Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 211

In this episode, I kind of lost words for it. Seems like they were planning big, but something seems off when the whole thing looks like a big punishment game. Not to mentioned it composed of 2 whole episodes. For the first episode, they started with introducing landmarks of Korean representative amusement parks.

The guests were Lee Sung-jae, Ailee, Skull, Kim Tae-woo, Im Seul-ong, Song Eun-yi, and Ji Chang-wook. All of them were coupled with the Running Man in 2-person team. The filming didn't took place on one location, instead all of the teams were scattered throughout the country, in different amusement parks.

Truthfully, I didn't get the name most of the places because I was too horrified with the games. Now, I do understand that the production team always tested out their own games before giving to the Running Man to ensure that its doable. And obviously they checked for safety measures as well. However, taking pictures on a fast moving roller coaster and eating persimmon on a spinning ride can be quite dangerous.

Someone could lose their limbs while holding their hands to take pictures, and with the threads from the persimmon hat could stuck somewhere and possibly choked someone to death. And also, I'm pretty its actually against the law to do all those stuff, but then again maybe the amusement park in Korea allows it. I'm just assuming.

However, I did noticed 2 of the rides, the T-Express roller coaster and the Chaos ride. Looks fun. One of the guest, Lee Sung-jae was a cool bean. He didn't mind doing the scary ride although he literally ended up screaming in panic as well.

The rides took the whole episode. And it was still the first part of game. The game was to collect numbers and mathematical symbols by winning the sub-games before finally used to turn the number of 1470 into zero. It was revealed at the end that the number 1470 stands for the distance between South Korea and Taiwan. And they need to zero the number or they'll have to go all the way to Taiwan, for even severe punishment.


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