Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Games] Divinity: Dragon Commander

Divinity series have released yet another one of its sequel, and while I still enjoyed Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga hoping for the next continuation, Larian Studios have taken the game to a whole next level of awesomeness. The game was released on 6th August of 2013, on PC platform.

The difference from the last game to this new sequel is that, this time, the game is no longer a role-playing game. But instead, its strategy role-playing game. That's right. This game now combines between strategy and role-playing genre. And by strategy, I mean like Total Commander + Total War: Rome II kind of style. And by role-playing, I mean you still can change yourself into a dragon, just like in previous game. Though you won't be walking around in cities anymore, but you get to travel around the fantasy world of Rivellon.

The story goes that the empire is breaking apart. The emperor have been assassinated by none other that his own offspring, and each of them tries to claim the throne as their own. A wizard named Maxos however hold the dark secret of the deceased emperor, whom have sired a bastard son with an ancient dragon. Raised far from the Empire to avoid complication, the last son, the only suitable heir uncorrupted by power struggle in the heart of the Empire. You play as the dragon knight, that rides the airship, Raven, throughout Rivellon to reclaim back the Empire.

At first, you'll get to choose your dragon. Wait- you are the dragon. So you'll be choosing you own character. There are 3 type of dragon to choose from. Mountain Dragon that wield high firepower but less hit points and defense, while Zephyr Dragon have high hit points and defense, but low fire power. The third one is Sabre Dragon which have balance strength (basically he is a jack of all trades). Each Dragon would also grant special unit like Hunter, Shaman, or Warlock.

Once you have chosen your Dragon type, and put in your name, its time to fly and burn some stuff. What, not yet? Why is that? Ah.. I see, from the previous Divinity game, the ending was a bit sketchy because you got tricked into saving your own enemies and stuff like that. Huge plot twist in the end.
But in this new game, the plot takes further behind, somewhere around, a long long time ago there is an empire, kind of behind. So, you won't get to shived that stupid Damian.

But don't be disappointed yet. At least they gave you a really cool ride. Meet, The Raven. Its an airship, and before you ask, the time of this age they employed some sort of steam-punk technology. So yes, its the battle is going to be a little bit different. We'll get to that later.

The Raven is like your command ship, where you do the upgrades and make your plan on the map. There is also your throne room and a bar where you get to meet with  your generals.

Not enough with that, you'll get to read the newspaper. Okay this game is a little bit like Total War: Rome. Except its more than that. You wage your war, but you still need to mind the public opinion. To take back the empire, you obviously need to do some politicking as well.

So you'll need to read The Rivellon Times and keep yourself up to date if you are to win this war. The first headline evidently would be, the Emperor is dead!

This would be the inside of The Raven. Your briefing room/ map room whatever you want to call it. But its where you get to see the world map and plot your army movement. There would be other room for you to explore, each with its own function just like on a command ship would have. Upgrades, recruits, and stuff.

In a way, it does look like Starcraft II right? Just a little bit, though.
But some people compare this game with Mass Effect because of the choice option. Yes, you get to choose you options, don't forget you need to maneuver your way through politic as well as war. You'll speak with your generals that doesn't quite believe in your cause yet. Everyone wants power, what makes you so different than the rest of the Emperor's sons and daughters?

Oh, did I mentioned later in the game you get to marry too? Yup, you need to choose your partner well, because you know, public opinion. People who support you less, gives you recruits less. And in war, that is no bueno. But enough already with the politic stuff. Do you have to deal with statistic, logistic, and stuff like or do you get to burn something?

Right, less talk and more action.
That'll convince them you are dead serious.
Is this how you fight? With dots?
Its actually closely resembles Total Commander.
Because you can totally zoom in!
And of course you can join in the fight.
You, the dragon!
Maxos would remind you, as an emperor, you'll represent everyone.

Oh hohoho, this game is so fun. Can be tiring, yes. But highly satisfying. Well, with this kind of gameplay, it might take your mind off from that  lying stinking Damian.



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