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[TV Series] RM Episode 201

I know its a bit overdue. This episode was well a way a week ago, and I was kind of busy with something. I thought of stopping writing about Running Man in each every episode, and just go for the most exciting of them . Then this episode come out, and I was surprised. I was a bit skeptical when I knew that it would be a race against idols. I was never fond of idols pitted against the Running Man.

But this episode is a little bit different. Well, not too different. If you had seen the episode of Running Man VS Angel Eyes, then this episode bears a bit resemblance. The theme was simple, and the race was intense. Also, by now, South Korea would be in summer season. Oh yes, summertime. Warm weather and farming fields. The guests for this episode were, Chansung (2PM), Hoya (Infinite), Sung-kyu (Infinite) Jin-young (B1A4), Kang Min-hyuk (CNBlue), Min-ho (Shinee), and Bo-ra (Sistar).

The race for this episode was called Country Idols VS City Idols. The winner would get the title of the Ultimate Idols. They all first gathered in front of a farming fields in Ganghwado.

The Running Man was the Country Idols and the guests were all grouped into one team of City Idols. I think Hoya and Jin-young was the only idols that had not appeared in Running Man yet, because others I think had appeared before. Some even appeared for several times. Its good to have idols that had joined Running Man's show before. New idols usually expected some scripts, even during the opening the show. Which can turned the jokes made into something serious. But because most of them already know Running Man format, so they started breaking the ice with usual stuff. By teasing the idols.

They were comparing themselves with the idols, but-
"There is no Kwang-soo".
"Hyung, what are you doing?!"
LOL, funny Kwang-soo. But yeah, its hard to compare him with the other idols. Not in height and definitely not in dance style. Anyway, after a few laugh, they proceeded to the nearby paddy field. Time to get dirty. Jae-suk hyung reminded the idols that they shouldn't worry to much about their appearance. Because in the last summer, Big Bang members were literally covered in mud, including G-Dragon with appealing hairstyle.

So, no need to get shy. The first game was a race across the paddy field while jumping over their teammates as huddles to grab and return with a flag at the end. The City Idols team won at first, but the Country Idols recommended that they do a relay race as well. The reason was that the hurdle race was only with one racer while others being the hurdles. So to gives chance to other to race across the paddy field, they recommended the relay race, and pick their opponent from opposing team to race against.

The City Idols won again, of course. But suddenly the PDs announced that the winner will gain the right to remove one team member for the next game. They already knew that the winner would get a tremendous advantage, but didn't expect that it would be a member removal. Jae-suk hyung protested this, because it would be obvious who would be removed, its Jong-kook. At least they should make it that the removal to be a lucky pick in a hat, or something.

At least that way, whoever got removed would be by their own sheer luck, and everyone would be okay with that. Jae-suk hyung even wash his face mud as a sign of strong protest. Wait, even Jong-kook did it. So the City Idols agree that, well, they choose Ji-hyo as a compromise. Though Jae-suk hyung wanted Suk-jin hyung to be selected.
"Wow, you are so youthful."
"What, did you think I'm an elderly?!"
Turns out the next game is the Rumble on the Paddy Field. They need to push all of their opponent team members off from the stage into the mud. Thankfully, Jong-kook didn't got removed earlier. But just for fun, the City Idols wanted to use their secret weapon, Suk-jin hyung. Sung-kyu was pitted against Suk-jin hyung with the hope that its going to be an easy win for the City Idols. But Sung-kyu got thrown out by Suk-jin hyung hilariously. Sung-kyu was speechless. I think he is the second idols that loses to Suk-jin hyung, after Kwang-hee.

Next, the City Idols wanted to challenge Kwang-soo for another chance of an easy win. Turns out they don't even have too. Kwang-soo was oust automatically when he stepped out from the stage into the mud, while giving Ji-hyo the basket. He said, he wanted to fight with both of his hand. But I doesn't understand why didn't he just put it on the floor.... Anyway, the Country Idols won the match. And the prize of winning the rumble was a basket full of snacks and drinks, and a ticket for 'the right to choose'.

The next game, is the Country Experience Big 5. There are 5 mini games, and whichever team finishes 3 games first will win. They challenge any games they wanted, but the game can only be won once. They can either win finish up faster than their opponent, or leave and challenge the next game.

Haha getting soaked wet again after coming out from the paddy field.
"Exactly how many underwear must I bring along?"
Kwang-soo commented when Jong-kook were happy working on the field.
"I'm sure that if we had a servant like Jong-kook hyung, our life would be easier.."
The Country Idols won again this time. Earning them another ticket for 'the right to choose'. Its not the City Idols were too weak, but yeah, they were a bit slow. For some reason I feel like group idols doesn't keep keep themselves up-to-date or lack of general knowledge, probably because they rarely leaves their dormitories.

"Don't you think it's a disadvantage to us?"
"This is your guys' home ground."
"Hey, I live in an apartment!"
"We have families that lives with us in the city"
"Well, if its dancing~ then we might win by doing that."
The Country Idols, which was the Running Man, were speechless with the City Idols' complain. They made it sound like the Running Man are all country bumpkin that are used to heavy chores around the farm house. They even suggested that they could beat the Running Man in dancing or singing contest. LOL

Didn't they know that Jong-kook was debuted in 'Turbo'? Gary was once the 'Dance King in Jamsil'? Haha was also formerly a singer? And Jae-suk hyung is a dancing machine? I cannot believe how clueless they are..

Next game was a unique tag ripping game. Instead of ripping the tags behind their back, they must dunk a basketball in a net with a person name on it. Its a 'Basketball Tag Ripping'. Ok, this time the Country Idols clearly held back from winning. Because they already won twice, and this is the last game for getting a ticket prize. If they won again, then they would have 3 ticket of 'right to choose', and the City Idols won't stand a chance in the final game.

Kwang-soo was the first to be ousted. Might as well betray Jong-kook.
"Jong-kook hyung's net is on the second floor."
"Min-ho, I couldn't find any ball."
Speechless because he was ousted right after Kwang-soo.
Even though Country Idols were taking it slow, but the City Idols refused to lose face and put an extra effort in this game. They quickly took out the Country Idols one by one in quick succession. In fact, the Country Idols didn't even get to score one ball at all. Gary almost scored one, but the City Idols managed to steal the ball from him, and dunked the ball into his own net. Gary got taken out by the ball that he found himself. LOL.

With that, the City Idols won the game and earn one ticket for the 'right to choose'. They used their tickets for the final game, just like in the Running Man VS Angel Eyes episode. Just as big, and just as intense. The final game, was the Country Relay Race. Based on their choices, they will gain either advantage or disadvantage on one of the many checkpoints.

Country Idols chooses big and light, while City Idols choose oval. The results were Country Idols got big pot to be filled with water, but light rice bag to throw, while for City Idols, well, they need to carry a tray with a ball on their head. Also, the PDs were explicit about the relay race, where the racer need to run with the baton. Because before this during the Idols Sport Championship episode, Gary went on running without carrying the baton, although it was already explained that it was a relay race.

The race was quite intense, but in the end, the Country Idols won the race. The turning point was.. well, the City Idols was just too slow. And the Running Man always gives their best on the final game.

"Since we are young, we don't know how to do these stuff."
"We didn't live during the primitive time either."
Anyway, Congrats to the Running Man.
And they got the Ultimate Idols title.
With the prize of a golden ring for each member.


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