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[TV Series] RM Episode 199

The long awaited episode of the Running Man's Asian Dream Cup race. Well, not exactly. They would be going for the Asian Dream Cup yet. Just like last year, they are going to have a 'boot camp' first, to prepare them for the international event.

Apparently, people haven't forgotten about Jong-kook failed feint and dribble move, Kwang-soo's heading to the ground and 'toad' face, and most of all, Jae-suk hyung wasted penalty kick. But they are not soccer player, and even The Commander was only a soccer fan, who loves talking about soccer but really sucks when aiming his kick.

So this year, again, the Captain (Park Ji-Sung) will come down and beat them all into shape. Hence, the Boot Camp race. Special guests for this episode would be Park Ji Sung, Cha Bum-kun hyung, Seol Ki-hyeon and a whole lot of idols. But Hum-kun hyung only appeared late in the show, the same as Ki-hyeon and the idols team. For the first half of the show, it would only be Ji-sung and the Running Man.

"I hope your guys are happy forever."
Ji-sung can be considered as a semi-fixed member of the Running Man, because he would usually appear during the time of Asian Dream Cup. His first appearance was on the 95th episode, I think, where the Running Man compete among themselves to be selected into Ji-sung soccer team in Thailand for the 2012 Asian Dream Cup. Then he appeared again along with Patrice Evra and Koo Ja-cheol in the 153rd episode, and lead the Running Man to the 2013 Asian Dream Cup in China. So yeah, by now it would 3 years in a row that he appeared every time the Asian Dream Cup is hosted. He might as well considered as part of the family, seeing that he clicked very well with the Running Man members.

Anyway, because this episode is going to be fast-paced and all serious, the Running Man wouldn't have time to goof around. Especially under the stern Captain Ji-sung. If they make any mistakes, it would be the first time that they got the Captain's wrathful kick to the butt. Oh yeah, Captain Ji-sung is going to get married this July. So all the Running Man took the opportunity to tease him, while they still. After this, he probably would be like Haha, no longer able play(?) around. From their conversations on the bus, seems like Ji-sung would be an open-minded father. But Jae-suk hyung seems like a stern father, and Suk-jin hyung is obviously a realistic father.

Back to race, their games would comprises several training that would prepare them for the Asian Dream Cup. The idea is that they need to polish up their team work skill. In their first training would be the willpower training. The Running Man will all wear tight suits. Ji-sung as the Captain, will need to do his own mission, but his success would depend on the Running Man, as theirs to him.

"Don't tell me it looks like only my face is floating?"
If the Running Man succeed in their mission, then Ji-sung's captain mission difficulty would decrease. So said the PD. In a way, it gives a huge burden to Ji-sung, because he still need to participate in Running Man's mission as a teamwork training, as well as doing his own captain mission.

Anyway, the Running Man should moves around in the background so they wouldn't disturb Captain Ji-sung. Hence the white tight suits. But if anything that the Running Man excels at, it would be teasing people.

Ji-sung's mission was actually really hard, but then again, he was really good. When he got the Korean shuttlecock mission, he managed to keep on kicking on the shuttlecock for a very, very long time. The Running Man even went up and down the stairs doing the mission, and Ji-sung was so tired he couldn't say anything and stuttering when he wanted to blame Kwang-soo for disturbing him the first time. But because Ji-sung was the one who dropped the shuttlecock, so the Running Man just shamelessly blame him for failing the mission. The Captain was speechless, and just laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

After a few games, they manage to have fun(?) and move to the next training venue. There was a game on a potato field, I think, that they used as their football field for their 'crisis management' training. It was a soccer relay game, extremely hard but necessary. The problem that Running Man had is actually, they seldom put the right person in the right position. Kwang-soo usually will get the most painful and humiliating position, as he would do in this one.

But this was all a game, so, no hard feeling there (shouldn't they do their training seriously). Like Jae-suk hyung would say, "If its funny, then its ok.". Something like that. After the football relay game, they went to a real football field, and met with Cha Bum-kun hyung. Actually, they already called him during the start of show, but Bum-kun hyung at time was busy with his photo shoot session. Good thing the location was near, so he decided to stop by and gives a pointer or two for the Running Man. They are going to represent the South Korea for the 2014 Asian Dream Cup in Indonesia, anyway.

Bum-kun hyung coached them a little bit, giving them a few tips. To which the Running Man used to tease Captain Ji-sung, saying that he never gives them some useful tip. Captain Ji-sung quickly retorted and said, "Even if I told them.. they won't improve anyway.". Which in a way, quite true. They all loves goofing around, even Evra ended up playing with them in the past training and Asian Dream Cup episodes.

But Bum-kun hyung gave them really useful tips, especially on how to kick the ball properly. They probably really haven't forgotten how Jae-suk hyung failed the penalty kick. And with Bum-kun hyung around, its the perfect opportunity to improve themselves. Kwang-soo even improved himself, just a little bit though.

The Idols team make an appearance at the end
Thanks to Ki-hyeon coaching, the idols team won!
After the match with the Idols team, well, it was a good match. That is all for the boot training for the day. Seems like they going to make a selection on the next episode. But it normal for the Asian Dream Cup episode to take 2 or 3 episodes. And also, the next episode would mark the 200th episode of Running Man. So, I can't wait to see them next week!


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