Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Slender Man

Have you guy read the news? There was an attempted murder case in Waukesha, Wisconsin linked to the Slender Man cult. Apparently, on Saturday May 31 of 2014, two 12-years-old girls stabbed another 12-years-old girl 19 times in a so-called worshiping ritual for the Slender Man. The victim however, was unaware of this plot, and was lured into the whole thing under the impression that they are playing hide-and-seek in a nearby woods.

The victim was fortunately saved when a cyclist discovered her laying in a pool of blood in the middle of his bike path. The cyclist immediately called 911, and shortly rescued by the emergency personnel. The two 12-years-old girls were apprehended by the police and currently are charged as adults for attempting and plotting to murder their friend. They are currently facing up to 65 years in prison for their charges. Pretty fucked up, yes? Apparently their parents was also unaware of the 2 girls change in behavior, suspected nothing, because they are just a 12-years-old kids for goodness sake!

What even more shocking was that they allegedly told the detectives in details that they had planned the whole thing for past 6 months, since December 2013. They even planned for the attempt to take place in a bathroom so that they would have easier time cleaning the whole bloody thing, and firmly believed that they would escape to a mansion in Nicolet National Park in Northern Wisconsin where they thought the Slender Man would accept their tribute with open arms.

But then again, who or what exactly is the Slender Man? The Slender Man or also commonly known as Slenderman, is a fictional character created by Eric Knudsen (a.k.a 'Victor Surge') in 2009. It was created as an Internet meme in a forum called Something Awful. The Slender Man was depicted as a thin, unnaturally tall man with long limbs and featureless face, and also he wears a black suit with a tie. His stories (which obviously fictional) commonly feature him stalking, abducting, or traumatizing people, especially the children. You can see how fictional the whole thing was, because his victims always vanished without a trace. So if they all vanished then how come his story came out? Exactly.

He doesn't exist, and even his pictures were clearly tagged as 'photoshopped'. But because The Slender Man's fictional mythology went viral and evolved without an official reference and canon, his appearance, motives, and abilities are not fixed, causing it to change depending on the storyteller. Some would say that he would have multiple unnaturally long limbs used to grab his victim, some would depict him have featureless face or just a maw of sharp fangs, while other believes him to be some sort of a dark and sinister deity stalking and photobombing your pictures with your friends when the reality was that your camera lens was stained with a chocolate piece.

With all these mess of conflicting perspective, blurring the boundary between fiction and reality, and obscuring the character's origin, somehow lending it an air of authenticity. Even when at some level, everyone could understand that the Slender Man is not real, at all.

The Slender Man was even made into a game, with an obscure story line. Also known as Slender: The Eight Pages, the game was about collecting eight pages written in gibberish and sketches. The setting is dark night, where the player would be equipped with a torch light with limited battery power. The player can only roam around, also with limited stamina for jogging and sprinting, looking for the papers spread all over the place. While avoiding the Slender Man, of course.

Pure horror, the Slender Man would keep following and stalking the player, and slowly draining the player's character's sanity that would lead to game over. The player must avoid the Slender Man at all cost, though he could teleport and appeared right in front of you. I must confess that I almost crapped myself while playing this. The game was incredibly horrifying despite its minimal features and graphics.

All eight pages.
Like I said, the pages were written with scratches and sketches, nonsense that lead nowhere to the Slender Man's origin. But it does help increased the horror atmosphere a thousand fold. I played the game, like once, and never played it again even when a new features can be unlock for a daylight setting. This thing is way off my horror chart.

But that's the thing. The Slender Man is a fictional character. It doesn't exist and it was created by a guy from a forum, Something Awful, that is famous for it contents of err... parodies, pranks, photo manipulation, satirical reviews of websites, video games, and movies, technically its the one place where you can't take anything at face value.


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