Sunday, March 27, 2016

[Games] 'Duke Nukem Forever' and ever

Or probably never? Duke Nukem Forever was released on 2011. Yeah, there are other newer games out there that I ought to write about. But I feel like I need to sort through some of these old games first, especially if its from popular and established franchise.
And no one on planet Earth that should not know about the Duke Nukem franchise. Ok.. maybe there are some people out there who had never played Duke Nukem games before. Because the Duke Nukem previous sequel was Duke Nukem 3D that was released on 1996.

The latest one, Duke Nukem Forever. released over a decade later, showed up like a storm, make a mess all over the place, and then forgotten. There were mixed reviews, some said it was a fun game, some said it was downright disappointing. Personally I think it was disappointing. 

The graphic was actually quite mediocre for a game released on 2011. But then again, graphic is not everything about a game. I mean, have you ever played Minecraft? That game have even shittier graphic, and its still popular.

Then what's so disappointing about Duke Nukem Forever? Its kind-of hard to explain or illustrate, but the word for it would be, unpolished. It was riddled with bugs and problems. And also, the graphic was shit.

Now I know that I did said that graphic is not everything about a game. But when the design was outdated, and the mechanics was clunky, what else would people go for? The game storyline and plot? 

Its Duke Nukem, nobody gives a shit about its story. 

This pretty much sums up the lore of Duke Nukem.
In fact, I don't think even Duke Nukem himself gives a shit about the game storyline. He was originally hired by CIA to save planet Earth, and the reason why he took the job was because the Earth crisis had caused the soap operas broadcast to be disrupted. And he didn't like that, not one bit.

So what makes Duke Nukem so popular back in the days? What was the recipe, for the secret sauce?

Ah, the good old-time.
The answer is, because it was fun. Plain and simple. You grab the guns, and you shoot anything that moves and doesn't look like human. In fact, Duke Nukem 3D was one of the game at that time, that popularized the first-person shooter games. And also, you got Duke Nukem himself.

Duke Nukem character was actually portrayed in the beginning, to be a charming anti-hero foul-mouthed son of a gun. But the character evolves over time in each sequels.

And by the time Duke Nukem appeared again in Duke Nukem Forever, he was reduced into nothing more than a huge douchebag. To make it worse, the game mechanic doesn't really change. I mean, we like it 15 years ago.. but if anything, I think the game mechanic might actually devolve. Because in Duke Nukem Forever, Duke Nukem uses 'ego' as his shield.

Or maybe they just want to discontinue the franchise, but they got the sequel project half way done. And somebody had to do something about it. Like. selling it for profit, while the franchise still have fans.

At any case, for me, Duke Nukem is gone for good.


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