Sunday, July 19, 2015

[Movie] 'The Judge' won't disappoint

This film is your typical father-son strenuous relationship with lots of conflict and, personally I think its a great movie for Father's Day. But then again, nobody actually cares about Father's Day because different country celebrated it on different day. Its like, it was celebrated whenever the day was convenient for celebration. And that's why this film was not released on Father's Day.

The film was starred by Robert Downey. Jr, Robert Duvall, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jeremy Strong, and many more. It wasn't really bad, it's just that, it's a good family fun entertainment movie that probably came out on the wrong time. I don't know. I watched it in the cinema but I felt like I might want to watch this at home, during Father's Day, with family. So I bought the DVD for my collection.

Anyway, the plot revolves around the son, black sheep of the family, Henry 'Hank' Palmer (Robert Downey. Jr) whom haven't come back home like, forever. He is a successful defense attorney in Chicago, have a good life, but who knows what goes deep down inside of him.

Apparently he was going through a really bad divorce, because his wife are playing 'hide the pickle' with someone who is not him, and he is going to fight for his daughter's custody when they got divorce, but his soon-to-be ex-wife was complaining how sad she is, which infuriates him. And also, his mom just died. Well, isn't that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck, fantastic?

So he had to go back home for his mom's funeral. It also means he have to face his father, Joseph Palmer (Robert Duval), the local judge. They both hated each others' guts. The son, because his dad was always being hard on him. The father, because his was a rascal that got high, drunk, and drive, and got into an accident that causes his eldest son, Glen Palmer (Vincent D'Onofrio), to be injured and will never be a professional baseball player.

So, the whole situation was awkward and high in tension. Hank was treated like a stranger by his own father, and Hank felt more and more drifted away from his family. His brothers tried to console them both, but, well, things happened.

It was after his father was allegedly involved in murder, that Hank had no choice but to stroll again in memory lane. He wants to help his father, because if he won't, ah fuck it, he already lost his mother, what kind of a douche bag would leave his own father in that kind of situation? So he tried his best to make up back with his father.

As the story progressed further, it was revealed that there were deep secrets that Hank never knew, that causes his father to treat him that way. First, Judge Joseph Palmer once treat a teenager with leniency whom resemble Hank very much, only to make things worse where the teenager ended up murdering innocent girl. Second, even though Joseph was harsh to Hank because he doesn't want his mischievous son to end up like that murderous teenager, his wife, Hank's mother was caught in between the conflict. It broke Joseph's heart, when his beloved wife, passed away without being able to see Hank in her final years, and probably blamed Joseph for that.

It was a very emotional movie, I must admit. In a way, I felt the same feeling when I watch 'Mr. Holland's Opus' film many years ago. Hey, both movie have a similar theme, I think I know exactly which category this movie would fit in. Happy Father's Day, depends on which country you would be in, of course.


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