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[TV Series] RM Episode 193

Continuation from the previous episode. Before this, they had the Cross Country Race which lead the Running Man to the Haenam camping site. Now that they are here, begins another episode of a new game which revolves around the Haenam region. I don't meant this as a spoiler, but this new game would be split into 2 part. In other word, the race have actually ended in the previous episode. Its going to be another kind of race entirely this time.

It would be the Mafia game. Mafia vs Citizens. Among them, among the couples, there would be a mafia who need to survive throughout the race. They won't know who is who except who they are themselves. Meaning that a citizens won't know who is the other citizen, the same as the mafia. In each game, the winners will get an exemption from being judged, while the remaining participants need to vote who to kick out. The idea is that, whichever side have more members at the end, would be highly advantageous. So the citizens need to be careful that they didn't cast their vote to a wrong person. Otherwise they would be left with the mafias. It was not revealed what would be the end game is, but those who were voted out would be preparing the lunch later.

Anyway, the guest are the same as before. The Mafia Game would be split into two part, so don't get your hope high yet. Because it won't end in this episode, and expect a whole lot of time dragging, time consuming scenes. In other word, it could be a bit boring in this episode, depends on your preference. For me, so long Jae-suk hyung, Kwang-soo, or even Haha is there, there would definitely be some hilarious moments.

The show started on the night before. You know, after they got they camp based on the number of their arrival. There were supposed to be an outdoor camping activities that night, but it was raining so they ended up gathering in a pension house. Don't worry, they won't sleep there. Its only to host their night activity. They'll be back to their tents after that.
Their first activity? BBQ of course. What would you do during a camping trip if not making campfire and barbecuing in the cold night, right? There were no games for this, because they were all dead tired, and this would be their dinner time.

There were meats, lots of them. They eat it with rice and some ramen. Sometime I wonder, is Korean ramen is as delicious as it looks? Because at my place, the ramen is super salty. And its soup base is super oily as well, gives me an upset stomach, every time. I felt like slurping in a bowl of oil that goes down in my throat and coated my stomach's wall. Weird right? Not to mention the noodles taste like plastic. Maybe next time I'll look for the Korean ramen somewhere in supermarket, instead of them locally made. Anyway, during their meal or somewhere in between, they were given a questionnaire paper to answer.

During the meal time, Seung-soo hyung asked Kwang-soo what would be the activity for the next day. Kwang-soo replied, how should he know? The production team never reveal the things that they have prepared for them. Gary then chip in and ask curiously whether Seung-soo hyung is preparing to escape that very night, if the activities turns out to be really hard. Which Seung-soo hyung just smiled. Yep, he was totally planning to escape. If he had to sit on the cone one more time.. Ah, the dreadful cone. Actually that was the only single difficult time he had throughout the day. The rest were just a breeze really. All he and Jae-suk hyung did was sitting in a train and drinking tea along the journey. And do some dice rolling, which they won.

But the night have not ended yet. Remember the questionnaire paper that were given to them before the meal? The questionnaire was about their inner thought about their partner, and also who they wishs to be partnered with if given the chance. It supposed to be anonymous, means they won't be writing their name. But yeah, its easy to distinguish their own unique characteristic based on the comment written.

Haha commented that his partner, Man-seok, have a delicate skin that turned tanned even when it was raining in the night. Man-seok however praises Haha but his shortcoming is that, Haha is short. Suk-jin hyung as usual being greasy and had nothing but praises to his partner, except if he were given the chance, he wish to be partnered with Sang-hwa. To which Jung-nan noona wrote that she doesn't expect to win with her partner, Suk-jin hyung, and if given the chance she would choose Jong-kook. Gary also praises his partner, Sang-hwa but commented that his difficult time during the race was when Sang-hwa were upset that Gary's  thigh is less muscular than her. Kwang-soo were hilariously described by his partner, Ju-hwan, as someone who in between being a bat, really tall, and something else. Min-jong also hilariously described his partner, Jong-kook, as someone reliable, but really talkative and hope that Jong-kook would get hurt accordingly. For Jae-suk hyung, Seung-soo hyung only describe that his partner loves to tease him a bit too much and he had a difficult time, every time of that day. If given the chance, he would love to partner with Kim(?) Kwang-soo. LOL, it have been long since I heard that name.

After a good meal, some laughter, they finally retire back to their tents to sleep. Early in the morning, they wake up had a delicious breakfast. Then, each and every single one of them were called individually to be revealed about their status, whether they are the mafia or the citizen.

Then they off to the next destination, somewhere near shore that have mudflats. The game, is crab racing. Each couple need to find 5 crabs, and from that 5 crabs they need to choose whichever they thing the best and put in the race track. Whoever wins, would be exempted from getting voted out. There are 2 place to be win, meaning 2 couples can get an exemption.  

For the first game, Jong-kook team and Gary team won. After that, they were given 10 minutes to discuss among themselves who to vote out. Only one couple can be voted out, meaning that if one person is suspected, he or she would be taken out along with the partner. Jae-suk hyung at first have been teasing Seung-soo hyung by saying that Seung-soo hyung loves to bluff, so the probability that he is a mafia was considerably high. Hearing that not a person, but a couple would be voted out, he quickly changed his stance and started to defend Seung-soo hyung. But Seung-soo hyung really loves bluffing, and every word that comes out from his mouth only increased the suspicion, Jae-suk hyung then relented and plead that they would give Seung-soo hyung a chance to go fishing (which is the next activity) regardless whether or not Seung-soo hyung is a mafia.

After 10 minutes of bickering, finally they cast their votes and Haha team got the most vote. Probably because he talked too much, and easily flustered. Seong-soo hyung didn't get a vote, well he got one though, from Jae-suk hyung, his own partner. Jae-suk hyung really loves teasing him. Turns out, Haha is a citizen. But, Haha's partner, Man-seok, is a mafia. Which shocked everyone. They really thought Haha is the real mafia.

Man-seok weren't suspected, but got voted out along with Haha.
Who is not even a mafia. LOL

The next game is around the mudflat area as well. But this time they are going out on a boat. 3 boats to be precise. The voted out couples can't participate. So there were 6 couples left. Each boat takes 2 couples for the fishing trip.

This whole activity actually took the whole half time of the show. Not in the filming time, but the showtime. There were so much of the scenes on the boat, so yeah, you'll ended seeing them talking and eating and fishing there all the way to the end. The rules of the game were different from before. This time it would be and individual battle. Each person need to catch a fish that at least longer than their palm. The first 4 fisherman would be given an exemption. Jae-suk hyung was pretty determined to re-challenge back the rockfish that humiliated him back in the 179th episode of the First Meal of the New Year Race. This time he definitely going to catch a fish.

Too bad he totally didn't. The first winner surprisingly was Suk-jin hyung, he caught a greenling fish sized longer than his palm. Next was Jung-nan noona win, which caught a flounder fish bigger than her face! The third and fourth win were Ju-hwan and Ji-hyo. Ju-hwan caught a greenling, but Ji-hyo caught a sea eel. Due to the way she won games in past, I'm a bit skeptical how she caught one, especially when the sea eel seems like it was hooked really deep with the bait dangling at the side, that can't be right.. Right? And why did she got a big wonderwoman tag? Jung-nan noona caught the biggest fish..

It was a bit weird. Everyone talked about their fishing experience except for that really suspicious sea eel. But it doesn't really matter. Not that I expected any sports in this episode anyway. The episode ends with the fishing activity, and the remaining result of the voted out person would be revealed next week. This time its individual, meaning 2 persons would be voted out instead of a single couple. Dong-jun got voted out, turns out to be a citizen. Jae-suk also got voted out, but whether or not he is a mafia would be revealed next week.

Jae suk hyung go a feeling he is not going to make it.
Might as well had a ship party before he go.
Courtesy from the captain.
Abalone cooked with Jae-suk hyung's favorite ramen.

By the way, smart moves revealing Min-jong as the mafia. Now we all 'really excited' to see the next episode. Pfftt....


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