Friday, March 13, 2015

[TV Series] All Aboard to 'Portlandia'

I first know about this TV series from the 'Conan' late night talk show when Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein came over as a guest. They were promoting their show, and I actually have no idea what the show. All I know at that time was that I've seen Fred before. Wasn't he the creepy Italian guy from the 'EuroTrip'? I like that dude, he was freaking hilarious despite having a single line in that one scene. "Mi Scusi, mi scusi.. Mi Scusi!!!'

So the Mi Scusi guy, I mean, Fred Armisen had joined together with Carrie Brownstein and create a comedy skit show called 'Portlandia', since 2011. Yeah, I know its not actually a new TV series but I wasn't able to watch it because as you can guessed it from the title, the show was localized. Broadcasted by IFC (Independent Film Channel) so I figured that, well, can't watch them if I'm not in America then.

But then, a friend told me that I could watch it from the IFC website. I ask him, is it free? And he told me, well you can purchase the show from iTunes or subscribe to local cable provider in U.S. So I waited out and bought a DVD set worth a whole season. Its cheaper and easier.

How was the show then? Its was incredibly hilarious. But their jokes and sketches were heavily localized. Revolves exclusives around Portland. Well, it is called 'Portlandia' for a reason. There are some of their sketches that I may or may not understand. Especially when its about Portland's local trending and hype.

So if you are not familiar with American style of satire, comedy, and a smidgen of information about Portland, then this show can be a bit boring. But, I watch it anyway because of the Mi Scusi guy. I hope to see more of this show. But as usual, I have to wait out until the DVD box set comes out.

Or, I might visit to Portland myself. Its seems like a great place. Hopefully the Woman & Woman First bookstore just a fictional store. That place seems incredibly suicidal-ish.

Oh well, that's it for now.


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