Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tera Online: Ninja finally flying in

It was shown early this year that a new class will be joining the ranks of classes in Tera Online. With it, a flying mount. Everyone was skeptical. Because usually when a new class was introduced, it would be race and gender-locked. Except for the flying mount. Everyone can use the flying mount.

But not everywhere though. Currently, the only places that you can fly with these mounts are in and around the Velika city, most of the Northern Arun area, and also the new Island of Dawn. Yes, I said 'these' mounts because its not just a flying lion. There are, well, technically just two. A flying lion and a flying horse. But there are several types of flying horses and lions.

I'm sure that they will add flying dragon sooner or later. Or flying panda.

I just know it!

Enough with the flying mounts, what about the Ninja class?

Oddly enough, this time the new class DOESN'T have any background story. At all. They just, there. No rise from the dark side of Isren pool of tears like the Reapers, no heart wrenching fist punching tragedy like Brawler, no nothing.

But is it weird though? Because Gunner also doesn't have a background story. The only difference was that at least Gunner existence pretty much make sense, because Gunner uses guns that they reverse-engineered from the Argon tech. You know Argon, those blue mechanical zombie army that you fought throughout Northern Shara?

There, by that window. Its a ninja! With a plasma shuriken!  Did you see it??
But for ninja.. its hard to say where they come from. Or, maybe we are not suppose to know. Because they're ninja. Not any ninja though, Elin ninja. That's right, the ninja class is locked to the Elin race. No other race, apparently, can be a ninja. Hmm, isn't that just make you want to know even more where the hell this ninjas came from??

Its not the same murky dead goddess's tear lake where Reaper came out, is it??

Because Elin already a female only race, that means all Ninja in Arborea are actually kunoichi. And we all know what that means. It means no role-playing as popular characters from Naruto. You can't even be Sasuke. Or Kakashi. Or Ninja Ninja from Afro Samurai.

Another issue with the Ninja class is their role. I mean for Reaper, it was medium range DPS. For Gunner, it was long range heavy DPS. And Brawler became a new type of tank, DPS tank. So what about Ninja? I tried the class in the game, and personally I think they are more or less like the Reaper. But they're not, they're Ninja.

They are, pure DPS. Their first skill is called 'Decoy Jutsu'. Its very similar to the Warrior and Slayer's 'Backstab' skill. They are not there to tank, not there to heal or support anyone or anything. They came, they kill, and they leave. Ninja stuff.

For some reason, I think that there is a high possibility that the Korean developer, which is Bluehole Studio, may actually surf around the Tera NA official community forum. Some of the developer staffs probably saw that the North American players posted a lot about ninja and Elin.

You know, stuff like how players in this game loves to ninja-loot on items even on the items that they don't need, and how they debate about Elin being the master race in Tera...

Bluehole Studio must have seen those forum posts, and thought, "Wow, them Americans really love ninja and Elin. You know what? Let's make Elin Ninja. I have a great feeling, that this could be where our money is, you guys." And Nexon added, "Let give 'em flying mounts while we're at it too. Coz everybody loves flying Elin ninja". "Hue hue hue", Nexon laughed peculiarly.

Hmm, it must have happened that way. I don't know. I'm just assuming.

Later, you guys.
Well, that's all for today. Overall I think the new class is all fun, and that about it.
I will now return back to my super secret ninja hideout in Velika city clock tower. Wait... I'm not supposed to mention that.


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