Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 212

And the final part for the 1470 Race, this episode continues from the previous episode. They haven't finished the sub-game yet, and the number of guests and Running Man remained the same. After those horror rides, they gathered together at the Incheon Children's Museum for the next game. It was revealed before that whoever loses will have to fly to Taiwan, so the atmosphere became a bit tense. I think this the first time in Running Man that several members will not be around at the end of the show.

For the next game, it was just a simple carry and run race game, where their partners were shuffled behind closed curtains. If they didn't get their own partner, the opponents can disturb the runner to prevent other team from winning the race. Of all the partners, Kim Tae-woo is over twice the size Jong-kook. It was funny when Ji Chang-wook ended up carrying him. Its like carrying a big bear.

Anyway, from the previous horror rides and the short race game, they all got a bunch of numbers and mathematical symbols. The final game is like the name tag ripping game, but instead of the name tag, they need to snatch the numbers and symbols from their opponents. Of course there are some numbers and symbols hidden all over the place for them to find.

But numbers and symbols were limited, and by hook or by crook they need something that can turn the number 1470 into zero. They all already figure our that the easiest way to do it is to have a multiply symbol with number zero. So minus symbol and 2 of the same number is equally important as the bracket as well.

Some of them just do simple trade for mutual benefits, but Kwang-soo was pretty determined to do some betraying. He even tried to teach his partner, Ji Chang-wook, how to cheat. Honestly, if they just trade between themselves normally, then no one would lose.

In the end, only 3 team won. Jong-kook team, Gary team, and Ji-hyo team. All three team were exempted from going to Taiwan. So a the half time of the show, there were only Jae-suk hyung, Suk-jin hyung, Haha, Kwang-soo, and their guest partners (with the exception of Song Eun-yi because she have conflicted schedule).

They all flew to Taiwan right after that, and resided in a resort near Leofoo Village Theme Park. Its a quite amazing place where the resort have a zoo of some sort right behind the accommodation. However, the resort was also within view of the Screaming Condor. Screaming Condor was their 'severe punishment', a ride straight to horror.

And it was not just one ride. They need to perform a mission in order to pass the punishment. It was quite funny, and also one of the few rare moments where Suk-jin hyung snapped. The most hilarious was Sung-jae hyung, who calmly claimed that he like riding roller coaster (he was already screaming in panic in the previous episode on the T-Express ride). He tried to remain composed, but he ended up soaked in sweats.

They finally made on the second try, though most of them almost blacked out from the fear even on the first try. Anyway, this is the first time in Running Man that they visit another country with such haste. Yup, that right, they went straight home after the punishment. They only stayed for about 18 hours there.


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