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[Tutorial] How to Clash of Clan

I've been playing this game for a few month, and I start to grow fond of it. Courtesy from Supercell, a simple mobile MMO strategy game. Its free to play but like most of the mobile game today, it have in-game purchases for those who wanted to boost their virtual town's growth a little bit faster than the rest.

I will not pretend that I'm an expert in this. In fact, I'm still new to this game. When I played this game, the first thing I did was trying to hack for gems, golds and elixirs. It was fun, though the risk was unnecessary. Hacking this game means you won't be able to get game online, where the server would easily detect your hack. This would result your account being banned and all of those hard work would go to waste. Bear in mind that now Clash of Clan have connected with Google Play for in-game achievements. Meaning that the game would not only recognized your mobile device, but also your Google accounts as well.

So that's why I decided to give it a try and play the game for real. I know that there are a lot of guides and strategies for Clash of Clan more thorough and detailed than mine out there. In fact, there are even Wiki pages dedicated for this game. But I just wanted to write, see. Just one simple how-to. Because this game is so simple, yet so many potential. So lets get to it, then.

How to Clash?

First, download the apps into your mobile and install the the game. You can log in using Google account or link it with your Facebook account. Either way, your mobile device would be recognized as your unique account. The games allowed you to register your name to be anything other than offensive. So it is not uncommon for you to find someone with the same name with you when you entered the global chat.

The are 2 modes for you to attack another town. One is through single campaign where you are pitted against AI goblin's settlement, while the other is multi-player mode when you search for the suitable human opponent in the Trophy League. The different between the two is that in the multi-player mode you'll gain trophies, that would decide your ranking in the League. The higher you climb, the more bonus loots your gain from your victory.

How to Clan?

But this game is not called Clash of Clan just to sound awesome. You do get to form a Clan, of your own or joining others. To be in a Clan, you need to repair the Clan Castle. That is right, you don't build it. There would be a ruined building just somewhere nearby of your fledgling town, called Ruins. All you gotta do is repair it back to shape for 40,000 gold and you'll get yourself a level 1 Clan Castle. Clan Castle can be important to be upgraded, because the higher level it is, the more loots from the war that you can stashed inside, and more troops that you can hold from your clan's reinforcement.

But level 1 Clan Castle is enough a ticket for you join or form a Clan. The Clan works just like a guild that you see in almost every other MMO out there. There is a Leader, a few Co-Leaders, Elders and normal members. Once you got into a Clan, you might be able to join a Clan War. Yes, war. Means that you'll get to attacked other Clans, but only Leader and Co-Leader can initiate a Clan War. Also, the Clan must have a minimum amount of total 10 members for the Clan to be eligible for Clan Wars. If your Clan's member are numbered more than your opponent Clan, only 10 of your highest ranked players would be drafted into the Clan Wars, while others would stand as spectators.

With that being briefly explained, that brings up a question, yes? How to find a good Clan for yourself? I'm going to be honest here, there is no good Clan. The Clan is as good as the members. I have seen this many times, people screaming and groveling in the global chat looking for a good Clan. What constitute a good Clan if not the good members? So if you find a Clan that you think is sucks, its probably just you who too sucks to march along with the Clan.

'Hopper', is a term coined for players that hop from one Clan to another. Not prohibited by the game's rule, but universally frowned upon in the Clash of Clans. Everyone hates a hopper. Why? Apparently, a player can leave a clan during the Clan Wars, even if their at the minimum number of 10. So yes, hopper is technically the fucker that leaves their clan-mates out to dry.

How to survive this whole ordeal?

Just like all the games out there, there is only so much rules. But one that you need to understand, that in a game, where there is winner then there must be loser as well. So you can helped it if you got raided. But don't worry, because the game would rotate and randomly choose a target for you to raid in the Trophy League, so no one same player would 'farm' your town for resources over and over again. In fact, after you got raided, a shield would be automatically activated to protect you from being attacked by other player, depending on the damages that you'd taken.

One thing that fascinates me the most about Clash of Clan, is the base building. Specifically, the walls. When you get to build your first wall, it almost common sense to built it around your town, right? Actually there are quite more than several strategies that you can adopt. It will not guarantee that your town won't be sacked by marauding players, but it will serve a purpose.

Clash of Clan is notorious for its 'Pyrrhic victory' results. Sometimes, when you attacked a town with overwhelming forces and won, but you ended up with a meager loots (all troops that you deployed would be considered expended). So even when you won, you had used more resources that you can spare. So most new player would find themselves lacking for resources to build up their town if their went raiding. But that also means the same in reverse.

You see, sometimes its unnecessary to win the battle at all. You could lose, but better to lose if you'll gain more resources. So its common for you to see a more advanced player attacked your town, but lose. That's because they are not aiming for your town total destruction, they were aiming for the resources storage.

And that brings us to the wall construction. Should you surround your town with you walls? Can you save everything? In Clash of Clan, the walls almost always got broken. It have a troop unit called Wall Breaker for a reason. So there only thing you are left with is to deal as much as damage to your aggressor.

'Pyrrhic victory', remember? Most players that started to get the gist of this game would immediately put a multi-layered walls. Not enough to put in the whole buildings, most of the none essential buildings would be left out from the safety of the walls (such army camp, barrack, laboratory, and factory). The idea was to delay your enemy's troops while exposing them to your cannons, mortars, wizard towers and many more. And you might kill off your enemy before they get to your Town Hall.

More advanced players would've place traps in strategic places. To fully utilize your traps, compartment-styled walls is highly recommended. Not only the Wall Breakers need to break the walls into you town, but other unbreached compartments with defensive structures will turn the whole place into a killing zone. And while your enemy's troop will try to maneuver around, you probably already expected that and trapped the place. The end results will surely cost your enemy more that they could loot from you.

But experienced player, will know better. There are no sure way to prevent from being attacked. Other than spending gems and buying 'shield' of course. So what to do? In Clash of Clan, Town Hall is the strongest structure that can take a huge punishment. If you ever encountered a player that put his Town Hall right outside of the protection of his walls, its not because him being stupid. If anything, you are the idiot that falling for his trap.

My favorite strategy, the death trap. Town Hall can be used as bait as much as the resources storage structures. But Town Hall doesn't hold as much loot though, so in a way its expendable. Not to mention the destruction of the Town Hall would guarantee a small victory and trophy, so most attackers would always got for the exposed Town Hall. Only, if you are experienced player, you'll put a whole bunch of traps leading to your Town Hall, while lining up your defensive structures toward that.

Its actually much more easier to put your resources storage structure right in the middle of your fortress, and put your Town Hall right outside of it while being in the range of your defensive structures. The enemy would almost always go for the Town Hall and destroyed it, but at the cost of their troops. The idea was to thwart your enemy from looting, at all. I like this strategy because most of the time, even when you got ravaged by marauding players, you'll only lose mostly trophies that aren't essential for you town's growth.

Well, that is all. Nah, its not exactly a perfect guide for you to Clash of Clan. But it should give you an idea how things work. One thing to remind you guys though, Clash of Clan's global chat is full of assholes and inbred. Probably kids or teens that were abused a little bit too much at home or school. So join in the Global chat at your own peril.

Remember, if someone remembers your name in there, that means you probably are the fucker that everyone hated. Trust me. In a place where duplicate names could appeared every time, and yet people knew your name and nature exactly.. well. Why would you want to be the villain? Just play it cool, will you?


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