Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[Movie] 'Superfast!" but less furious

A satirical comedy film, parodying the movie franchise of Fast and Furious. I was waiting for this movie actually before writing about the Fast and Furious 7. But because it hard to get copy of this movie, oh well, good thing is great for looking something outside of your area.

Its true that this parody movie actually missed the current Fast and Furious movie by a long shot, but it was entertaining nevertheless. The parody was targeted to the first and fifth film of Fast and Furious, which is why its understandable that people were not excited with the parody that we all had laughed at, several years ago.

Our team is missing the racial dynamics.
Then again, it does shows that how much the Fast and Furious franchise itself was changing into a completely different theme. Because this is what this parody movie is all about. Just like the first installment of the Fast and Furious, it began with a street car racing.

The team consist of Vin Serento (Dale Pavinski) with his girlfriend Michelle (Andrea Navedo), his sister Jordana (Lili Mirojnick), and his best buddy in the world, Curtis (Daniel Booko). They were hosting an illegal street car racing around a factory when an undercover police, Lucas White (Alex Ashbaugh), joins the race for.

One thing leads to another, Lucas become Vin's new best buddy, and dated Vin's sister, Jordana. Curtis became jealous and resentful, but nobody gives a shit about him. Which is really hilarious. Afterward, Vin took Lucas to pull a job, but got double crossed by a local kingpin who owned a taco restaurant.
So comes Rapper Cameo, Cool Asian Guy, and Model Turned Actress.

Things got dangerous, so Vin suggested that they bailed to another country. But they needed money. So they decided to pull one last heist to steal from the local kingpin who hide his money in his taco restaurant. But they needed a team to pull off the heist.

So Vin call on his associates, Rapper Cameo, Cool Asian Guy, and Model Turned Actress, to add flavor to the team. He came up with a convoluted plan for the heist, that require Curtis to tickle the guard and get shot to death. But it was too complicated. So they decided to just storm the taco restaurant.

This not the time for paperwork!!
The whole thing was ridiculous, but well, it did happened in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. It was funny, a bit. But it stop short at trivial things, and nothing more. If anything, its more like a 'click bait' where it used similar tittle from a popular franchise so that at least people would accidentally watched it. For me, the trailer got me.


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