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[Movie] Beware of the 'Gone Girl'

Have you ever met a beautiful woman, perfect in every way, and seems like out of your league? She is friendly, funny, and most important of all, talking and not disgusted at you. Its like every man's dream to meet such woman, that I'm sure that its every man's wet dream too. Like a dream comes true, it makes you wonder whether you are truly blessed. So here we have, a cautionary tale for you.

'Gone Girl' is a 2014 movie directed by David Fincher and adapted from a novel with the same name by Gillian Flynn. Its a psychological thriller movie, and just as Neil Patrick Harris said in one of his interviews, its a movie that you should watch on your first date. The movie was starred by Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, and Neil Patrick Harris. Honestly, I watched it because of Neil Patrick Harris. I have always enjoyed his works.

However, Neil Patrick Harris is not the star in this film. But that didn't make this movie any less than being great. The movie plot revolves around a married couple, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) and Amy Elliott-Dunne (Rosamund Pike), where their marriage suddenly took a sudden turn to something confusing and dreadful. How confusing and dreadful? Well, Amy went missing and everyone thought that Nick killed her.

A very simple plot really, but that was just tip of the iceberg. The movie started with Nick, went to a bar. On his fifth wedding anniversary. But the bar was owned by him and his twin sister, so, its like a family group support time. He was having a trouble of getting his wife their anniversary gift. They have this thing, where they do treasure hunts, and the gifts would compliment each other's gift. For this particular year, he go a wood from his wife. So he was having a talk with his sister about what to do, when suddenly he got a call from his neighbor, Watchful Wally.

This is the part where everything plunges into a complete confusion. Nick's neighbor apparently alerted Nick about his house front door being wide open. Worried, Nick went back to his house, and his wife was nowhere to be found. There were some damaged furniture, so he called the police fearing the worst for his wife.

It wasn't really a missing person in 24 hours, but there were sign of struggles, and Detective Rhonda Boney (Kim Dickens) found some tiny blood trace, and suspected that there are more to this mysterious disappearance. Further investigation and several flashbacks shows that Nick and Amy wasn't really what we call a happy couple. The economy was in recession, they both lost their job. And it shows with their financial instability and domestic dispute.

Nick also seemed, absent minded, about his wife's disappearance. The media, as usual, speculate and sensationalize the whole thing. Everyone thought that Nick really killed Amy. The clues direct exactly to that, but without a body, Detective Rhonda still have to dig deeper into this case. So half of the movie was concentrate about how Nick was scrutinized and interrogated about the whereabouts of his wife's body

But Nick was very adamant, and confident, that he didn't kill his wife. Did he have memory block, if he ever, did perform the heinous crime of killing his spouse? Was he just acting, pretending that he have no idea what was going on? If he did kill his wife, then where is the body? If his wife ran away, then where would she go?

Even though that Nick have been living for 5 years with Amy, turns out that Amy actually have a lot of baggage. As the police investigate further, they also unearth more and more about Amy that even Nick apparently didn't know. First, Amy had attempted to buy a gun, which the police suspected that maybe she was trying to protect herself from Nick. But then, Amy parent's reveal about something else from Amy's past.

Turns out, Amy had admirers and stalkers. Apparently one had attempted suicide and got a restraining order, while the other was even a worse news, a rapist. Nick was appalled, its almost like he didn't even know who his wife anymore. To make matter even worse, the police found out that Amy was pregnant at the time of her disappearance, which Nick insist that she was not. But the medical record shows that she actually was pregnant.

Everything went upside down, and Nick decided to hire a lawyer specialized in his type of case, husbands accused of murdering their own wife, Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry). So this is the part where the movie went into the a definitive angle. Nick went to trace Amy himself, and he firmly believed that she still alive. He went to met with Amy's ex-boyfriends. Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris) and Tommy O'hara (Scoot McNairy).

Desi didn't welcomed Nick very well, but Tommy offers a very disturbing light over Amy's appearance. Tommy was the one that Amy had filed charges against, where Tommy ended being a sex offender and listed in the Neighborhood Watch List as a predator. According to Tommy, Amy had set him up. They were actually dating at that time, and they did romantically involved. Then, Tommy felt that Amy was a bit of too high to upkeep, and decided to back away to give Amy a little space. But it ended up with Amy framing him for rape charges. and he wouldn't be surprised if Amy actually framing Nick for her murder too.

And so, it was revealed. Amy was actually not dead yet. She planned to commit suicide, after watching Nick to suffer for all he did. Nick actually cheated on Amy, and wanted to leave her. Apparently Nick had started to grasp how shrewd Amy actually is. But he never thought that Amy would framed him for murder. While watching Nick suffers against public accusation and prosecutions, Amy changed her mind. Instead of committing suicide and provide the final clue to ensure that Nick got imprisoned and be on death row, she decided to live her life, happily.

Except, Amy is a high maintenance woman and she doesn't know how to deal with real world, apparently. She got robbed on her runaway, and ended up contacting his ex-boyfriend, Desi Collings, for help. But Desi Collings was an obsessed man. He was institutionalized once, and very obsessed with Amy. So it was like jumping out from the frying pan into the fire. Or is it?

In the end, Amy returned back home safely, with Desi dead, and the Detective Rhonda was dumbfounded because, hey, Amy isn't dead at all after all those lead that she was following. The lawyer, Tanner Bolt, advised Nick to hhmmm.. Well, its a happy ending, I guess. Except for Desi, because he's dead. How did Desi died by the way? Like Tanner said in the end, just be happy and stay away from Amy... if you can.


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