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[TV Series] RM Episode 198

I almost forgot to write this one. Probably because I was too excited about the next episode that would be awesome. Anyway, this episode here is the Couple Race. Even though Couple Race could be fun and hilarious, but sometimes it could slowly turned into an excruciating torture that's hard to look at, especially when it about love theme atmosphere. Because usually, the Running Man (which obviously would be the males) is going to be put through some painful games, like getting sprayed with cold water cannon, thrown into a pool of cold water, run across or jump on acupuncture mat, pitted against each other, smacked on the head, got their hair pulled, and many more. All because under the pretext of love.

But no, this time will it be different, I think. In fact, I think this time their games were straight forward with no 'magical' or 'mysterious' twist that ended up weird and infuriating. It was fast-paced with lots of hilarious moments. Pretty good build up for the next episode anticipation. This episode guests were, Choi Hee, Ha Yeon-soo, Han Hye-jin, Jin Se-yeon, Min-ah, Narsha, and Park Seo-joon.

First of all, they all went to meet with their partner,  Jae-suk hyung with Jin Se-yeon, Gary and Min-ah, Haha and Han hye-jin, Ji Suk-jin and Choi Hee, Jong-kook and Ha Yeon-soo, Kwang-soo and Narsha, and Ji-hyo with Park Seo-joon.

"You seems reliable. I want to win today."
"Go Sparta!!"
The highlight of this episode is actually Jong-kook's couple, Ha Yeon-soo. They had an extremely intimate love moment in the middle of the show. Yeon-soo was very active and had a strong will to win.

Kwang-soo and Narsha noona.
Another highlight is Kwang-soo's couple, Narsha noona. And nope, he is not going to be tortured, yelled, or hit. Narsha seems to be an easy-going person, and she really clicked with Kwang-soo. They won most of the games, though didn't won the final game, but they were also hilarious. Narsha said she cut short her hair just for the Running Man's shooting, turns out she had the same hair style as Kwang-soo, helmet-hair style. Once they have all gathered, they were told that in the Couple Race, the theme is 'Unbreakable Love'. Means that in each game, winner get to choose their stone, and the strongest stone will win.

Anyway, the first game was edited out, but it was shown in a small screen below when they started on the second couple game. It was won by Kwang-soo and Narsha. The second couple game is called 'Snow-white love', I think it have something to do with a Korean love drama. The idea is to give their couple bouquet of flower to profess their love. The bouquet was hanged from the ceiling, and there is only one so they have to fight to grab it. Wait, did I mentioned that they have to run and jump a series of hurdle before getting the bouquet, and the bouquet was hanged right above a whole floor made of acupuncture mats? There were 3 rounds, because there would be 3 places for winner. First 2 round were for men, while the last one was for female. Let the torture begin!

"Hye-jin sshi.. don't expect much from me!"
This game puts Haha at a disadvantage position.
Of course, if its grabbing stuff from high position..
Kwang-so is the most advantageous.
But that would only be for grabbing stuff above.
He still have to contend with those people below.
Girls' fight can be very scary.
The first winner was Seo-joon, second was Jong-kook and Yeon-soo, while the third place was Haha and Hye-jin. Haha couple managed to win the third place because Hye-jin was the tallest among the women, giving them quite an advantage, she was also strong-willed.

The next game was in a cafe. Even before they got in, there was a trampoline surrounded by protective nets, right outside of the cafe. But before that, they were drinking iced coffee first to lull them into a false sense of security. To ease up the tension of anticipating the next torture, Jae-suk hyung took the opportunity to tease Kwang-soo.

Jae suk hyung: "Er, I think someone came to watch our shooting."
Kwang-soo: "Me?"
"The person behind me, is breathing too strongly"
This time the game would be 'Bouncing love'. Its actually like a charade game. They need to give hint using body language to their couple so that their couple can guess the word or phrase. Of course while giving the hints, they need to jump on the trampoline too, because why not? It will be fun.

"Is he really that stupid?"
Narsha is worried that Kwang-soo would turn on his 'village idiot' mode.
Kwang-soo was testing the trampoline.
He was tall, so, it could be easy for him.
But its kind of creepy when he suddenly appeared behind the glass.
Narsha asked him to smile a bit.
But only increased the creepiness ten fold.
Kwang-soo didn't know what facial face he should make.
"We should call an ambulance for Suk-jin hyung."
Suk-jin hyung wanted Choi Hee to jump on the trampoline. But she insisted that Suk-jin hyung should do it. He finally relented, but everyone is worried with Suk-jin hyung. Surprisingly they got 5 words correctly guessed. Suk-jin hyung really gave his best.

But expectedly, Jae-suk hyung and Se-yeon failed terribly. They got the same topic as Kwang-soo and Narsha, which supposedly to be very easy. It was 'People and Character', something that Kwang-soo and Jae-suk hyung knows quite a lot because they both are movie maniac. Se-yeon didn't even got one answer right, and it made Jae-suk hyung a bit upset.

"See? Jae-suk is not making eye contact."
Does it means that he is angry?
The game ended with Kwang-soo and Narsha won first place, because they got amazingly 6 words guessed right. For some reason, Gary who was also top three winner, thought there would a some sort of twist. He changed his stone for an egg. I don't blame him though, usually this kind of race always have a twist, because, you know.. usually that person would always win especially in this kind of theme setting.

Anyway, the next place was a restaurant. They gather there, and the game was 'Love is hot'. They were given a bunch of uncooked tteokbokki in a bowl, and would use it to bet in the games that had been prepared. The winner would be the couple with the lesser tteokbokki left in their bowl. Looked down upon as always, no one bet on Suk-jin hyung. But he and Choi Hee won the first place because they emptied their bowl first. The second winner is Jae-suk hyung and Se-yeon.

And that, bring us to final game, 'Unbreakable Love'. They have chose and exchange their stones when they won the early games. Its time to decide which one stone is the strongest. How? Taking turns, they will smash the opponent's stone.

Turns out Gary was wrong. There was no twist. His egg was smashed completely by Haha and Hye-jin's stone. It was super hilarious. He even said "Let us see the biggest reversal in Running Man's history", at the same time as Hye-jin splat the egg. Haha could only commented how the egg yolks stained their stone.

Then, when it was Kwang-soo and Narsha's turn, they won four times in a row. Turns out Narsha had chosen well, their stone was the second strongest. But who got the strongest stone? It was Jae-suk hyung and Se-yeon. And they only won the earlier games once and got the chance to change their stone one time. And with that, Jae-suk hyung turned from someone with bad luck, into the luckiest person. Because the prize was not a gold, but a diamond.

Complete win!
As usual, Jae-suk hyung gave the diamond Se-yeon.
The ultimate prize.

Wait, I think I missed something. Oh yes, in the restaurant where they were playing bet the tteokbokki, something incredible happened. Jong-kook got to kiss Yeon-soo. That is right, the highlight of this episode.

When playing the 'Radish's love' (it the game where couple eat a chocolate stick or noodles, they eat it until their mouth touches). But in this game they uses radish instead.

Yeon-soo told Jong-kook to leave it to her, where she went so deep, the radish almost all gone. There was about a 0.3mm slice of radish left. That is like, 0.3mm distance between their teeth, and obviously they lips touched. It was crazy, Jong-kook's face got really red and he got teased a lot for the remainder of the day. I guess that day most the Running Man were lucky. Kwang-soo met a super nice noona, Suk-jin hyung won a game with his own strength, Jae-suk won a diamond, and Jong-kook got a loving kiss from a beautiful woman.


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