Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[Movie] 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' was tepid

I believe that I haven't wrote about Hot Tub Time Machine yet. It was actually a good movie. I was excited when I know that a sequel was coming. It was released on February 2015. Unfortunately, there is a ring of truth when people said that not all sequels are as successful as the first one.

I don't know what went wrong when they making this movie. I mean, the first one was really great. And it doesn't even have extravagant special effects, space battles, or massive explosions all over the place. Just simple, clever and funny script-writing.

The sequel however, for some reason, reduced into this weird adventure into the future, that's filled with crude jokes that's bordering on complete nonsense. I wouldn't mind if it was funny, but most of them are not. Its like making dick jokes on another dick jokes, and ultimately became more dicks and less of a joke.
The start of the movie was ok. The story continue after the 3 friends and a young blood adventures in Kodiak Valley. Where they first use the hot tub time machine. At the end of the first movie, it was shown that Lou (Rob Corddry) stayed behind in the past, and use his future knowledge to turn around his life.

So now in the present time, the guys become incredibly successful, with helps from Lou of course. Because he was the one that changed the space-time continuum and stuff. However, life is never easy. So the guys encountered new problems, With their new lifestyle, their love relationship, and in the case of Jacob (Clark Duke), he turned from a shut-in into his own father's butler.

To make matter even worse, Lou's attitude never changed. He still the self-destructive maniac as he had always been. Suffice to say, he got his dick shot. To save his life, Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob decided to go back in time to save Lou. Because that what friends do.

Well, not really. But Lou actually did grab the hot tub from the Kodiak Valley. So the time machine was actually in his house all these time, and he have been using it to fix all of his mistakes. Ensuring his success every time. Something like that. Too long to explain, they got Lou's dick to save.

But things went wrong, and they went far into the future. So the trio began their adventure in the new uncharted territory. In the future, Nick and Lou hit rock bottom. Future Nick tried to make an original music piece produced by himself, but failed terribly. While future Lou, well, drug abuse is one of the problems.

Future Jacob however, is largely successful. By as they tried to wrap their head around these future things, Lou flickered in and out of existence. Just like Jacob when they first traveled to the past at the Kodiak Valley resort. So their mission is clear, they have to save Lou's dick.

Wait, if they in the future, wouldn't that mean Lou actually should be dead by then? Coz he got his dick shot. The mysterious time-lord janitor person appeared and told them time is all connected. The past, present, and the future. Its all one big journey.

There's a reason why they are in the future. Because without something happened in the future, then other things won't happened in past, and the present would be different. Something like. So its more than just about Lou's dick, probably.

Then, what is it all about, if not Lou's dick? In this sequel, Adam (John Cusack) didn't join their adventure. But the gang deduced that Adam might be involved in the attempt of murdering Lou by using shotgun to the dick. They tried to find future Adam, but found his son, Adam Jr (Adam Scott) instead.

So their adventure.. hhmm... well, I liked the Kodiak Valley's adventure better. I mean this new sequel looks like its poorly written. The whole thing just about looking for Lou's dick shooter.


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