Monday, March 28, 2016

[Movie] Its time for 'Age of Ultron'

Probably one of the best movie on 2015, and I said probably because we had mixed reviews here. Personally I think the movie was superb. But because of the twist at the end, somehow, some of us felt disappointed.

Overall it was still epic though. Totally worth the money to watch it on the cinema, and get the DVD version afterward. Which we did. For our movie marathon collection. Its just that despite its awesomeness in special effects, CGIs, superheros fighting evil robots, and many other things, the story somehow felt cheesy.

Avengers, assemble!
Like, really cheesy. The story began with the Avengers attacking the one of the Hydra hideout, as usual. The hideout, led by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, was experimenting stuff using Loki's scepter. Because Loki tends to keep doomsday devices in his possession, the Avengers figured that even that stupid scepter could be a real bad news.

They were right. The scepter was bad news. There were humans that were used in the experiments, and the results were 2 mutants, Pietro and Wanda. They are also conveniently hated Tony Stark. Because Tony used to manufacture weapons before, and his manufactured weapons was what killed their parent.

So they hated Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), the Iron Man, and by extension, the Avengers team as well, more than they hated Hydra that have turned these siblings into mutants. Why? Because that's how the story gonna be. Everybody have to hate the prodigal genius billionaire playboy. Even in real life.

Ok, maybe for Tony Stark its gonna be a special case. And in this case, Tony loves to do things on his own. And when he do that, its always rub other people the wrong way. Because he wants other people to share, but not so much on his part. Like how he have the whole power armor suit manufacturing plants stuffed inside his Stark Tower building and his house basement, along with many other super secret super weapons stashed in god-knows-where-else.

*cough* Hulkbuster armor system in the orbit *cough* codenamed Veronica *cough*

What else do you got? Please tell me there isn't more. Oh god, please no.
Well, Tony is not really a superhero. In a nutshell, he's just a rich non-superhuman scientist with a healthy and fit human physique. His powered armor suit what makes him extra awesome. But after the Chitauri invasion incident, Tony figured that a team won't cut it, if they are to face an all out invasion from outer space, or other world, or other dimension for that matter.

I mean, fighting Hydra organisation with their pain-in-the-neck 'cut one head and two more shall take its place' is already, well, pain in the neck. Now they got Chitauri in outer space, and who know what else hostile extraterrestrials out there gunning for planet Earth.

So Tony made a system. A global defense system, called Ultron. Without telling anyone. Ok, he told Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). But Bruce doesn't really like the idea. But then again Bruce is not really good at debating either. He can either research stuff, or smash stuff. Doesn't want the Hulk to be the dominant side, he opt the research stuff.

They use a mysterious gem on Loki's scepter, the one that Hydra was experimenting on, to complete the Ultron system. Turns out it was one of the Infinity Stones. the Mind Stone. Very powerful stuff. And that's what people do when they got their hand on a mysterious, powerful stuff, embedded on a scepter that belonged to a trickster god. They put it into their global defense system. Right?

Wrong! What the hell did two wankers were thinking at that time?

Solve human problems? Uhh.. kill all humans, problem solved. Right? 
The Ultron global defense system turned into a sentient A.I. and immediately went rogue. Why? Coz fuck humans. And also, the A.I directive was to save Earth. So Ultron did a little bit of Google search and found out that human have been polluting and destroying ecosystems on Earth. So yes, fuck them humans.

Ultron whooped J.A.R.V.I.S's ass, urmm Tony's butler system, and stole Tony's powered armored suit along with the magical scepter. He attacked the Avengers team first to make a statement. Then he went off to hatch a plausible but preferably insane plot to destroy all of humanity. Just like every other villain.

Remember the mutant siblings, Pietro Maximoff and Wanda Maximoff? Ultron recruit both of them, because all supervillains need minions. But the Maximoff siblings didn't know that Ultron is planning to wipe humanity clean off from planet Earth. They just in for the Tony Stark's ass-kicking event.

Meanwhile the Avengers team was at all-time high in tension between the members. Ultron was Tony's creation, Bruce helped Tony, Steve the Captain America doesn't like Tony, the scepter belonged to Loki so it should have been handed over to Thor to handle that nefarious stuff, Black Widow and Hawkeye doesn't like how Tony do things without consulting anyone even though they are a team, and did I mentioned that the Captain doesn't like Tony?

Back to Ultron, he went around the globe collecting necessary ingredients for human extinction. The Avengers tried to stop Ultron, but got their asses whooped instead. That's because Ultron know all of their weaknesses, courtesy of Tony's own paranoia. Hey, man.. everyone makes mistakes. Tony was just being cautious.

Now here is the part where our thought on the movie split. The whole plot was great, until Ultron revealed his plan on how to exterminate humanity.

How to exterminate humanity supervillain style.

1st: Collect Wakandan vibranium.
2nd: Build a new awesome indestructible body.
3rd: Kill everyone else.

Looks solid I guess. But Ultron failed on the second part. While he was building his new awesome body, the Maximoff siblings betrayed him because Wanda managed to glean Ultron's mind and discovered that Ultron gonna kill everyone. Ugh.. that is so typical.

To make matter worse, the Avengers managed to get back the Infinity Stone AND Ultron's new body. Which the Avengers used it to restart the global defense system again but this time using J.A.R.V.I.S, giving birth to a new and powerful cosmic entity called Vision.

But Ultron got Black Widow as a hostage. Wait, you don't need a hostage, you'll be killing all of humanity anyway. So you killed Black Widow, right? No? You kept her imprisoned? But then Bruce Banner managed to sneak in and release her? What the hell?? Ultron, you sucks.

Wait, Ultron is not done yet.
But instead of using the remaining Wakandan vibranium to create super drone army or, you know, another new awesome indestructible body, Ultron use it to make a huge engine to lift an entire city up onto the sky. Just so that he can crash it on the planet to simulate a meteorite crash that would probably trigger an extinction level event, similar to the one that probably happened to the dinosaurs.

Dude, Ultron, now you just relying too much on the internet. Where the hell did you get that idea from? Google??  You have access to Tony Stark's technology, you can build drones based on Iron Man's design, you actually did build a whole army of drones. And you have those Wakandan vibranium. What happened to that?

Arghh.. whatever, Ultron. For a sentient A.I, you really sucks hard. You deserved to get 'exterminated' instead. I guess the title fits then. It was really the Age of Ultron.

From his first evolution all the way to his extinction.


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