Sunday, August 31, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 210

Another episode where they introduce another Korean traditional game called Alkkagi. Alkkagi is a Korean board game usually played during Chusoek holiday. It uses chess board with Go chess pieces of black and white. The game is a simple one, unlike the sophisticated chess board game, where the player need to flick the chess piece to took out their opponent.

This time Go Dong-wan makes an appearance, wow, it was so long since we last saw him. The theme for this episode was Alkkagi tournament, hence the title Black & White - The Life of One Game, where the Running Man were role-playing as the R Group salesmen.

This time, no guest was invited. Instead, the Running Man salesmen need to invite the guests themselves to participate the Alkkagi tournament hosted by the R Group company. The guests that they managed to invite were Kim Won-hyo from CoKo Entertainment, Wooyoung (2PM) from JYP Entertainment, Seolhyun (AOA) from FNC Entertainment, Kim Hwan from SBS, Lee Hye-jeong from ESteem, Choi Bu-kyung from Seoul SK Knights, and Yook Jook-wan from RoxtaMuzik.

Each of the guests were paired with the Running Man and became 2 person team. The tournament was quite lively, and intense as the episode where they played Ttakji game. The game was hosted in SBS Prism Tower, with special appearance from Jang Ye-won as the game hostess.

Even though the whole tournament was just based on a simple children game, it was quite entertaining. Especially when the Running Man salesmen tried to convince their guest to participate the Alkkagi tournament. But then again, who wouldn't want to join the Running Man, urban action variety show.


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