Sunday, September 11, 2016

[Movie] 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' became possible

Remember the previous sequel? IMF got into a hot water because they were suspected of Kremlin bombing. Well, Ethan Hunt solved that one, as usual. And now, a new threat arises. As usual too. Released on 2015, its the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise.

But you guys let Kremlin burst into flames, so we not sure about this anymore.

But this time, IMF (Impossible Mission Force) is in the hot water from the get-go of the movie. Its kinda hard to let it slide about the incident where Kremlin got bombed. You can't just go around using excuses that you are saving the world, so its ok for you to bomb the goddamn Kremlin. Do you even know what the Kremlin is? Kremlin is like the White House to the Russian Federation.

Even though the case was solved with knowledge that the bombing was actually perpetrated by a rogue Russian nuclear strategist, the fact still remains that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team did infiltrate the Kremlin to look for that rogue nuclear strategist. And that does not bode well with the Russian and American government.

And so the IMF was put under a Senate committee investigation panel. Because the IMF Secretary was killed during the Kremlin bombing fiasco, Field Operations Director, William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), was put on front to testify. And the panel wants to know just one thing. Where the hell is Ethan Hunt?

We are the CIA, dammit. We suppose to be the intelligent one here!
It  turns out that  Ethan have yet to report in, his last transmission reveals that he is tracking a mysterious organization called the Syndicate. People have a bad feeling about this, because the last time he did something like this, Kremlin got fucking bombed. And so, Director of the CIA, Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin), reminded the committee of the IMF reckless misconduct in the past.

Before this, they were chasing 'Max'. Then the 'Chimera'. After that, the 'Rabbit's Foot'. Afterward, the 'Cobalt'. And now, the 'Syndicate'. The CIA probably got jelly of the IMF. Well, its kinda obvious. But Hunley managed to convince the committee to disband the IMF and have all of their assets absorbed by the CIA. Besides, IMF was without a secretary, because he was dead, so the organization might as well have been defunct.

You want to me to find Ethan? Last I heard he was looking for rabbit's foot or something.
But where the hell is Ethan Hunt?? Apparently, the CIA director doesn't like Ethan very much. He must be very jelly of Ethan awesomeness in saving the world. Because he branded Ethan as a fugitive and dangerous. His first order of business after absorbing the IMF assets was to hunt Ethan Hunt down and bring him back alive or dead. Preferably dead. Ok, he wants Ethan dead.

Brandt, still believed in Ethan, recruit Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), another IMF agent and Ethan's best friend. He also an expert computer hacker. Luther retired from IMF because he doesn't want to betray his best friend, but Brandt convinced him to come back, telling him that if the CIA found Ethan first, they will kill Ethan.

Ethan? Is that you??
Plot twist! They found Ethan first in Morocco. Another plot twist! Benjamin Dunn (Simon Pegg), or Benji, actually already with Ethan. Ethan recruit him quietly despite him being closely monitored by the CIA. Benji didn't told Brandt that he had already working with Ethan because he assumed Brandt was working with the CIA.

Brandt, being a stick in the mud, tried to reason with Ethan and asked him to surrender to the CIA custody. Even if the Syndicate actually exist, they should just leave it to the CIA because IMF have already been disbanded. But Ethan refused, because he feared that the CIA might have been compromised. Its either that, or Brandt felt that Ethan just doesn't want to let go the thrill of saving the world on his own.

You think I want to save the world to compensate for something?
Ethan told the gang everything he knows about the Syndicate, seeing that all of his buddies are completely unrelated to the Syndicate. It turns out that the Syndicate is some sort of terrorist organization that is expert on similar operations as the IMF, except they going for the opposite effect. Instead of saving the world, the Syndicate wants the world to plunge into chaos. For profit of course.

To make matter worse, all of the Syndicate operatives that Ethan have came across are former secret intelligence operatives. All are tagged either dead or went missing by their own respective intelligence agency. Hence why Ethan doesn't trust CIA. That also means that Ethan and his buddies are gonna go up against a terrorist organization filled with super spies just like them.

Ultimately, they all follow Ethan's plan. I mean, Ethan might look like a madman. But his track record is pretty godlike compared to Hunley from CIA. I mean, where have CIA been all this time? Probably still sniffing around looking for Ethan.

In the end, mission accomplished. As usual. Wait, its slightly different this time. The IMF was reinstated back, and Hunley became the new IMF Secretary. Well, welcome to the team, Hunley. Hopefully you don't die like the last secretary. IMF is dangerous like that.


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