Friday, August 1, 2014

Simply a Volleyball Player

The name is Sabina Altynbekova, a member of Kazakhstan junior women's national volleyball team. She is from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She gained an instant fame when a video featuring her went viral in Youtube and dubbed as 'too beautiful for volleyball'. She first gained recognition when she traveled with her team as part of the Kazakh team to Taipei in Taiwan, for the 2014 Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship.

Reported by the The Straits-Times, apparently some of the Taiwanese audiences took notice of her and started to be her fan. They arrived at the place of competition an hour early to follow her, and they were even seen holding Kazakhstan flags.

I must admit that she is actually quite beautiful. Not that the rest of her teammates are not, but I think its probably because of her hair. I liked her hair. Long and silky smooth. And her eyes, sparking and full of life. I don't know, but she seems sweet. Somehow she seem easy in the eyes. Could it be her smiles?

Whatever her charm is, people were captivated by her beauty during the tournament and her coach, Nurlan Sadikov, complained about the phenomenon. Her coach probably got a little bit upset, I don't think it jealously, but possibly because the Kazakhstan team finished the tournament in 7th place. So, yeah, they didn't win. And also, Sabina rarely played in the matches.

Anyway, Sabina was flattered by those who praising her beauty. But she said she really wanted to concentrate on playing volleyball and wanted to be a famous for that. According to Huffing Post, apparently Sabina's mother wanted her to go for law school instead of pursuing sport's career.

You guys can check out her and probably follow her in her Instagram and VK social media. But I sincerely hope people would respect her wishes to pursue her life goal, whether its career in sports, going for law school, or going for modeling.


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