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[Movie] Thor: The Dark World

Its a sequel for Thor movie, released on 2013. The movie were suppose to be a continuation for the whole Marvel movie plot which ultimately will co-relate with The Avengers movie series. I decided to write about this movie just to you know, get it out of the way. I know it was a great movie and all, but I was hoping that I could wait until the next Avengers movie to come out, and write it all in one go. Turns out its going to take some time, and I might forgot this movie even exist. Something like that.

Anyway, yes, Thor is (was?) back. For the sake of probably including Loki back into meddling the Avengers business, this movie was made so that Loki would get out from prison and Thor would have a solid relationship back on Earth. So that Thor would have a reason (excuses?) to give to his dad, King Odin, to go back and forth to Earth. Thor is suppose to take Odin's throne as the king's successor. So yes, he really needs a good excuse to leave Asgard, something like proving himself worthy to be a protector or guardian or something.

Even though this movie was great, but I kind of being a bit cynical with actresses' role in nowadays movie, especially after the whole thing with the Transformers new movie. You know, where people acknowledge Megan Fox more that the Transformers themselves. Its kind of sad, see, when you are the Transformers, appearing in your own movie which entitled with your own group name, 'Transformers', and yet its people watched it because of Megan Fox who was not even a Transformers.

Back to the Thor movie, Chris Hemsworth is back as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Natalie Portman is also back as Dr. Jane Foster, the rest of the old gang. The movie took place after the first Avengers movie, where Loki hatched a plot to conquer Earth but ultimately failed. Loki was chained and brought back to Asgard to face his punishment for the crime against humanity and Asgardians.

The movie starts with the story of eons ago, where huge apocalyptic war were fought across the stars. The villain? Dark Elves from Svartalfheim. The Dark Elves really hates bright things, and decided to put the whole universe into a perpetual night. Using some crazy uber superweapon named, the Aether, they wanted to  unleashed the weapon's full power during a cosmic event called the Convergence, a rare alignment of the Nine Realms. During the Convergence, gravitational fluctuation and some crazy stuff would occur where portals between worlds would open up and linking up the whole Nine Realms in a short span of time.

The Asgardians didn't like that idea one bit, and decided to attack Svartalfheim en mass. The Asgardian at that time was led by Bor, Odin's father. Bor teleported the whole Asgardian's army right on top of the Dark Elves and start killing everything that is not Asgardian. The Dark Elves, bidding their time to wait for the Convergence to happen, sending everything they got, including the Cursed, to slow down the Asgardian's assault. Then, at the crucial moment, the Asgardians totally cheated by snatching the Aether from the Dark Elves using the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, the very same teleporter that the Asgardian used to get there.    

Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves, totally frustrated with this turnout, decided to bail. But not before ordering his own people to sacrifice themselves in order to lay waste to the Asgardian's army. He escaped using a stealth ship, which beg the question, why didn't he tried to launched the Aether superpower in the stealth position? Because he totally manage to hide himself with a handful of his followesr in that stealth ship for the next eons to come without ever being discovered. In fact, Bor himself thought that every single one of the Dark Elves were dead. He pretty sure that  he killed them all with his bare hands. Sadly, the weapon Aether cannot be destroyed due to its ancient status, where no one have any idea what the hell is that thing anyway. Which beg another question, how did the Asgardian know that was the Aether that they were looking for? The Aether is not like any conventional weapon where it is fluid and doesn't have a shape. In short, it looks like a flow of red wine. It have the capability of turning any matter into dark matter. Weird.

Anyway, back to present time. Loki was sentenced to prison. Asgardian prison. Pretty comfy by the looks of it. I know that technically he is a god, but wasn't his crime was 'instigating a destruction of a sentient civilization'? Even though his plan failed, but well, if that wasn't heinous enough for the gods, then I don't know what is. Maybe he got off easy because he is Odin's foster son.

With Loki in prison, Earth is back to its peaceful state, well, at least not under siege by the extraterrestrials. But something came up. Dr. Jane Foster found the Aether. Hidden in somewhere god knows, she touched the Aether causing it to take Jane's body as a host. This causes the activation of the weapon and alerted its awakening to the Dark Elves. The Asgardian was completely unaware of this, because fuck it, it was eons ago and they probably doesn't even remember where they put it last time.

Heimdall taking out a fighter craft with only swords.
But Heimdall noticed that Jane went somewhere that he cannot see, quickly alerted Thor. Thor went to Earth to find Jane, and later brought her back to Asgard to be treated. Thor didn't know about the Aether yet, but Jane's malady is a curious one where anyone who touches her would be hurled back with a bone-breaking force. Except for Thor of course, he could touch her wherever he wanted to, for some reason. Odin, doesn't like his son frolicking with a dirty slut from Earth, demands that she is to be removed from the Asgard. Technically, Asgard is like a heaven for the ancient Norse people, and mortals shouldn't get easy access into heaven. The procedures to get into Asgard is to die while fighting a glorious battle, and brought forth by the Valkyrie maiden into the hall of Asgard for a feast. Hey, its the procedures you guys! You can't skip that.

Then Jane exhibit another bone-breaking force explosion when the guards touches her, causing Odin to realize that this no simple malady that a doctor from Earth can heal. From the look of it, it looks like the Aether. I have no idea how Odin recognized it. But he recognize it nonetheless. However, the Dark Elves was already on the move. In fact, one of them have already infiltrated the Asgard. Algrim, lieutenant to Malekith, disguised himself as a mercenary and got caught in a fight in of them Realms and imprisoned within the inside of the Asgard. He changed himself into one of them the Cursed, and sucks the life out of the prison guards (literally). He went straight to the palace shield generator, oh yea, Loki was in the prison as well and he totally told Algrim exactly where he needed to be. Thanks Loki. But Algrim didn't release him though, probably because Loki have the looks of a swindler.

The Asgard is in under siege!
Ok, this Dark Elves invisible carrier ship brings up a whole lot of questions. Probably a huge gaping plot hole as well. The carrier ship have some gunships that can turn invisible as well. One of the gunship almost got pass Heimdall, but instead of seeing it, Heimdall heard the sound of the gunship's engine. That was pretty stupid for flying right next the watchtower. Is that the only place that they can approach the Asgard? Heimdall took that stupid gunship down using 2 blades, 1 sword, and some foul language, just to be on the safe side. But it wasn't just a gunship, there were whole squadron of them. The rest of the gunships quickly speed up, revealed themselves, lay waste to the Asgardian infrastructures and defence towers.

Never bring a sword in a laser blaster fight.
The Asgardian quickly responded to this threat and dispatched their own fighters (which is a boat with flying capability, and forward mini-gun attached). Heimdall at this time was probably crying over his incompetence to see the coming of the invading forces. He have only one job, watch the Asgardian border. Algrim managed to bring down the palace's shield defence, and Malekith landed right into the throne room by crashing through the palace walls.

Asgardian palace guards responded to this intrusion as quick as possible, but they uurm.. only armed with shields and swords. And some spears, I think I saw someone with a spear. The Dark Elves however, equipped with laser rifles. So yes, the palace guards died by the dozens. Also, the Dark Elves can throw some void grenades, just for some good measures. Remind me again how did the Asgardian bested the Dark Elves eons ago? This is just one warship with a handful of fighters. I cannot believe Malekith sacrificed his own forces eons ago, because they can totally mounted a punishing surprise attack on Asgard just like that.

Heimdall went for a drink to think about his career path.
Well, what happened, happened. Can't turn back the time now. Malekith managed to deal a heavy blow to the Asgardian. Not only he killed Odin's wife, Frigga, he also cause substantial damages to the Asgardian city and palace. The shield is down, and Malekith and his warship went invisible again right on top of the palace. Malekith bails out after Thor burned his face with a righteous lightning. Malekith doesn't to prolong the battle with Asgardian defence forces, due to Dark Elves inferior numbers. Yeah, yeah, bad decision in the past. Pointless to regret it now. The problem was that Malekith failed to locate Jane, so he went hiding and wait for another opportunity.

Thor knows that Malekith would attack again as soon as he can get a fix location of Jane, and the Asgardian as it stands, is defenseless. He wanted to bring Jane to somewhere away from Asgard, to lure Malekith out in the open, but his father opposed his plan. The risk is too great, if Malekith got his hand on the Aether, who knows what might happen. So Odin shut down the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, and no one is to come in or out. What a weird decision, the Dark Elves didn't come through that... they come by their warship.

But Thor is dead-set on his plan. There is only one person who knows a way in and out of Asgard without using the Bifrost, and that person is Loki. So Thor jailbreak Loki out of prison, and on their way off from Asgard, each and every companions of Thor warns Loki not to betray Thor. To which Loki just chuckled. Just on the safe side, Thor even cuff Loki's hand. They bring Jane together, so that Malekith would sense her moving to another place. Oh yeah, by the way Jane was also guarded. Its easier to kill her really, but well, Odin doesn't want to break his beloved son's heart.

Ironically, it was Thor that suggested to bring Jane to somewhere remote, gives her to Malekith, and kill Malekith while he is vulnerable state with the hope that the Aether would get destroyed along with Malekith.

Touche my son, and why shouldn't we just kill Jane along with the Aether? Won't that be much, much more easier rather than facing fanatical bat-shit crazy Dark Elves soldiers who doesn't have the decency to fight with swords in close combat? But Odin just kept that to himself.

Loki actually built himself a personal rainbow bridge.
So Loki took Thor to his secret gateway, and went to the Svartalfheim. The place was a desolated wasteland with lots of ruins from eons ago. Destroyed warships, bleached bones of the dead, a reminder to something that went wrong when a laser-shooting civilization got owned by a sword-and-axes wielding civilization.

Malekith never met with Loki, but Thor.. yeah Thor burnt Malekith face in the early confrontation so Malekith won't forget him any time soon. So Loki hatched a scheme where he pretended to defect Malekith side with Thor as his prisoner and gift to Malekith. Algrim recognize Loki from the prison riot, and vouched for him. Bad moves, Loki loves playing tricks, and he totally played Malekith and Algrim. When Malekith was tranferring the Aether from Jane to himself, Thor took the chance to shoot a lightning strike to the Aether while it was airborne. Didn't do anything and Malekith got himself the Aether back again. Well, its worth the shot. At this point, you might wonder why the hell didn't Malekith just do that eons ago? He can just keep the Aether within the inside of himself, and the Asgard would never get the chance snatch it away. But that was eons ago... everyone made a mistake.

Malekith walks away with the Aether, and Algrim proceeded to beat up Thor and Loki. Loki got stabbed in the chest, but managed to activate one of them void grenades on Algrim. Algrim died being sucked by the void. I'll miss that guy. He managed to smuggle the Curse stone inside his body when Malekith gut him with a blade and shoved the stone inside his stomach. It makes me wonder whether the Dark Elves doesn't have a butt-hole like other humanoid do.

This device is called the Ultimate Nullifier.
It will nullify all of these mess.
Anyway, just like any other Marvel comic plot, its all end up on planet Earth. Turns out to optimize the effect of the Aether turning matter into dark matter, he need to do it on Earth while the Convergence happen again. For some reason, I don't know. Wouldn't it be easier if Malekith just, you know, stay there on Svartalfheim. No one know they were there, and Heimdall was off-duty because Odin closed off the Bifrost. Malekith could just, straight up murder Thor and Loki and Jane, and get on with the whole 'turning the universe into dark matter' business. But no, had to go to Earth. In fact, must do it right in the middle of populated area where everyone can see and react like say, scramble a couple of jet fighters.

In the end, Thor won and Malekith was crushed by his own starship. Malekith lost because Jane manage to make some science-y stuff out of some science-y contraptions. And in some freak accident, Malekith's starship which conveniently parked nearby absorbed into a portal that leads back to Svartalfheim in which Malekith was also sent there by the science-y contraptions, where the portal come into being due to the effect of gravitational fluctuation from the Convergence event, and Malekith ended up crushed like a jelly bean. Well, that was one hell of a twist. I totally didn't see that one coming, like, at all..

Great movie by the way, it was quite emotional when Loki died. He was like my favorite villain, a psychopath just like the Joker. I still can't believe he died...

Or did he?


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