Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tera Online: Brawler blazing in after salty cat attack

Its confirmed, Brawler class will be launched on Tuesday 8th of December in NA Tera. 2 more weeks to go, be sure to keep yerself up to date, coz it is still shrouded in mystery what would the offers and promotions will it be. Last time when Gunner/ Arcane Engineer class was launched, they give out free character slot and free EX-TRM mount.

It could be sales with discounts, or free costumes, or free mounts, it could be anything. Even right now, NA Tera is having Black Friday Sale, with a chance of getting free pink unicorn mount for every purchases, that will end on Monday next week. If you missed the offers, then believe me when I say, there is no point on crying over spilled milk. Because that's what most of NA Tera community gamer usually do. Crying over pink unicorn's spilled milk.

But before we get to Brawler patch, 2 weeks ago NA Tera finally received and launched the long awaited sushi cat mounts in their store. NA Tera community gamer have been asking for it adamantly and persistently, ever since if was first released in JTera and KTera, to the point of being a major pain in the ass. They get it, you want cat mounts so that you can have a cat Popori riding a cat mount. Just like a panda Popori can ride a panda bear mount.

Meet the salty cats, Saltyko the tabby cat and Socko the tuxedo cat.
Well, be salty no more. Because here they are, bringing in all the saltiness that you'll ever need. Are you happy now? Are you?? I have no idea why they named the cats like that. I know Saltyko means 'salty kid', but Socko? What does that even, it is even a name? Or maybe it have a deeper, more subtle meaning? Well, I can guess what it is. It is, salty indeed.

Probably an oversight, but the salty cats have yet to be entered into the in-game dressing room. So you might have to use your imagination to see how would your in-game characters look like when riding  these kittens with sushi on top.

Ok now we're done with the cat with sushi on top. What about the brawler? Are they strong, are they beautiful, are they wet, would we cry? I leave that to your imagination. The thing is, anyone who donated $50 during the Extra Life Event will get a taste of that bouncy tits- I mean fists, on Tuesday 1st December, next week. Which is one week before the official release.

So, what does that mean? Does it means that we all should just sit on our asses and be salty as Saltyko?? No, you silly butt. There are events, happening every week, every weekend. And right now, there is an event underway called, Brace for Impact, to promote Brawler upcoming patch. You can also check out the official Brawler class page to see the highlights, skills and lore.

The event will be on from this week, all the way to the week where the  Brawler class would be launched. The whole idea of this event is to introduced Brawler's lore, which apparently have nothing to with Rhodos, the in-game NPC male brawler from Northern Arun. In fact, the first brawler is stated to be Marda, a human female who hated Orcan a lot, because they killed her father.

So this event is some sort of celebration, to the life of Marda, the first female brawler. The prize? Event game achievement (some achievements includes killing a hundred Red Fang Orcan, Marda really fucking hates Orcan), 500 Fashion Coupons, and a sleek black wolf mount called the Moon. Check out the details below, or go to event page, Brace for Impact, for more info.

And don't missed out. We don't want you to be salty as Saltyko over a black wolf's spilled milk, now do we?


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