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Book: Warhammer 40K - The Horus Heresy part 12

Wow, It have been long since I last wrote about my favorite novel series. There are a bunch of them now stacking on my digital library. The latest one was incredibly awesome. The novel was titled simply 'Scar'. But before I get to that, lets look at the previous books that I haven't mentioned yet.

The twenty-third novel in Horus Heresy series, Angel Exterminatus. The book is about the primarch of the Iron Warriors, Perturabo. Also known as the Lord of Iron, and an introvert. He had this really bad case of unable to mingle with people, and sometimes he just kept things to himself until he finally exploded in rage. Perturabo was portrayed to be someone who is really quiet, but a genius. Out of all of his traitorous brothers, he actually doesn't believe in Chaos. He only joined the rebellion because somewhere somehow in the points of his life, someone intentionally or unintentionally hurts his feeling.

Weird right? He even complained that the Emperor, his own father, have hurt his pride by using his theater design to hold the Nikaea council, a council for censuring, where the theater design was supposed to be used for hosting events of celebrations. And he hold a grudge for that. I have no idea what is his problem.

Just like some of his brothers, Perturabo have a thing with logic and reasons. He is obsessed with mathematical accuracy, to the point that even his armor was fitted with a whole lot of analytical sensors to provide him with numbers to crunch with. He had cohort of robots that act as his guards, also equipped with sensors and stuff. His warships were even more awesome, they didn't have viewing glass port. He reasoned that, what the point of having viewing port where in space, you don't see things with your naked eyes. Its the space, its either pitch black or eyes-burning-irradiated light of a star.

The only way to see, is through the sensors reading. Numbers and math doesn't lie, promise and politic does. So he said. So why did he join the Chaos side again? He is literally the person that can and will never accept Chaos. Turns out, he likes Horus. Horus treats him good. Not like that Ferrus Manus that gave him a weird look once, or Rogal Dorn who looked down on his Legion sieging abilities during a conversation.

He pledged his loyalty to Horus because he hated the others. He hate his brothers for not understanding him, and most of all, his father who never acknowledged his supreme command of technology. Oh so sad.. by the way, Fulgrim met him and told him about the Angel Exterminatus. Yup, Angel Exterminatus is a name of a super ancient weapon, and the fact that its a sort of a long lost technology, piqued Perturabo interest.

So Perturabo went with Fulgrim to attain this super ancient weapon, located inside of the Eye of Terror. Of course its located there, where else would you find super ancient weapon, yes? But didn't people usually go there to attain, you know, daemonhood? Like what that stupid Lorgar did? Perturabo have never been close with Fulgrim, and he obviously didn't trust that loathsome peacock. Super ancient weapon or not, Perturabo have always known about the Eye of Terror. A immaterial spilled into the world of material.

There is a lot to write about what happened there, but the end results are more important and surprising. Fulgrim gain daemonhood, while Perturabo almost died. LOL, who didn't see that one coming.

Next is the twenty-forth novel, the Betrayer. This time, the adventure of Chaos-loving-scum would be between Lorgar and Angron. The both move toward Ultramar to deal with the Ultramarines. I kind of lost track of the timeline here. There 500 worlds in Ultramar, so they said. Lorgar's legion was ordered by the Warmaster to ambush the Ultramarine Legion. This attacked was lead by Kor Phaeron, Master of Faith of the Word Bearer Legion. Lorgar didn't personally lead the ambush on Calth because he had urm.. something else to do.

So here is the thing. That old git so-called Master of Faith, Kor Phaeron, failed terribly at the ambush of Calth. Guilliman lives, and his Ultramarine Legion are chasing the Word Bearer idiots out of the star system. But it didn't stop there. The Ultramarine Legion is really chasing them Word Bearer which led Guilliman to meet with Lorgar and Angron on Nuceria, Angron's home world. I don't understand how does this happened because, there is another story about Guilliman being on Macragge, devising Imperium Secundus (Second Imperium) in case Terra fell to the rebellion, and later reunited with his other brother, Sanguinius. Not to mention, the Ultramarine were stuck at the Ultima Segmentum's side of the galaxy due to a massive warpstorm, causing them unable to assist in the defence of Terra. But Sanguinius and the Blood Angels would be in the defence of Terra. So, how does all these event happened?

The book also reveals a bit about Angron's history. Angron doesn't like to talk about his past, because he was a bit in a unique situation back then. He was a slave, a gladiator that used to entertain the high-rider lords and princelings. In a way, he was the only primarch that never conquered or ruled his own homeworld. To his shame, he would always be known as the slave primarch. He fought in the gladiatorial pit for the high-riders once, and he fought for the Emperor's Great Crusade in the next. The way he see it, he still chained by slavery, either by the high-riders of Desh'ea in Nuceria, or by the Imperium of Mankind.

Again, Lorgar almost died, but this time at the hand of the Lord of Macragge, Roboute Guilliman. Good thing Lorgar always have someone with him, and this time its , Angron, who saved his hide. Before this it was Corax who almost ended his pitiful life, but Curze saved him. Lorgar, probably filled with gratitude, helps Angron to become a Daemon. Thanks Lorgar.

The end results of this endeavor, was that Angron became a Daemon Prince just like Fulgrim. Also Angron was 'saved' from his self-destructive Butcher's Nail cybernetic cortical implant, because you know, he is a Daemon now. Lorgar was so happy with this outcome and... Ah fuck it. This idiot won't even know whats happening even if its happening right in front of his stupid face. Didn't he realize what he had done? Angron fought with such fervor because he felt that his is still enslaved by the Imperium and only through death would he be completely free, but now thanks to Lorgar, Angron now a mindless berserker serving under the Blood God Khorne for all eternity.

Anyway, both of these books were good. Not as I expected but still its good. I know, Chaos right? They bat-shit insane crazy.


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