing our 'fear'.

So yeah, no uber rail plasma death ray mega cannon set up on power armour of death whatsoever. Just, a beast. Invincible beast? Nope, it just have claws and fangs. It must have been, a really sharp claws and fangs.

And humanity, trying to catch up with this new type of screwing around, created a new skill called 'Ghosting', which the users suppress their fear, and ultimately becomes invisible to the Ursa. Allowing the human Ranger to kill the beasts by the thousands using urm.. cutlasses. Wait, it was a nano tech cutlass on a stick, so there you go, science fiction everyone.

All in all, the movie is as good as any other science fiction movie. To tell you the truth, having the no sense or nonsense elements is what makes a sci fi movie even more interesting and open to wider possibilities. But this movie apparently lacked the most important element of all. And element, is mood setting.

Watching this movie is like watching the Cast Away with Tom Hanks. Except in Cast Away, Tom Hanks got Wilson the Volleyball which added a sense of humor, loneliness and insanity combined. But After Earth, it doesn't even have a theme song or soundtrack and stuff. It almost deafeningly quiet, and the only time I 'feel' the movie is when the father and son's ship is lifting off from Prime Nova. That actually got me excited. It was an awesome ship. However, in the Cast Away,  atleast Tom Hanks screaming at Wilkus is pretty much like a melody to the audiences.

Well, its Will Smith's movie. So I'm still going to put it my Movie Marathon Collection.


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