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Easy steps how to lose weight

I must admit that is a harsh thing to say to someone who is overweight. Obesity is known to be influenced by lifestyles or hereditary or both. For lifestyle, obviously you can try change your way of life to a healthier one. But hereditary means its passed down by previous generation, which in this case genetically, and if we could change our genetics at will, we would've been living in the world of X-men full of mutants by now.

And since we are not living in the world of X-men with mutants running around, that means obesity by heredity is pretty much set in stones. If your have someone in the past in your family tree who was obese, chances are you and your children gonna be obese too. There are no cure for heredity obesity and there is nothing you can do about it. Or can you?

Well, this what I'm going to write for today. You see, there is a reason why heredity diseases are hereditary in the first place. Human body is one of the marvel of biological creation. Our body can adapt and evolve depending on our surrounding environment and way of life. Some adaptations are good, while some can be extremely bad. Of course for the good ones we wouldn't be calling it diseases but instead its called 'genetic diversity'.

For obesity, heredity or not, it is bad and really hard to deal with. According to a group of weight-loss specialists that wrote a commentary in Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal, diet and exercise alone is not enough to treat obesity. This is because human body can adapt in a situation where food is scarce, and the body will try to ensure that any weight that is lost will be restored. The body will power down use of calories as fuel, pumping out hormones to increase hunger, boost fat storage capacity, and tricking the brain to demand overconsumption.

So how to deal with your overweight and obesity? Well, you have to learn how to adapt. These are some of the few tips and tricks that I learned over the course of my journey.

Should I eat less?

Diet is one of the core practice when it comes to losing weight. But dieting does not translate into 'starving yourself'. It actually means you are regulating your food consumption. So if you have slight case of severe hungry hungry hippo kind of appetite, starving yourself would actually worked against you. Your body would respond to this sudden food deprivation, by pumping out hormones to increase your hunger, fat storage capacity and all the while reducing energy usage, which exactly how you would feel it in your body, you'll feel super lazy.

Instead of doing that, why not eat more? Yes, eat more. To be precise, eat more frequently. Eat your food in small portions, food that are both nutritious and balanced, and eat it frequently. It can be 2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 evening meal and a late supper. The true illusion with hunger is that you actually doesn't need to eat until your stomach felt like its about to burst or bloated like a belly of woman with 9-months pregnancy. All you have to do is take a few bites, chomp-chomp the food thoroughly, and down its goes in the gullet into your stomach.

You'll still feel hungry? Don't worry because you'll get to eat again in just another few hours. This way, your body will not respond to the sudden food deprivation, because there isn't any. You get to eat your food regularly, you eat just enough but never fully stuffed, and your body will adapt to this by optimally burning your calories for energy usage without any fear of future food shortages,

Should I exercise more?

Which brings us to the next topic. Using your energy optimally. Exercising is another core practice of losing weight. In workout or exercise, a lot of people actually doesn't know that exercising for extended period of time will only injure your body instead of, you know, making you healthier. The maximum duration for your exercise should be about 60 minutes, done in 2-3 times a week. Yes, only for an hour per session.

The reason for this time limit is that your body would naturally increase testosterone levels during your workout routine, which is good because it helps improve metabolism, increase muscle growth and fat loss . It will peaked within 15 minutes to an hour during your exercise. Afterwards, your testosterone level would go all the way down, while your cortisol level, a stress hormone, would increase. In case you doesn't know what cortisol do, its a hormone that eats muscle tissue and increase body fat.

So exercising more that 60 minutes can make things go south real quick if you don't even practice proper diet. There is such things as do more in less time in workout. The most optimal time to do your workout is 45 minutes, because that is the time where testosterone level at its highest. You can do 60 minutes if you want, but if you are not used to exercising, chances are you gonna have a hard time breathing in just 5 minutes. Don't push yourself too much, but push yourself just enough. Allow your body to adapt.

All you gotta do is exercise for about 45 minutes, and it doesn't even have to be everyday. 2-3 time a week should be sufficient. Never combine all the workout time, thinking that you can achieve the results in just one day. Just because you heard that someone did a workout for 45 minutes, 3 times a week and manages to lose some weight and have his abs ripped within a month, doesn't mean that you can do all that workout non-stop for 9 hours in a day. You will only end up in the hospital probably for next 6 months.

Well, that's it for now. 2 simple steps that I wish I could elaborate more, but, I'll get to it in detail for each step next time.


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