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[TV Series] RM Episode 185

PD: Wait.. this isn't in the script.
Episode 185 is different from last episode, but not any less entertaining. This time, the show format is somewhere around drama-acting and slapstick comedy. There isn't much of a race or anything, but there are games to keep things interesting.

For this kind of Running Man show's format, one thing that I like if there is an unscripted element of it. Something that you'll know the Running Man members will always do. But even if there is a script, you'll know what will happened if Jae-suk and Haha got their hands on it.

This episode is based on the latest SBS drama called 'My Love from the Star' (Byeoreseo on geudae). There are 3 time settings, based on the drama. One during Joseon Dynasty, and the other 2 is in modern times where the final timeline is in the present time. There weren't any guest but sweet little Kim Hyun-soo did make an appearance during the first timeline as the young Cheon Song-yi.

Poetic soul as ever
The timeline started from 400 years ago in Joseon Dynasty. The story here, is that Do Min-joon the alien found a young girl which he saved. Later the the young girl gave her life to save him, giving a deep impression on Min-joon the alien.

For the Running Man show, the race was to find the right hair pin, belonged to the young girl that Do Min-joon saved in the drama, and bring her to her palanquin to win the race. The Running Man was given a hopae, a wooden tag tied to their back for the ripping tag game. So instead of ripping the name-tag stuck to their back, they'll be ripping the hopae. Funnily, the hopae is easily ripped. Though, the race is quite difficult to complete if the Running Man went to hopae ripping spree, because looking for the correct hairpin is like looking a needle in a hay stacks.

But that doesn't stop them from goofing around first.
Kwang-soo unluckily met Jong-kook hyung at the start.
And Jong-kook hyung intend to have him find the hairpin together.
And of course he started to dance
But wait.. what is Jong-kook hyung is doing?
Oh no... Its easily.. comes off!
Kwang-soo: Hyung, put it back on quickly!
Well, it was caught of camera. So.. nope, can't put it back on.
Kwang-soo... keep getting taken out first early in the game.
But enough fooling around. Haha have found the real hairpin!
The hairpin owner is the young Cheon Song-yi (Kim Hyun-soo) 
Turns out Haha need to find the palanquin as well.
He left her at the nearby inn to avoid being found by others.
Unfortunately while he is gone, Jae-suk hyung found her too.
Because of her Jae-suk hyung comicality, she broke her character.
And said something out of the timeline.
Jae-suk hyung: What is that word? I don't understand.
(Its Korean inside joke, some of these words actually foreign words)
Just like Haha, Jae-suk hyung also left Hyun-soo alone to find the palanquin.
But when Haha returned, he took her with her this time.
Only to stumble with Jong-kook hyung on the way.
He was taken out, and left only Jae-suk hyung with Jong-kook.
In case you are wondering what happened to Gary and Suk-jin hyung, they were both taken out. Gary was tricked by Haha while he was frantically looking for the palanquin. While Suk-jin hyung got taken out by someone who have nothing to do other ripping other people's tag. And that same someone also got taken out right after Haha because Jong-kook doesn't trust her (the scene was cut, but you can see her face was red and teary).

Because Jae-suk hyung already know the palanquin location,
Jong-kook agree to walk along with  him to the palanquin.
Opportunity rises, Jong-kook lower his guard...
And Jae-suk hyung takes his shot.
Just for Jong-kook. So that he would exact revenge later.
Jong-kook: I'll get you back next time in my next life. Just you wait!!
And thats the end of the first part of the show. The next part took place in the age of enlightenment (modern) Korean. Where west culture, lifestyle and technology started to influence the Korean. For this timeline, the Running Man would need to do something to increase their amount of money through the same way as that age, games. The game would sudden death 'Slapping Book'.

They only need 2 person for the match.
So they make the selection by taking lots
Ji-hyo and Kookie got the lucky lot.
Kookie is little nervous for being the street hustler.
Jae-suk hyung and Kwang-soo is all in.
And he lose. OMG.
To save his face, Street Hustler Kookie is going for another bet.
Suggestions? Haha suggest for a drinking game.
Funny drinking game.
Wait... what?
The gamblers agree...
Except the hustler.
In case you are not a fan of Jong-kook,
the things he hates other than ramen are coffee and coke.
We bet everything and you can even drink a coke?!
Can't you even hold a burp?!
Street Hustler Kookie is being hustled instead.
The gamblers are being antsy, he had no choice but gulped it all down.
Arghh.. must win, or else.
The bet is that he would gulped the whole bottle in one go.
And hold the burp for more than 5 seconds.
The coke is spilling down on his shirt.
At first, it looks good.
Until Jae-suk hyung makes a remark of how sexy it looks
with the coke spilling down on his shirt.
Maybe he should remove his shirt so that-
He didn't lose because he can't hold to his drink.
But because of Jae-suk hyung funny remarks about him being sexy.
In the end the gamblers just had their fun.
And that is all on that timeline. Oh yes, but the way Ji-hyo won by default. But that wasn't really important. It was so hilarious seeing how Jae-suk hyung and Kwang-soo took this chance to make fun of Jong-kook. He lost all of their money. Even Kwang-soo took the opportunity to say, because of Jong-kook hyung now I'm broke (its not everyday you could say that you lose because of Commander Kook).

The next timeline is the present time. Where the alien Do Min-joon get the opportunity to return back to his home planet. But he would be bringing his love across time, Cheon Song-yi with him. So the game is to Running Man need to be Do Min-joon, they'll need to act as in the drama scene, to be one. And anyone who succeed would ride the UFO with Cheon Song-yi, to the Golden Planet (the reward). In the drama of My Love from the Star, the character of Cheon Song-yi is played by Jun Ji-hyun. So who would be Do Min-joon?

Turns out Haha is the real Do Min-joon.
Oh yeah!
Does that means that Haha will be paired with Cheon Song-yi?!
Real Cheon Song-yi (Jun Ji-hyun) is coming for the Running Man??
What the....
Turns out in the first part, young Cheon Song-yi (Kim Hyun-soo)
choose Jae-suk hyung to be her older self in future.
Why? Cause it will be so funny, that is why.
I love it how she didn't choose Ji-hyo.
Otherwise I would've stop watching at this point.
Of course the rest of 'Do Min-joon' wannabe were furious.
They were probably hoping to pair up with the real Cheon Song-yi.
But, there is only on Do Min-joon.
Does Haha know about this?
Of course he doesn't.
Like or not, he have to flirt(?) with Jae-suk hyung.
But wait, if Do Min-joon and Cheon Song-yi roles have been decided,
how can the other Running Man hope to win? 
And Jong-kook hyung didn't even found a script for himself
to play Do Min-joon. So what is happening?
Ji-hyo got herself a hint when she won the last game.
The hint was that, the Running Man not necessarily needs to be Do Min Joon
or require Cheon Song-yi to rides the UFO. All they need is the key.
It suppose to give her the edge so she could win.
But of course she would stupidly told Jong-kook.
Ji-hyo: There is evil force, Jong Kook. Let ally together and win and make me Ace.
'Cause I'm Ace-hyo!
Ji-hyo: I didn't get to be Do Min-joon cause I failed the acting test.
But you, Jong-kook, could probably be Do Min-joon. You even look like him.
But who need them, right? Let us both becomes winner.
And ripped all of their name-tags!
Did you just said... Evil force?
Does it have a smile.... like this?
Turns out Jong-kook took the roles of Lee Jae-kyung, the bad guy in My Love from the Star. He didn't have scripts with him because he is not Do Min-joon, and he was pretending to avoid suspicion. But Ji-hyo's hint could have revealed him. So he took her out right then right there. Then he proceeded to take out Gary and Suk-jin as well as the opportunity arises. 

Ji-hyo should have warned Cheon Song-yi (Jae-suk hyung) about Jae-kyung running lose in the building. Even if she didn't know about Jae-kyung and who would take his role, the hint on the evil force is pretty significant (or maybe she really doesn't know about this drama at all). And obviously Cheon Song-yi wouldn't be the evil force so only he(she?) can be trusted. But no, Ji-hyo told.. well of course she would tell Jong-kook. Its not that I didn't see it coming.. sigh.   

While all of that happening, Haha have no choice but to accept his fate.
After he passed the acting test, he professed his love...
Well, he still can't go around with Jae-suk hyung's face.
Finally they come up with an arrangement. 
This is all about the gold, strictly GOLD!
Not love.
But Jong-kook manage to catch up to them.
Wow, he is really scary..
It really fits the scene. Jae-suk hyung tricked him before.
But something awful happened.
Jong-kook managed to take out Haha, who suppose to be
Do Min-joon. So Cheon Song-yi was left alone to fend for
Good thing this is variety show and not a drama.
So Cheon Song-yi here is much more.. comically strong.
Jae-suk manage to defeat Jong-kook.
But, what happened.. have happened.
Cheon Song-yi have no choice but to go alone with the UFO.
(Wait.. the alien is Do Min-joon and that is his UFO to get home)
Doesn't matter.
Its funnier this way.
Do Min-joon: Cheon Song-yi~!!
Until today we can still hear Do Min-joon's wailing.
Once in a life time chance to get home.. gone just like that.
And that is all for this episode. That was fun wasn't it? It was so hilarious. I like it when Running Man do this kind of drama enactment. It would be like the real drama show, but it was so hilarious. Even the real drama actor Kim Hyun-soo broke her character because she couldn't hold her laughter.



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