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[Games] Onigiri Online - Partner Sytem

Although that I'd enjoyed the game very much, too bad the game was lacking of too much of contents. Consider this article here as a tribute of some sort, to show our appreciation to this amazing game, well, while it lasted. Not to mentioned that the game have yet to reached its completion, and is currently being updated from time to time.

So here it goes. 

Onigiri Online Partner System is designed for the player to have NPC as a team member to help out. If you have played Phantasy Star Online 2, the system is similiar, except Phantasy Star Online 2 is much more advanced. The similarity is that NPC will engage any enemy that the player have aggroed and will help out in battle.   

However, in Onigiri Online, you can only have one NPC companion to be active at a time. Not to mentioned the NPC companion is not considered as one the player's party member, so they won't fill up the party member slot. In other word, in a party of 5 player, if each player summon their own NPC partner, the total number of fighters can be up to 10. Pretty useful in term of added firepower. However, all these companions can only be active at a limited time. After their health/time limit bar went out, they'll automatically vanish to recuperate back to health.

The total number of NPC that will be your companion is up to 8 plus 1 guest NPC. You'll meet with all 8 of these companions as you progressed through the game. The companions are Lady Shizuka, Yoshitsune, Miroku, Ibaraki Douji, Momotarou, Kaguya, Susanoo, and Amaterasu. The guest NPC companion that you can summon is Sheryl. Apparently, Sheryl is a character from an anime called 'Tantei Opera Milky Holmes' (Detective Opera Milky Holmes). Each of the companions have their own specialty and uses, except for Sheryl where she only provide her personal quest. But all of them can be summoned to support the player in battle.

All of the companions have passive bonus granted by the level of their affection. You can increase you companion's level of affection using certain items that correspond to the companions preference. The higher the level of affection, the better passive bonus granted to you. It could be for combat or out combat.

You'll first meet with Lady Shizuka alongside with Yoshitsune in Onigashima, the first town you arrived. Actually, not really. You first met her when she was attacked by a crazy multi-headed dragon while you are inside of Onigashima Training Ground. She'll thanked you for saving her, and later outside of Onigashima Training Ground, she will tell you that the crazy multi-headed dragon was actually a Kamikui (God-eater). Attracted to your heroism, she will place the burden of hunting down the Kamikui to you. Yes, you!

She is also a princess from the Shogun household and went out from the castle with her friend/ royal guard Yoshitsune to investigate the incident where Youkai (monster) throughout the land went berserk due to the awakening of the Kamikui,

She is one of the most useful companion early in the game due to her weapon of choice is bow, which makes her a perfect fire support if summoned. But outside of battle, she functioned as extra inventory holder and can also identify unidentified weapon loots for the player.

Next one is Yoshitsune. You'll meet her alongside with Lady Shizuka in Onigashima. She is one of the Shogun retainer, working as Lady Shizuka personal guard. She accompanied her on a quest to unravel the mystery behind the Youkai rampage.

She is a straight talker, and very protective of Lady Shizuka. Later, you'll learn that she is also responsible for the city of Kyoto. Unable to let Lady Shizuka, who also her childhood friend, to embark on a perilous journey alone, she left Kyoto care under her subordinate, Benkei.

Her weapon of choice is katana, so if you like to fight in a blaze of glory, she might be a good companion. Though I myself rarely use her in battle unless I really needed a extra added firepower and doesn't have any other choice. However, she is not completely useless. She could be the NPC that you'll use the most throughout the game, because she handles the weapon crafting, smelting, repair and upgrades.

Miroku is a travelling merchant. A mysterious individual who seems to know everyone, but his own background is shrouded. Apparently you can only trade with him in this game, so everyone is ok with him joining the group not matter how suspicious this guy looked like. You'll first meet him at Kikaigahara Rest Area.

He is very laid-back and carefree. He may seems like a nice guy, but he'll try to rip you off at every chance he got. But still, you'll need him real bad. Just like Yoshitsune, you'll be dealing with him a lot because he is the only source for you to restock recovery consumables.

His weapon of choice is spear. In early game, he can be the second most useful support combatant. His spear have mid-range of reach, on wide radius, with an extra knock back effect. Making him useful for dealing with mobs of monsters. Outside of battle, he is the only shop exist in this game. So try not to be on his bad side.

Ibaraki Douji is her name, and she is the sex appeal for this game, An Oni with cat ears and a tail, she wears a skimpy dress enough to cover parts of you-know-what. You'll first met her in Kumaso Village, and learned that she too is a travelling merchant.

Except she won't sell essentials like Miroku, but liquor instead. Because she love liquor a lot, and also she have large knockers. She a kind of person who are 'too drunk to care'. And you'll love it because you too doesn't care so long that you can get a chance to ogling at that fine lady parts.

Her weapon of choice is katana, that looked like a cat paw. She is more or less like Yoshitsune if summoned for combat. But outside of battle, she is your liquor shop. Some of her liquor is pretty useful, but you might want to drink it moderately if you want to keep standing straight. Because being drunk in front of something called God-eater is never a good idea.

I forgot where you'll first met him, but you'll meet him for sure if you survive his crazy attack in Sakurajima Depth. Yup, this guy is going to cut you up because for some reason, he doesn't like you. Wait-- I think you first met him in Kikaigahara Rest Area while chasing the Kamikui. Apparently, Momotarou is also chasing the Kamikui as well. Blinded by bloodlust and hatred toward Oni and Youkai alike, he will attack you right AFTER you defeated a Kamikui at the end of Sakurajima Depth.

Yeah, this guy is seriously a pain in the ass. He love bugs and care about them more than you who standing right next to him. In term of usefulness, this guy is plain crazy. His weapon of choice is twin sword, and love slashing 'em without care. I give him 3 minutes in the heat of battle before he started slashing all over the place and miss everything. At the end of battle you still see him slashing at thin air. Only summon him if you want him to be your meat shield.

Out of battle, he can help you evolve and extract skills. He made it sound like its super important especially if you wanted to be stronger. But just like me, you'll learn it the hard way that its all bullshit. You evolve and extract skill, for what? To place the skill on your weapon, it would randomly erase the existing skill, how does that helps you become stronger??? Answer me, you crazy bastard!!

Kaguya is a bit like Miroku. Her origin is quite mysterious, and once in a while she'll say something that is out of place like going to interweb cafe or otaku stuff. You'll first met her in Yamataikoku after you saved her from being a human sacrifice to a Kamikui.

It was hinted that she is probably from the Moon. Her name, Kaguya, share resemblance to Kaguya Hime, a princess from moon in old Japanese folklore. Despite her cute maid costume, she is not as without kitty claw, because as you can see, she have a semi-auto rifle with her.

Her weapon of choice is a semi auto rifle. But don't get your hope high though, because there are none for you. This weapon is special for Kaguya only. I rarely use her because her mouth is louder than her gun, She keeps going 'Kyah, kyah' all the time. Damnit girl, if you can't handle that gun well, then give to some who can, like me!

Outside of battle, her skill is quite important late in the game. She specialized in Magatama (decorative jewelry) crafting, decoration, and dissolution. Magatama gives boost and buff to your character upon wearing, and its very important for you to utilize it.

Susanoo is a god of war. You'll meet him in Izumo after you clean up some miasma problem and saved him from being some weirdo's puppet.

He is self-centered, and always acted cool. Though he actually have a problem deep inside and only felt calm if you are around, hence why he decided to stick around with you group.

His weapon of choice is odachi (great sword). Being a melee fighter, he is more or less like Yoshitsune and Ibaraki, probably slower due to his sword being bigger. He is also a good meat shield because of his slowness, and like Momotarou, he is prone to craziness in heat of battle.

Outside of battle, his skill allows you to 'receive' challenges from previous bosses. As you progress through the game, he also have a dungeon deep inside his body called 'Aramitama' where you can challenge along with your friends.

And the final, probably, companion that you'll meet during your journey is Amaterasu. She is a god of sun and sister to Susanoo. You'll meet her in Kyoto, after you saved her from being manipulated by mysterious group.

Apparently, she is not exactly a kid. She only looked like that because something had drained her power and she is no longer in her former glory, something like that.

Once you got her, she would become the most useful companion to be summon into battle. In fact, she is pretty good in replacing Lady Shizuka to be a fire support. Her weapon of choice is wand in shape of fan. She might not have Lady Shizuka's bow range, but her magic ability is far more useful as she can cast Crimsom Ray toward mobs of monsters, and planted magical land mine to screw up mobs that following you around.

Outside of battle however, her skill is granting 'title' to you to boost your character to certain degree. Its very useful, but you won't be using her for that too much because there are limit to how much a title can be granted to the player's population (first come first serve), and also you'll need to fulfill certain requirement to unlock the title. And that pretty much it.

Sheryl, or her full name is Sherlock Sherylford, is from Detective Opera Milky Holmes. She followed her cat all the way to Onigashima, where you'll first met her.

Apparently, her cat is lost. Or she lost her cat. One way or the other, she gives you the quest of finding her cat named Kamaboko, that will take you from Onigashima all the way to Kaga. Each time you finished her quest, she'll meet you on the next town or village, and her chain of quests would end in Kaga.

In battle, she could be useful. Her weapon of choice is wand in a form of magnifying glass. She is like Amaterasu except, her range seem much more shorter, it almost looked like she is better off with a melee weapon. She really love casting those Magnifier Curse, which only damage whatever monster that sticking right up to her face. So her being a fire support can be really frustrating.

Outside of battle, she doesn't really have any uses. By right, she is not exactly your companion. In the game, even in the Partners window, she is categorized as a Guest. The only thing you can interact her with, is about her lost cat Kamaboko quest. Even after you finished her chain quest, she would still be available for you to be summoned. However her character would only appeared up to Kaga town. She won't appear in Echigo once you reached there.

Currently, these are all the companions and guest that we have met so far. The game have yet reached it final destination, as the last time we were playing the game, the last place that we have reached was Kusatsu. Rumors have it that there would be more places that will be unlocked in due time. Personally, we don't think there would be more companions to be found, but more guests would probably make an appearance,

The partner system is quite good, for the companions will give out quest and their skills improved each time their affection level increased. Too bad most of them prone to craziness if you take them into fight for too long.


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