Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day, or maybe not..

February 14th, I have a very fond memories for this particular date. Its a celebration day, though its not publicly recognized as a holiday, but a celebration nonetheless. Its the day where lovers do things that.. what lovers do. When I was young, naive, gullible, stupid, and possibly mesmerized by the serpent-like woman's poisonous charm.. wait, that's too toxic. Why am I being so toxic? This is weird, today should be a day of celebration.

You know what, I'm happy for those that are happy with their relationship. Though I'm not doing well myself emotionally, but screw that and let move on. A friend of mine, VH, told me that Valentine's Day is celebrated differently between the West and the East. Apparently, in the East, Valentine's Day is not just about chocolate and flowers. Actually, it is just that, but they celebrate Valentine's Day more than once.

Differently from the West, where people celebrates the day with exchanging gifts of chocolate and bouquet of flowers, have a nice dinner, watch love drama comedy film in the cinema, and usually leads to sweet sweet love making later that night. However, in the East, Valentine's Day is the day where the women confess to the man they love, and gift the men some homemade chocolates or store-bought homemade chocolates. Hey, not everyone can make their own sweet chocolate cookies.

Suffice to say, during the Valentine's Day, is the day that the women gives gift to men. It is a very important date to those that celebrates this day, story has it that if you didn't receive any chocolate by the end of the day, chances are you are either not very well liked, or your girlfriend are cheating on you and marrying another man. Which what happened to me by the way, yep, that happened.

Anyway, in the East, they have this thing, another day where the men will respond back to the women's love confession. Its called the White Day, recognized as the answer day to Valentine's Day, and occurred one month after Valentine's Day, which is on March 14th. Where women gift their men with homemade chocolates or factory homemade chocolates, White Day is the day where men will respond back with their own gift to the women, and could be in the form white chocolates or marshmallows, jewelry, or some even gifted white lingerie. Because.. well, only the women know the meaning behind that gesture.

But that is not all. While Valentine's Day and White Day are the day where all those lovers got their lovey-dovey stuff entangled together to form a bind that may or may not make them regret in later life, there is another day called the Black Day. What a minute, what kind of racist crap is this? White and Black? Are these all even true? Now when I think about it, VH is not from the East, he's a German.

Its celebrated in South Korea? Oh, so it is true then? Ok, then lets continue. Black Day is celebrated by men who didn't receive any gift from any women in Valentine's Day, and by women who didn't receive a reply gift on the White Day back from the men that they had confessed to during Valentine's Day. What? Who would celebrate this kind day? Oh, it even have a date, its on April 14th.

Well, that is peculiar. How does one celebrate a day as toxic as this one? Apparently, they gather around together as single men and women, they all wear black outfits, eat black colored food such as black soybean fried sauce noodle, and complain about how black and crappy their life is. This day is so black, I don't think 'celebration' is a proper word to use here. Who in the right mind would celebrate this? Oh right.. heart-broken and 'on the brink of insanity' kind of people..

There you have it, Valentine's Day, White and Black Day. A vicious cycle of human intimate relationship made into cobwebs of poisonous black widow spiders that hell-bent on eating your soul. I want to clarify something that I'm not going to 'celebrate' the Black Day, though I do kind of, well, fit into the qualification... But NO! You know what they say, if life gives you a lemon, you beat the shit out of life and moves on, and also, VH is an idiot.


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