Thursday, July 31, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 206

Could it be another cooking race just like the first weekend of New Year? What's the occasion? I'm not really sure what, but its fun. Its started with the PDs explaining that they were going around in famous restaurants and tasting foreign foods.

And of course by that, they meant that the Running Man would need to do some mission. But this time the production team was treating the Running Man a bit nicely, so they get to eat the food before they do the mission. Then again, since when the missions in Running Man were ever easy?

I skipped about 2 episodes this time, 204th and 205th, because I was busy. But don't take it the wrong way, those 2 episodes were still entertaining, but from what I've seen in the fan forums, apparently one of the episodes got dangerously low ratings back in South Korea. People were arguing about that show format, and stuff like that. Truth to be told, Running Man actually depends on their rating back in South Korea for the show continuity. So I won't get to that, just want to enjoy the show and have fun.

Now, lets get back to the Running Man episode 206th. The guests for the show this time were Joo Woon and Hong Seok-cheon. I don't know about you guys, but Hong Seok-cheon look familiar. Not 'familiar because he is a public figure', but familiar like I've seen him in this show before.

Isn't he the guy, that Kwang-soo met him while he was doing the mission of making the gathering party, in the early-earlier episode? I'm pretty sure that's him. If not, then they really look alike. But he is really is the guy, then I'll say, he is really funny.

And it was abundantly clear that he was also fond of Jong-kook. So Joo Woon ended up in Jae-suk hyung's team, along with Kwang-soo. With Kwang-soo the rebellious maknae, Joo Woon the obedient maknae, and Jae-suk the cowardly hyung, being in one team, it can only mean one thing. Non-stop hilarity ensues.

Even though this episode doesn't have anything grand, but it was great and enjoyable. A simple family-fun entertainment. Probably because next week, we'll get to see Suk-jin hyung to shine.


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