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[Games] Onigiri Online - Craft and Upgrade

Weapon upgrade and crafting is handled by Yoshitsune. Technically she is the blacksmith in this game. She also repairs your weapon's durability, and a very important NPC for your journey. Because you cannot repair your own weapon, you can only journey as far as your weapon's durability would last.

The last thing you want, is stuck in an unfinished dungeon with your weapon being broken. The max limit of durability of a weapon is 2000, so its important for you to bring along a couple of other weapon as backup. Therefore it is imperative for you to keep you weapon at full durability before entering any dungeons. There is a way to increase you weapon durability up to max limit, but I'll get to that later.

First of all, crafting or smithing a weapon. You'll first learned about it during your stay in Onigashima, The higher Yoshitsune's level of affection, the more weapon you'll unlock and able to craft. Crafted weapon usually have higher damage base compared to the weapons loot by the monsters on equal level. However, crafted weapon doesn't have bonus stats like weapons loots. Not to mention, to craft a weapon, the material required could be quite a hassle to collect.

Its a hassle so much, you probably ended up with more weapon loots. Making the weapon smithing can be almost totally forgotten during early of the game. But as you progressed through the game and unlock more weapons, weapon crafting can be a good investment. Especially if you wanted to keep having a weapon appropriate to your character level.

Next one is smelting and upgrade. You weapon can only be upgraded up to 10 level before it need to be smelted and increased the level of its upgrade level. For example, if you have upgraded a spear up to level 10, you'll need to successfully smelt that spear to increase the limit of that spear upgrade level to 20. After you successfully smelt the spear, you can continue to upgrade the spear up to level 20 before you need to smelt it again.

When upgrading, you can use any weapon as a sacrifice. But for smelting, you need to use the same kind of weapon. For example, if you are smelting Cedar Spear, then you'll need another Cedar Spear to smelt it. So don't forget to horde the same kind of weapon as much as possible, because there are possibility that the smelting would fail. When your weapon reach up to level 50 (or maybe it was 40? I don't remember), there would be chances that you'll lose the weapon that you are smelting, so hoard some Smelting Reset as well. Because if you did not, you'll cry. I'm not kidding.

The higher your affection level with Yoshitsune, the higher level you can upgrade and smelt your weapon. Your chances in smelting will also increased. But this game is notorious with its 'throw a coin' kind of percentage. Even if you had 80% of success rate, chances of you failing would be like throwing a coin, its either yes or no. So you might not want the weapon that you had worked hard for to be gone up in a smoke.

Use the Smelting Reset as soon as you see percentage of weapon loss started show numbers other that 0%. And don't be stingy in spending your game money to increase your chances of success as well.

When we played this game, we have no problem with the craft and upgrade system. But as you can see in the screenshot, the price could be a bit steep. And for crafting the item required could be quite rare. Sometimes, when you grind to meet those required items, you'll probably would level up so much and ended up needing another new and better weapon.

Truthfully, we rarely craft anything other than for the vanity of having a cool looking weapon. Its does look cool though at the time. But sometimes crafting could help you fill in the gap where at some point, monsters won't drop weapons that appropriate to your level (probably because the only place you can get them is in Sekigahara, that place is a blasted wasteland).

Oh, before we forgot, to increase your weapon's durability to the max limit, you'll need to use a weapon a bit, and then quickly repair it. Because weapon that have little loss of durability have no chances of being 'bad repair' (reduce the total durability point of a weapon). So your chances of having 'great repair' (increase the total durability point of a weapon) would increase quite a lot. You can do this either in Kishinden dungeon or near Gouriki Meeting Point, because both places are really close to Yoshitsune's location. You can just enter a dungeon, attack a monster, and quickly quit the dungeon to go straight to Yoshitsune for repair. In 5-8 hours of grind, maybe, you might get a weapon with 2000 durability. We know... its a grind fest.


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