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[TV Series] Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra is the sequel to The Last Airbender in the Avatar animated series by Nickelodeon. And with the Nickelodeon brand on it, you can assume that this is indeed a kid TV show.
But is it? Is it a kid show? Are you sure? Now I had watched the whole first season and now following it up to a couple of episodes on season 2. The thing is, I'm kind of disappointed with this sequel. A lot of things changes, although change suppose to be good, but in this series changes almost makes everything in the prequel.. pointless.

Click to read more if you wanted to know. I don't want to offend any Avatar fan, for I am one of Avatar fans, so this might get a bit personal..

 Now, Legend of Korra took places exactly after Avatar Aang. As you can guess it, Korra is the new Avatar and she is born in the Southern Water Tribe. Now, after the Hundred Year War, the whole world of Avatar changes due to the advances of technology during the war, such as machinery, transportation and more.

During the first prequel, the Fire Nation practically invented the steam engine, iron ship, moving tractor, and flying craft. Not to mention most of their infrastructure actually started to use steel as part of the supporting material.

So in between of the Aang reigning era and Korra's birth, the people all over the world started to integrate with each other and this led to the creation of the United Republic of Nations, a sovereign state that combines all four people from the original four nation. Due to the Fire Nation colonization (which for a hundred years) during the war, it becomes unfeasible to relocate back the colonist.. well its a hundred years later , and you pretty much becomes a native anyway. So yeah. Some of the colonists have become entrenched to the local custom way of life. You can't just uproot them like that, it would start another war.

Therefore the story of Korra in the first season was mostly revolving around the United Republic's capital called the Republic City. Maybe it just me, but the Republic City is pretty much looks like New York city. But maybe, you know, its just me. A lot of new changes are introduced in the first season, like the technological revolutions where automobiles are everywhere, blips and flying craft, electrical wire and more.

So what about this once one of the most epic cartoon that disappoint me? First of all, the plot and background theme changes dramatically. Almost like its a 2 different universe that have no relation. For example, in the prequel, it was revealed that the secrets to the Avatar's reincarnation is closely guarded and only known to the members of the Avatar's temple from each of the respective Nations, and possibly members of the ancient Order of the White Lotus too. In other word, only they know how to find and recognize a newly born Avatar. But in the sequel, they search for the next incarnation of Avatar through rumors and search houses by houses, instead of urmm.. you know, the secret thing where only the Avatar would unconsciously do or pick because it relates to the Avatar's past life.

Korra was also shown to be able to bend all 4 elements at a very.. very young age. Which is completely contradict the first story where Avatar can only be fully manifested when the child reaches the mature age of 16 years old. Aang was no exception, where he loses control each time he went into the Avatar State, but he did master all 4 elements and the Avatar State, only with an incredibly great effort. Okay, maybe Korra didn't enter the Avatar State prematurely, but from the first sequel, bending is like a martial art and there are certain disciplines that the user need to master first. I mean, Aang didn't even know how to bend water before Kitara showed him how. And Korra start bending at the age of 3-4 years old. What the hell??

And the most exclusive, high rated skills in the first sequel, becomes a common skill.. apparently. For example, there are firebender that uses the lightning bending to power up and charging power plants. How...? Didn't Iroh warned Zuko that lightning bending is very dangerous, and one mistake could be fatal, for the energy cannot be allowed to flow through his heart bla bla bla, scatch that, now in Republic City they use it to power up a freaking battery...

For the iron bending, its quite understandable because it was used by the law enforcers, just like Dai Li and it was not as common as other bending arts. But bloodbending? Chi blocking? By the Equalist? In the first prequel, bending art is almost the same as martial arts. Knowing how to bend the element doesn't actually give the bender an edge against another martial artist with superior skills. Jet with his ragtag member of Freedom Fighter, Master Piandao, Zuko himself went to the Earth Kingdom while restraining himself from using Fire bending.. All these people are martial artists that can handle themselves pretty well even against benders.

But in the sequel, Legend of Korra, apparently it is established that in order to compete with the Benders, one must learn chi blocking technique, an assassination technique, that you could just, wow, learn it in some hidden underground warehouses, en mass. Really? Really? That sound plausible to you? What about the bloodbending? Bloodbending requires full moon for a reason. No matter how powerful a water bender is, the principle of Pull and Push, pretty much puts a limit to that. The only reason the Avatar could summon a great tidal waves is because he could use the Wind as well to assist with the principal of Pull and Push. But not in The Legend of Korra, everything seems to be pulled right out from their asses.

"Hey, I can bend your blood because 70% of human bodies is composed of water, also I'm bending with my freaking eyes, because fuck Pull and Push!"

Whatever happened to the martial art's discipline, man??? Seriously?

There is so much I wanted to rant about. But this only the first season, and I was hoping in the next season things will get back in the track. The reason why the Avatar series was quite epic for me is because of the positive messages that it brought forth. Like, be and do good unto others, all work no fun makes its dull, and many more. Avatar: The Last Airbender is actually the perfect cartoon to be shown to kids. It have great moral value that kids can learn at the same time as enjoying the TV show.

For Legend of Korra? All I can say is I hate Korra. Yup, the new Avatar is.. totally something else. She is not headstrong or hotheaded. She a BITCH, thats what she is. She is not resolute, she lack of discipline, no humility, not even honor, complaints a lot, immature, and for the love of God, she is 17 years old that time. Girls matured faster than boys, and that is why Aang goofing around is funny. But for her.. If anything, it raises questions how did she even bend the elements? She couldn't even meditate properly and the only time her past Avatar comes to her is when she is crying, instead of, you know, meditate and revalue back all of her actions, it almost like her past lives were giving her a pity-fuck.

I don't think that it is right for Nickelodeon to put this kind of 'values' for a kid TV shows. Or is it a kid TV show?

I don't even think that I'm going to let my children to actually watch this.


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