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[TV Series] RM Episode 200

Can you believe it? Running Man have reached the 200th marker for their episode, and they are not going to stop anytime soon. This episode is the continuation from episode 199 where they were training for the Asian Dream Cup 2014. But it didn't escape from their notice that FIFA World Cup 2014 is also just around the corner. Not to mention, by the time they finished filming and aired the show, FIFA World Cup fever would fill the air. And most people would already watched the Asian Dream Cup 2014 live on television. So that is why, this episode would contain 2 part. The first one was the Asian Dream Cup 2014, while the second part was some sort of Indonesia Race, like they one they have in other foreign countries like Australia, Vietnam, and others.

But just because the whole episode was not all about Asian Dream Cup, doesn't mean it any less entertaining. If anything, there were a lot of exciting scenes on both part. And because of that, I think I'll just highlight the most exciting, entertaining, and funniest, of the them all.

"I came here because I worried about you guys."
Surprisingly Cha Bum-kun hyung appeared again in this episode. Before this, Ji-sung just invited him by impulse, then Ji-sung invited him again because during the previous training episode, it seems the Running Man could use a pointer or two from Bum-kun hyung. He is not just a South Korean legendary football player, but also an experienced coach and football manager.

Anyway, Cha Bum-kun had teach them how to properly kick the ball, and show some pointers how to do dribble. Although this would be the third time Running Man participate in Asian Dream Cup, but I can understand Bum-kun hyung's concern. They would be the the representative of the South Korea, and apparently the Indonesian team would be a real football player team. Where 'Ji-sung and Friends' team would composed of a bunch of comedians.

But since they already there to entertain, might as well do it all the way. Bum-kun hyung joined in the team as well, but only for a short time. Legend as he might be, he is not at his prime age anymore. By the way, for this episode, its was a bit different from the previous Asian Dream Cup. Before this, they have to perform in given missions in order for them to be selected. This time, they all would participate in the football match, but they'll need to fulfill their mission during the football match. That is correct, during the Asian Dream Cup match.

"You guys, the selection have been changed."
"Someone have to play for the opening."
"And I choose Kwang-soo."
"Eh?! Coach, please think about it again!"
"Why do you become weak all of the sudden?!"
"I'm not ready, that's why."
"What? You have played before."
"How can't you not be ready?!"
*Kwang-soo got panic attack*
"I can get ready until the first half."
"You said you'll do your best, earlier."
"Where is your loud voice now?!" 
"You have trained hard for this."
"Otherwise, you'll be excluded from the selection!"
"Please no, coach."
Funny moments in the locker room. Kwang-soo is selected to play on the first half-time. Before this, I think it was Jong-kook who joined the opening. Its the part where they need to enter the field on single file, and greet the audience.

Next is the funny moment when Jae-suk hyung was reminded of his last year penalty kick.

"Make sure you don't make the same mistake as last year."
Last year, Jae-suk hyung couldn't kick the ball properly because of his glasses.
He forgot that he can't wear his glasses on the field.
And also he forgot to bring a contact lens.
So this time, he borrowed Kwang-soo's.
"Well, that means this time you can't give the excuses as last year."
"Ei.. why are you keep nagging me.."
"Don't worry, I'll go out there and bring back a goal".
And of course, he didn't. In fact, all of the Running Man including Captain Park Ji-sung failed their mission. But honestly, the missions were quite hard to begin with. Some of them had to do some 'assist' (contribution to score a goal), while others have to touch the ball at least 5 times. Ji-sung got the hardest, he have to perform the 'hat-trick' (score 3 or more goals by himself).

In the end, Park Ji-sung and Friends team lost 2-3 to the Indonesian football team. It was a good match, and they all did their best.

"Can we do this again next year?"

With that, it ends the first part of this episode. The next part would be a vacation trip to Taman Safari in Bogor, West Java of Indonesia. They went right after the next morning for their mission?

Mission? Oh no, no, no, no.. Its Punishment!
Nonsense generating machine.
They were babbling about their skills from yesterday.
"Can we please not to talk about soccer again?"
Suk-jin hyung was nervous because they are heading to their punishment.
And here their are.
Fortunately, the PDs were in good mood.
So, consolation mission then.
But if they fail this one too.. they are really going to get it.
"Say.. what it the real punishment, anyway?"
This will put bungee jumping in Macau to shame!
That is Jo PD, almost peed in his pant.
This 'real' punishment is no joke!
They really need to pass the mission in the Safari.
Anyway, to get their mission, the PD would send a message to their phone, stating the name of the animal. So they need to reply quickly the message with their name so they'll get the animal's mission.

"Hoho, who is Kwang-'soon'?"
The funniest mission were Kwang-soo's and Jong-kook's.
Kwang-soo got the crocodile mission.
Courtesy of Kwang-soo's beloved hyung.
Jong-kook replied the message with Kwang-soo's name on it.
Why? You might asked.
"I think I know the mission."
"Its putting your head inside the crocodile's mouth."
Kwang-soo was about to have a mental breakdown.
Luckily, it was not 'putting his inside a crocodile's mouth'.
Instead, its 'pull the ribbon from the crocodile's tail'.
"Don't worry, its a nice crocodile."
Nonsense generating machine.
"What if they are not in the best condition?"
"What if their parents were mean to them yesterday? "
"What if they had a fight with their girlfriend?"
But Jong-kook didn't get it any easier anyway.
He got the lion's mission.
His also almost had a mental breakdown.
Luckily, they all completed their mission within the time limit.
Ji-sung even spend the extra time goofing with Kwang-soo.
His mission was the deer and zebra's mission.
He need to do selca (self-camera) with those animals.
Might as well do a selca with Kwang-soo (Giraffe). 
Anyway, it was a fun journey.
And they are thankful to their fan's never ending support
I like this episode because it was all fun and games. No one wins, but everybody had fun. I think its good that they commemorate their 200th episode with activities that is adventurous for them and entertaining to the audiences. I hope for more exciting episodes from Running Man. Go go Running Man, congrats for their 200th episodes!


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