Monday, March 2, 2015

[Movie] 'The Interview' was not bad

I'm usually pessimistic when it comes to a movie that is riddled with controversies, sensationalized, or over-hyped. And 'The Interview' have a truckload of those. Before the movie release, apparently North Korea issued a statement that the release of the movie would tantamount to a declaration for an act of war. Then Sony Picture Entertainment's computer system was hacked by a group that allegedly to have ties to the North Korea.

Why a comedy film was getting so much attention? Well, the plot revolves around a plan to assassinate Kim Jong-un, supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. So, from there you can see some people's concern about a movie that portrayed the intention of assassinating another country's leader. And that people was probably Kim Jong-un himself.

At any rate, the movie waas starred by Seth Rogen and James Franco. It was released nonetheless, despite of the release date delay and some extra editing to ensure that the comedy element doesn't take a little bit too far from being funny into something entirely different such as a threat for assassination.

So how was the movie? It was good and entertaining. Personally, I don't find it particularly threatening to anyone, even though it does have a reference to real live people, such as the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. But the movie did include some cameo by popular people like Eminem that made a shocking revelation about him being gay.

So, it was made abundantly clear that the whole thing was a made-up story and have nothing to do with real life. Unless stated otherwise, of course. The story was about 2 journalist, Dave Skylark (James Franco) and Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen), working together in a talk show called Skylark Tonight.

Aaron was tired of doing stories on celebrities which he found not really contributing anything to the society. Dave, doesn't want his colleague to feel bad about himself, suggested that maybe they should do something serious. Something that really give an impact to the society. Like interviewing Kim Jong-un.

And they did just that. In this movie, apparently Kim Jong-un was portrayed to be an avid consumer of American entertainment, and also a big fan of Skylark Tonight show. So Dave told Aaron to contact and get Kim Jong-un on the show. And this is where the movie take the twist.

Kim Jong-un agree on the offer, but the show must come to him. So Dave and Aaron had to travel into North Korea to interview one of the most reclusive world leader on the planet. This attract many attention, where Dave was ridiculed by other media outlet because his Skylark Tonight show was known to be a celebrities gossip and sensational program.

But that, was not the important part. Apparently, Dave announcement that he would be traveling to Pyongyang to interview North Korea supreme leader also attract the attention of the CIA. Which a couple of CIA agents went the see the duo, to honeypotting them into assassinating the.. ok, honeypotting is actually a sexual act and can be used as innuendo. And it doesn't really mean what they meant in the film, which is kind of awkward. Google the word if you want to know what it really means.

But did Dave and Aaron killed the North Korean supreme leader? Well, they did the interview. And that is what this movie all about. The interview. The whole thing was fun and entertaining, I can't think a single reason why this movie should be taken seriously. It was a good humor, but in a way it does shed about the peculiarity of the personality cult at nation-wide scale in a modern age. Greatest feat of social engineering in the history of mankind, a shame if one comedy film could bring it all down collapsing with a single stroke.

If only....


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