Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nuffnang - I lost my Glitterati status

Nuffnang is an advert company, specifically for blogger. Believed themselves to be the largest blog advertising community in South East Asia. Wait, no, they believed that they are the world's leading blog advertising community.

Oh well, if you happened to stumble on Singaporean, Malaysian, Bruneian, or most of the South East Asian people's website, then you might see the conformity there. Most of them probably use Nuffnang advertisement banner over their websites.

How long have I been using Nuffnang? Ah, since 2010 I guess, that must be like 4 whole years. Amazingly, I, never cash out money from Nuffnang. In fact, my income mostly come from Adsense. It hard to keep up with Nuffnang, you know. They have this loyalty program, that suppose would help you to earn more from the advert if you become a member of their Glitterati club. How to become a member, you asked? Very easy, you will automatically become member of their Glitterati club if you doesn't put their competitor's advert banner.

Translation, only advertise Nuffnang. Well, Adsense is an exception of course. Adsense is part of Google, part of Blogger, hence part of a lot of blogger out there. If you doesn't allow Adsense, then those blogger that uses Blogger wouldn't be attracted to use Nuffnang. But Nuffnang did put a very vague detail of who does they consider as competitors. They said that anyone would be automatically included as a Nuffnang Glitterati as long as there is no advertisement from, or links to other ad networks originating from South East Asia, or any other ad networks they deem as competitor on your blog.

But how did I lose my Glitterati status? Recently I have put up some advertisement banner from H12-Media Advertising. At first, it was confirmed that H12 and Nuffnang are compatible (because if it ain't, then Nuffnang's crawler would've detected it and remove my Glitterati status within 4 days). I've been using H12 advert for months now, and not a peep from Nuffnang. Not to mention, H12 is not from South East Asia.

I just lost my Glitterati status like 2 days ago, all of sudden.

I think I can agree, that this Glitterati thing is actually causing bloggers to look for a way to NOT using Nuffnang. Because Nuffnang have a simple setup procedure (they only have 3 banners; leaderboard, skyscrapper, and large rectangle), that blogger would most likely use them first. Like me. When I first made this blog, setting up Adsense seems like rocket science, so I opt for Nuffnang. Not to mention Adsense only approve your application after your blog is active for more than 6 month. Then after I got the hang of using and optimizing Adsense, slowly I've forgotten about Nuffnang.

That is why for four year, their banner is on my blog, without me ever removing it. Its like a part of my blog, you know. Those banners have specific size to it, that I use to measure the width of my blog widgets and columns. If it fits, then its neat.

But I guess time have changed and I can't believe Nuffnang is as suck as ever. Churpchurp churpchurp and freaking churpchurp. Do you even pay me to advertise that freaking thing?? There is no campaign named Churpchurp on my Nuffnang account dashboard. And I know that Churpchurp is a part of Nuffnang.

Argh.. screw this. I don't need to jump through the same hoop, just to get back my Glitterati status. I'm removing Nuffnang ads bit by bit. If Nuffnang can't take being on the same page with H12, then Nuffnang got to go. I've advertise for them for free long enough. Freaking Churpchurp..


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