Thursday, November 20, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 219

This episode introduced the casts from a Korean drama titled 'Birth of a Beauty'. The whole theme probably revolved around the drama setting. Usually I would hate this kind of motive, because the whole thing would be partially scripted to ensure everything going smoothly with as little variation as possible. However, the guests were a bunch of interesting people.

The guests for this episode were  Joo Sang-wook, Han Ye-seul, Han Sang-jin, Jung Gyu-woon, and Wang Ji-hye. Joo Sang-wook had made several appearance in the Running Man before, and he was quite notable with his unique laugh. His hearty, Kamen Rider-like laugh, really fits in with the Running Man gag. Wang Ji-hye in other hand is Kwang-soo close friend.

The whole game was called White Knight/ Black Knight Race. The race was about White Queen, looking for her White Knights. They all drawn a card each, that will indicate whether they were a White Knight or Black Knight. The was that, all White Knight must be with the White Queen at the end, or the Black Knight would have the win. And of course, there was only one White Queen which was Han Ye-seul. There was no Black Queen however.

They all were divided into two groups with odd numbers, the White Queen was with 5 member including her while the other group was 7 member with. Throughout the course of the game, any group that win can choose to exchange their member with the other group. So the idea here, was that the White Queen must try to get all White Knight with her in one group (there are 4 of them), while the Black Knight will try to infiltrate by disguising as a White Knight.

Anyway it was kind of complicated. The winner will only get the hint of how many White Knight and Black Knight are in their group, so they have to guess who should go or stay in their team, and there were only 3 games in total. Obviously the White Queen team won all three of the games, otherwise it would impossible for her to win at the end, at all. So yeah, this is the part where, well, at this point we all what it means.

However, this episode was not a total bore. Because Sang-wook and Ji-hye were there. They were hilarious. Ji-hye was quite bold, probably because Kwang-soo was there taking care of her. And they were quite easy going, and comfortable with being candid.

Ji-hye even being playful with Jong-kook. It was quite fun to see Jong-kook blushing like that. He always fell for the trick when a girl tell him that she is a fan. Even though it was a blatant lie. Jong-kook and Ji-hye actually met for the first time in this episode, and Ji-hye already pledging to be in Jong-kook fan club. Which irritated Kwang-soo and Jae-suk hyung, because Jong-kook really weak with girl's 'aegyo'.

But the most exciting moment was during the 'Odd or Even' game. Ji-hye was pitted against Kwang-soo, and Jae-suk hyung took the opportunity to initiate a mini-game called 'Of course' game in order to determine who would start first. Its a game similliar to 'Truth or Dare' game, except its more of dare rather than truth.

At first, Kwang-soo attacked Ji-hye by asking about her love life. To which Ji-hye responded in kind though with much agony. However, on the second round, apparently Ji-hye might had revealed a little bit too much where she asked Kwang-soo about younger actress that had worked with him before.

Kwang-soo lost the game, because he couldn't answer the question with 'of course'. It was hilarious. Because he didn't that many actresses younger than him that worked together with him. And to add fuel into fire, Ji-hye tricked Kwang-soo in the game of 'Odd or Even' by giving false hint. Kwang-soo actually had already given the right answer, but Ji-hye hinted to him that he might want to change his answer because she said she wanted Kwang-soo to win, which Kwang-soo totally fell for it.

It was really an exciting moment, in fact, this was actually the very first time in the history of Running Man, that a guest actually tricked Kwang-soo in game. Usually the guests only treat Kwang-soo like a cheating back-stabbing idiot. I suppose its true then that they are actually a really close friend.

In the end, the White Queen/Knight won because Ye-seul managed to gather all White Knights to her side. I don't know whether people noticed this or not, but the card show by the PD and the card picked by the Running Man was totally in a different design (and color as well).

Well, at least it was fun. I hope Ji-hye could come again and picked on Kwang-soo like she did in this episode.


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