Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 207

This episode was another special episode for the Running Member. This time it was Running Man VS Suk-jin and Friends. The guests, or rather the friends invited by Suk-jin hyung were Park Soo-hong, Nam Hee-suk, Kim Je-dong, Kim Hee-chul, and Lee So-yeon.

Kim Je-dong had appeared several times before in Running Man, along with Kim Hee-chul and Park Soo-hong. Park Soo-hong appeared before in the cooking race during the new year first weekend special episode, where he was paired with Jae-suk hyung. At that time he wasn't able to say much because the special episode was in fast pace, but in this episode you would able to see him crack a few jokes with the Running Man.

This episode was more of a family fun entertainment rather than an intense competition, due to you know, Suk-jin hyung special episode. Its more like they were playing with friends while cracking a few jokes with extra body gag for the audience's entertainment.

Even though Suk-jin and Friends won the games, but ultimately, well, there was a big twist in the end. It was hilarious though. Non-stop comedy session.


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