Friday, November 20, 2015

[Games] Unbounded 'Bioshock: Infinite'

While everyone right now including me, are enjoying the latest game in the market, Fallout 4, I decided to take a stroll down on the memory lane. A game, published almost a year ago, a franchise that shook the gaming industry with its peculiar theme and setting. Bioshock game franchise.

It began with a survivor of a plane crash in Atlantic Ocean, made his way to strangely nearby lighthouse, that turns out to be a passage to an underwater city called, the Rapture. Even stranger things happened as he was attacked by deranged people with magic power of some sort, by consuming a bottle of plasmid. Like that, is going to make any sense, what the hell is a bottle of plasmid??

When I first saw the game trailer, I thought the game was horrible and nonsense. But everyone who tried it, said that it actually pretty fun. So I gave it a try, and I was hooked. A first-person shooter game, Bioshock is among those games that broke from the norm where, shooting guns is no longer enough. Now you plasmid as well. Seriously, what the hell is plasmid?

As you progressing through the game. you will unlocked stories and details about the world of Bioshock. Rapture is a hidden city, created by someone who really hated government of any kind, and wanted the city to be an utopia for free open-minded people. At first it was good, then it went straight to hell.

The downfall of the city began when they found out about a species of sea slugs that can produce some sort substance that can alter DNA, which in turn can grant superpowers on human. They dubbed that slimy stuff as ADAM, processed it into injectable plasmids, and gave everyone superpowers. And also, it makes them addicted to the plasmids.

Like all addictive stuff, its a goose laying golden eggs. Everyone want a slice of the pie. And thus triggered the Rapture Civil War, where everyone are either dead or addicted. Except for the player of course, we just got caught in the woven web of bigger conspiracies.

The Lutece twins.
But that is not all about Bioshock. In the third installment of the franchise, it was revealed that the woven web of bigger conspiracies that we caught into, is much much more bigger than any of us had anticipated. Its related to parallel realities.

The key figures are the Lutece twins, Rosalind  Lutece and Robert Lutece. They are not really twins but, well, more like opposite of each other, who came from different reality. Both are physicist and through their physic stuff experiments, they found a way to create a trans-dimensional portal called the Tear, and of course, each other.

Their ravenous appetite for knowledge caused them to help Brooke DeWitt/ Zachary Hale Comstock to become a prophet in the floating city of Columbia. Yes, in another reality, its a floating city instead of a sunken city. One thing lead to another, they both got into a freak accident and caused them to permanently stuck in a limbo.

Where they can appear wherever and whenever they want, through alternating realities. Much like omnipresent except, they cannot change the outcome of anything directly because everything is governed by the law of physics and probabilities. They can only observe.

As the player, we did not play as a single character throughout the trilogy. Each time, we play as a different character. We play as Jack, as Subject Delta, as Brooke DeWitt, as Elizabeth, and probably more. We play all our roles and parts, while observed by the Lutece twins.

Moar Elizabeth!!
At the end of the Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth did something stupid as trying to get a revenge, and ended being killed back in the sunken city of Rapture. If you played the DLC, Burial at Sea, Elizabeth will inadvertently contribute to the collapse of the Rapture, before Jack's arrival, which a character you played in the first Bioshock.

Thus, ends the game in a loop.
I heard that Bioshock 4 is in development, and it excites me. Now that Bioshock had reached 'ad infinitum' sort of storyline, maybe we get to play as different character, like that evil Atlas guy during the Rapture Civil War. Or Zachary Hale Comstock, where we get to travel between realities and stole people's shit until our dick don't work (Comstock became sterile because he used the Tear a little bit too much). So much possibilities!!


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