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Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Part 13

Wait, its not done yet, for the next couple of novels its about the Traitor Legion and most likely about Calth war. Calth war.. I never understood how Kor Phaeron could failed terribly but still retained his viperous head on his shoulders? Is Lorgar really that weak? Agrh.. I don't even care anymore.. Let go to the next novels. This time I'm going to write 4 of them, because most of the novels would be an anthology.

The twenty-fifth novel is called Angron. What is it about? About Angron of course. Gladiator primarch and lord of the 12th Legion of the World Eaters. This is an anthology novel, contain 3 short stories about Angron. They are After Desh'ea, Butcher's Nail, and Lord of the Red Sands.

In the short story of After Desh'ea, Angron's origin was revealed where he comes from a place name Desh'ea. Before this, Angron's homeworld was never revealed and it was known that Angron was a former slave fighting in a gladiatorial pit. The Emperor saved him from a certain death, I think, when Angron led a huge slave rebellion that was doomed to fail.

The reason for that was because Angron never subjugated the cities that he crushed, only massacre and more massacre, making his ragtag army of slave to dwindle after each battle. His army and him also fought just like in the gladiatorial pit, face-to-face close combat, instead of making use or utilizing military tactic and advantages. The Emperor, probably wanted to spare him from witnessing the death of his gladiator comrades that would scar him for life, teleported Angron onto the Imperial warship that was above orbit, at the height of Angron's ragtag slave army final battle. This enraged Angron because he thought that he had lost the only chance of dying with his friends in a glorious final battle.

The Emperor tried to reason with Angron but this guy got a serious case of being thick-skulled. The Emperor told Angron that he is a primarch, he'll never die down there and those people are doomed anyway. The Emperor never got to finish his explanation when Angron lunged to the Emperor and killed one of the Adeptus Custodes, Emperor's own bodyguard. Tired of talking to Angron, the Emperor teleported Angron the Adamant Resolve, flagship of the War Hounds Legion. Angron killed again, mostly the senior officer of the War Hound Legion. Until the War Hounds Legion 8th Company captain, Kharn, managed to soothe Angron's rage. That's right, captain of the 8th Company, all of the senior officers above Kharn were dead, killed by Angron.

When Angron was about to deliver the final blow to end Kharn's life, Kharn appealed to Angron sense of reminisce. Angron, still hurt that his friends all died without him, revealed his relished experience of scouring the high-riders' cities, dubbed his rag-tag army as the 'Eaters of Cities'. Kharn told him that they too can be his new family, and together, they'll be Angron's new brother-at-arms. With Angron as their head, the Legion would be Eaters of Worlds. Angron finally relented and agreed to rejoin back to his Legion, thus renaming the War Hounds into the World Eaters Legion. And the Adamant Resolves becomes Angron's new flagship, the Conquerer.

To me, the first short story was incredibly satisfying. The other two was okay, Butcher's Nails revealed about Angron's cortical implant that was put there by his former slaver. The Butcher's Nails increase its host's aggression and also slowly killing the host. The Lord of the Red Sands revealed about Angron's inner thought and desire. He fought because, all he ever wanted, is freedom.

The twenty-sixth novel is also an anthology novel. The short stories are, The Shards of Erebus, Calth That Was, Dark Heart, The Traveler, A Deeper Darkness, The Underworld War, Athame, and Unmarked.

All of these short stories revolves around either, Battle of Calth, the Ultramarines, or the Word Bearer. First of all, The Shards of Erebus, completely throw me off from the timeline track. The story was that, Erebus used the Anathames, the very same used to bring Warmaster Horus low and convert him to Chaos, into several shards that later fashioned into 8 daggers, and gave it to all 8 commanders of the Word Bearer including himself. If I'm not mistaken, after Horus was wounded by that cursed blade, Captain Loken of the Sons of Horus Legion 10th Company took it to the Apothecaries to be examined so that a cure for the Warmaster could be concocted. Being too late, the Warmaster was converted into Chaos's side, and took the Anathames, and gifted it to his brother, Fulgrim, primarch of the Emperor's Children Legion as a sign of trust. Which later Fulgrim would bring that blade with him to planet Iydris for his daemonhood ascension ritual. How many.. how did Erebus... Never mind.

In a way, the anathames explained about how Erebus moves around. He used the blade to cut the veil of reality and created some sort of warp portal that allows him to travel around sneakily. It still however, doesn't explain Word Bearer's monumental failure. They attacked Calth with such conviction, because they were shamed when their Perfect City Monarcia in planet Khur was destroyed by the Ultramarines during the Emperor chastisement of the Word Bearer, turns out those convictions were as weak and false as their stupid primarch. Sigh.. I still can't get over the Word Bearer's failure.          

Next is the twenty-seventh novel, also an anthology novel. The short stories are,  Hands of the Emperor, The Phoenician, By the Lion's Command, The Devine Adoratrice, Lord of the Red Sands, and All That Remains.

Nothing exciting really, other than the Lord of the Red Sands which I've already read in the novel Angron. There rest of the short stories were just about some bureaucratic conflict back in Terra in the effort of fortifying it, or some Legion doing something in the deep space, and some isolated event in some backwater world that I don't know whether or not it would relate at all to the Horus Heresy.

It just a whole bunch of random stories that doesn't have any weight to.. wait why is it entitled 'The Imperial Truth'? It would be nice if they wrote that one, you know, the Imperial Truth. The thing is, the Imperial Truth is as vague as a pagan superstition. Everyone just go around about the Imperial Truth, the empirical clarity of reason, logic, and science, and stuff. But one incident in the Whisperhead Mountain and everyone went bat-shit crazy like Euphrati Keeler, who conveniently found the Emperor's Light while committing adultery in her billet. Haha, crazy.

Finally. the twenty-eighth novel that is not an anthology novel. This novel reveal the fate of the primarch of the 18th Legion who went missing during the Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre. Vulkan, lord of the Salamanders Legion, were last seen engulfed by a huge explosions where everyone thought that he was dead in pieces. Good news is that turns out he didn't. Worse news? Conrad Curze got him.

That is right, Lord of Drakes was caught to be prisoner to the Night Haunter. Throughout the story, Curze had been torturing Vulkan physically, mentally, and emotionally. Vulcan grew tired of Curze torturing because, hell, the guy spends him time in a blazing hot forge all day long and you thought some pain would break him? The things is that, Vulcan doesn't understand what is it Curze wants. Curze is torturing him to break him but into what? What is it the Night Haunter wants from him?

Hilariously, it was Curze who later broke, when he finally almost-but-not-yet gives up torturing Vulcan. Curze told Vulcan, he was planning to torture Vulcan to death. Turns out, Vulcan couldn't die. He regenerated back no matter what Curze do. He even slice and dice and burnt Vulcan to dust, but Vulcan keeps coming to life. Which intrigue Curze, because he is pretty sure that primarch can die, because Ferrus Manus died by the hand of Fulgrim, and his head was presented to the Warmaster. So why would Vulcan died? Well, that story would be continued in the next novel, The Unremembered Empire.


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