Sunday, September 11, 2016

[Movie] The 'Pixels' was not so bad

I remembered watching the trailer back in 2015 and I was excited. I thought its gonna be a blockbuster movie. But for some reason, right after it was released, the reviews weren't so good. Which was strange because the trailer was so good. Is it really not good?
How does this look like? Is good, is it bad? Its good, isn't it?

Because I think it wasn't so bad. Not epic, but enjoyable. Maybe the people who watched the trailer got their hopes too high, and then what they expected didn't really turned out to be the way they imagined it. Though I have no idea what did they expected.

I mean its Adam Sandler's movie. There's gonna be dorks, and a team of jockeys, and at the end, all of them jockeys will end up dead, or something. People probably thought that the Pixels movie was going be the new Tron movie.

Pew pew pew. More laser, plox.
Well, in a way, it did looked like a Tron movie. Except Adam Sandler didn't get sucked into an arcade game, and forced to fight his own avatar and stuff. Oh no, he did not. The arcade game actually came by to Earth and started invading and shit. That's right. It more like the Independence Day, if its a parody filled with cartoon characters.

The story began with young dorky Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) and his friend Will Cooper (Kevin James) playing video games in the arcade center, and then join an arcade game championship. To celebrate the awesomeness of humanity achievement in gaming industry, they recorded the footage of the championship in a videocassette and then launched it into space as time capsule, or something.

I don't know, man. I'll be lying if I say the story here is not choppy right off the bat. But it was still early, we don't know what happened next, now do we?

Pac-Man is coming to eat you!
Ok, maybe we know where this is going then. One of the other purpose of the launched-to-space-time-capsule was to send a message to extraterrestrial life form, if there's any, an intelligent one if possible. A peaceful message, that says something along the line, 'Hey, come on down to planet Earth and play some video games with us'. Or 'We Earthling are fun people', or something.

Well, back in the '80s, people didn't think too much of the violence in the game. To them, its all fun and games. But to the alien, it sounds like a challenge. Especially when most games back in those days usually start with something along the line 'Are you ready to battle?'. Well, challenge accepted, Earthing. Alien from Zululu (I think that's what they said anyway) is coming your way.

This is not how you play games, Zululu people.
And they target North America first. Why? Because that will give them excuses to destroy awesome landmarks like Statue of Liberty, or the New York Golden Gate Bridge. Something like that. Funny that they didn't attack Japan though. I'm pretty sure Pac-Man came from Japan. At any case, the alien choose the battleground.

So beware, you Americans. Next time you launched up a rocket into space, watch where you aiming at. It might hit Zululu planet or something. You definitely do not want to hit Zululu planet though.

Or they will come over and make you play Donkey Kong. With your life.
Overall the movie was entertaining. Like most of Adam Sandler movies, I think. He is known to make family fun entertainment type of movies, like the Grown Ups, Chuck and Larry, or the Waterboy, and many more.

And this movie was a sci-fi comedy film. So what do you expect? Rambo came out of nowhere and start fighting octopushark alien? Fat chance that gonna happen in Adam Sandler's movie. If it was up to him, he probably make it so that a fat Rambo mud-wrestle a ManBearPig.

People who said this movie was wastefully bad, should go out and ride a bicycle. Or learn how to play jenga. Because you need to enjoy life a little bit. I admit the movie wasn't that epic, but it was actually worth watching. It was a good summer comedy entertainment.


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