Friday, November 21, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 220

Unfortunately, for this episode I didn't get to see it in a better view. I watched this episode in an online video streaming TV, on my iPad. So the screenshot here might look a little bit shoddy. Too bad. and I have no idea what episode theme or motive was. Was it a movie theme about apocalyptic event? Or and introduction of another Korean landmark? They did made the show shooting on an artificial island in Han River called Nodeulseom.

Anyway, the guests were KangNam, Kim Min-kyo, Park Soo-hong, Jang Dong-min, and Song Jae-rim. Dong-min had appeared in Running Man before. A long long time ago, when Lizzy was still around. Park Soo-hong also had made several appearances but only in recent episodes.

In this episode, all of the Running Man became the last women on Earth (excluding Suk-jin hyung) and the guests became the last men (including Suk-jin hyung). So they all had to be coupled together and compete for survival. But its not just winning the game, the winners which come in first and second place will gain a chance of choosing a variety yet suspiciously looking rope. Apparently those rope will either decide their advantage in the end game, or not. If they made a wrong choice.

There is not much to say about this episode. It was fun though, because Soo-hong hyung was there. Soo-hong hyung is actually older than Jae-suk hyung, and share the same profession of MC and comedian. When he was first appeared in the Running Man during the cooking race, he didn't get to talk much. But he can be very hilarious especialy when bantering with Jae-suk hyung or teased by his dongsaeng. Soo-hong hyung was paired with Jong-kook (Jong-sook in this episode). They were the funniest couple in this episode.

Kwang-soo (or Kwang-ja in this episode) also was paired with someone who the same age as him, Jae-rim. Making them the same-age friend (couple) so they ended doing a lot of gag without being awkward. Jae-rim even called him 'male honey' instead of just 'honey', because he couldn't treat Kwang-ja like a woman. Kwang-ja was a bit ugly anyway, even if she (he) was the last woman on Earth

The winner for this race was Haha and Min-kyo, despite with their clear disadvantage. Haha is short and Min-kyo is even shorter. But against all odds, they managed to emerged victorious and became the final survivor couple. At then end, the production team treat them with sweets and cakes, but for Haha and Min-kyo couple, they got golden ring inside their special chocolate cake. Haha was so happy he gave his man, Min-kyo, a passionate kiss.

It was also Soo-hong hyung's birthday. So he too got a special cake. His dongsaeng teased him that maybe his cake also got a golden ring inside, so he digs in with excitement. The PD probably felt awkward with this and quickly announced that his cake DOESN'T have a golden ring, to avoid misunderstanding. Everyone laughed at Soo-hong hyung's childishness. It was a fun episode.


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