Saturday, June 18, 2016

[Movie] 'Dope' as fudge

Sometimes the best movie is usually the movie that we least expected it to be. I first knew about this movie back in 2015 while I was surfing in Youtube for new movie trailers. The trailer was, urmm, not really dope. Because its look like a documentary film rather than something that you want to watch in the cinema with popcorn and Pepsi.

But I gave it a try. Only because I was already at the cinema with popcorn and Pepsi in my hands. And the LCDs in the cinema was playing this movie's trailer, along with its dope ass music. So I thought, why not. The music was dope anyway. So it must be a very good documentary movie.

I was wrong. It was not a documentary movie. It was a comedy drama movie, about youngsters living in  Inglewood neighborhood called The Bottoms. Malcolm (Shameik Moore), Jib (Tony Revolori), and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons), are 3 best friends. They considered themselves to be the geeks, because they tried their best to get good grades, and reading comic books. They also formed their own punk band called the Awreeoh.

They do normal stuff, youngster stuff, all day every day. Until one day, Malcolm was approached by a drug dealer named Dom (A$AP Rocky) to do some favor for him. Long story short, he got invited to Dom's party. He doesn't really want to go, because he don't want to end up in gangs and stuff, he wanted to go to Harvard instead, and read comic books. But there is a girl that he fell head over heels for.

Nakia (Zoe Kravitz) is her name, and she is indeed beautiful. The problem is, Dom the drug dealer is also head over heels for her. So Malcolm just have to be content with, well, get to know her better, and see where he can go from there. So he went to Dom's party, along with Jib and Diggy.

So they all dance, they all laughed, and had fun along with Dom's crew. Until the bullets start flying, and all three of them scattered and barely escaped from being shot by rival gangs or arrested by the police. It was a horrible experience for all three of them, well, except for Malcolm, because he managed to win points with Nakia.

But the story didn't end here. This is no fluffy cliche love story piece of crap. No sir. This is a story from Inglewood 'The Bottoms'. There is comedy, there is drama, and there is dope. If anything, the story had just began.

During the party shootout and police raid, Dom had put a bunch of new and high grade of dope called molly, inside Malcolm's backpack. Malcolm didn't know about it till the very next day, where he almost gave the package to a duo that snitched on Dom. But Dom saved him in a nick of time through a phone call.

Malcolm tried his best to pass the package filled with dope to whoever he thought should have it, without losing his life. But the more he tried, the deeper he got into this twisted webs of social conundrum. It turns out that Dom used to be as full of hope as he is. But somewhere along the line, Dom got dragged into this vicious cycle of youngster turning to gangs.

The same line, that Malcolm is about to walk.

Will Malcolm become the new Dom? Or will he break away from this vicious cycle and free himself? People said that good things never comes easy. To be free, strength alone is not enough. Malcolm needs to make hard decisions as well, decisions that may cost his life.

It was a very moving and inspirational movie, and the soundtrack was dope too. I'm glad that my popcorn and Pepsi didn't go to waste.


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