Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[TV Series] Key & Peele

Key & Peele is comedy sketch TV show from Comedy Central. As you can guess it, the star is none other than Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who also both created and directed the show.

I first know of these 2 stand-up comedian from MadTV comedy sketch that I umm.. found in Youtube. Then I kept on following both of them (not the creepy way) career and surprisingly they actually did not appeared much in movies or even have their own show for that matter. Their sketches in MadTV were insanely hilarious and creative.

Keegan is probably famous for his characters as Coach Hines and Eugene Struthers. And I'm saying probably, because he have a lot of other characters such as the Jeffersons, Jovan Muskatelle, and many more. Jordan Peele is also the same, but he is probably well known as Dontel LaMontrose, but he did alot of people impressions, and truthfully, I loved his impressions on rap artists.

This is a sketch of the impression of Lil'Wayne

And then, in 2011, there were announcement that these duo would have their own show on their sketches. In 2012, the show is officially aired every Wednesday at 10.30 p.m. The best thing about this is that they really made it available to almost everyone with internet connection (and I say almost becomes some people doesn't have internet, yup, that is sad). They posted their sketches in Youtube using their official Comedy Central account, and their also upload it on their official website (also under Comedy Central).

So if you couldn't get to watch it on TV (like me) then you won't need to worry to miss it. At all. They put it on the internet for everyone to see. Almost every sketch they made, they put it up on Youtube and Comedy Central website. But of course it is much more preferable if you watch it on TV. Because you know, they on the Network, rating and audiences, stuff like that, its what makes them kept on air.. Well too bad the series aren't aired in my country. So I just watched it off from the Youtube, though I don't know whether the video views there are actually matter to the Networks overlords or something.

Les Miserable, its hilarious.

The K & P series have now reached up to season 3. They make like 8-10 episode per season. Maybe because they have a lot of sketches in one episode (and they in every sketches, of course), with different theme and story, so it is understandable that, with that amount of episode in one season where usually TV series would have like 18-22 episode.

Oh, there is so much to write about them. No matter.

I. Will write more. After my TV series marathon. Watching the whole season 3. Where I had just finished collecting and line them up. In my Youtube playlist.


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