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[Movie] The epic 'Gods of Egypt'

Got lots of mixed review when it came out. Apparently people are upsets because the main and most of the characters in the film was not played by Egyptians. And also some of the special effect seems like it wasn't special at all. But I watched the movie, and I found that I had a different view.

What a majestic and beautiful city.
Lets face it, it was fantasy, fiction movie based on the Egyptian mythology. It wasn't a documentary, or a History channel program. So what's wrong with it being fictional, even if the main character was played by a Danish guy? I mean, have you seen the new Hercules movie? Dwayne Johnson wasn't even a Greek, he's a Canadian-American actor.

Political correctness aside, the movie took, somewhat, similar plot with the original mythology. With ermm.. very small changes. Ok, there were a lot of differences. But its still about a god went cuckoo and wanted to destroy the world. Oh, you know who I'm talking about. Obviously its gonna be the God of Darkness.

Iron Man look-alike army invades!
It began on a very lovely day. A coronation day. Its the day where Horus would be crowned as the new King of Egypt, by his father, Osiris (Bryan Brown). But Osiris have a brother, named Set (Gerald Butler). He spent a thousand years, roaming around the burning desert outside of Egypt, fighting beasts and demons for a living.

He returned back to Egypt with his army during the day of coronation of his nephew, Horus, and demand his rightful place as the new King of Egypt. But not before killing his own brother, Osiris, and whoop his nephew's ass. He also ripped out Horus's eyeballs, and made all of Egypt, gods and mortals alike, bowed before him.

Whoaa.. what happened to the beautiful city at the beginning?
Set declared that anyone who wanted to pass to the Afterlife must pay their way in with riches earned. Apparently before this, Osiris gave passage to the Afterlife to everyone as a gift. But Set doesn't like that one bit. His hard life back in the desert taught him that such kindness is for the weakling. Just like his dead brother, Osiris.

But all hope was not lost. Set almost killed Horus, in order to consolidate his absolute power as ruler of all Egypt. But the Goddess of Love, Hathor, offered herself to Set in order to save Horus's life. So Horus was left alive but blinded. Without his eyes, Horus was greatly weakened. So weak that he couldn't transformed into his 'god-mode' anymore. Wait, which hope was not lost yet again?

Even worse, Set initiated a brutal campaign of conquest, killing other gods that stands against his throne and annexed their land into his newly established empire. The gods dropped like flies, while the mortals were enslaved to build huge infrastructures and monuments to mark Set's glorious achievements.

"Who dares to defy me and my battle scarab chariot, huh?!?"
However, there was a mortal named Bek (Brenton Thwaites). I suppose in Egypt, Bek is a man's name. In modern time America, Beck would be a name for a nerdy girl with twin pigtails and thick eyeglasses. But this Beck is not a girl. He is a faithless thief who doesn't believe that the gods can control the mortals' destiny. Well, the gods couldn't even stop Set's war on conquest. The so called God of Air, Horus, couldn't even avenge his own father's death.

His lover, Zaya (Courtney Eaton), convinced him that he should help Horus to regain back his eyes. Its like a challenge, or a double-dare, or something. Zaya told Beck that if Set is to be defeated, then the God of Air must regain back his power, which is his eyeballs.

Plot twist! Set put the eyeballs in the deepest most secured vault in all of Egypt. Designed specifically to kill thief. Another plot twist! Zaya have the architectural map for the vault and Set's desert house. Even more twisted plot twist! The vault only housed one of Horus's eyeballs.

"What joke is this? Where's my other eyeball, mortal?"

Unable to do anything about the other missing eyeball, Beck went back to Zaya to celebrate the success of retrieving the eyeball from Seth's vault. But, there was nothing to celebrate. The vault's architect, Urshu (Rufus Sewell) already predicted something like this to happen. He designed it in a way that those who loyal to Horus would try to steal the eyeballs and met their demise while trying to steal, or trying to escape.

In this case, Zaya and Beck was about to escape. They did tried to escape, but Zaya got shot right in the chest with an arrow. Frustrated, Beck met with Horus anyway. who secluded himself in a tomb. Horus was wrecked with grief, but his burning desire to exact revenge fuels him still.

Which led him to strike a bargain with Beck. He promised to bring Zaya back to life if Beck gave him his eyeballs, and then led him into Seth's house, which is a pyramid in a middle of the burning desert. Unbeknownst to Beck, even though Horus is a god, he actually cannot bring someone back to life due to an ironclad rule, which separates between the world of the living and the dead.

They journeyed together while being pursued by Set's minions. Horus went to meet his grandpa, Ra (Geoffrey Rush), God of Light, pleading for his help. But Ra refused, because he have more important things to do. Like shooting fireballs at Apophis, the Beast of Chaos, that tries to eat all of Egypt every night. Hey, that IS more important than Horus's revenge quest.

But Horus did not return empty-handed. He took a vial of Water of Life near Ra's solar barge, so that he can quench the desert's thirst, which would weaken Set. But before quenching anything's thirst, he and Beck went to a super secret swampy area that hid the Library of Thoth, to ask help from God of Wisdom (Chadwick Boseman), to solve the Sphinx's riddle, who guarded Set's house.

Hnghh, Set's jacked-up 'god mode'.
Meanwhile, Set was not sitting idly too. He went on killing every other gods and claimed their lands and powers, fusing it all to him, making him even more powerful than he ever was. He even infused Horus's eyeball to his forehead to gain some of Horus's power. Its seems that his plan goes beyond conquering all of the world, as he killed and took the wings of Nephthys (Emma Booth), Goddess of Protection. Who also happened to be his ex-wife.

He gained the ability to fly, and went to Ra's solar barge. It was there that Set finally showed his true intention. To achieve greatness far beyond any other gods ever will be. Millennium long spend in the desert, fighting monsters and demon, drove Set into a dreadful resentment and bottomless despair. But what truly broke him was the fact that his brother, Osiris, was given not only the crown of Egypt, but also a son. While Set is as barren as the desert that he threads on.

Ra tried to console him, telling him that it is his fate, to not have a child, so that he can take his place on Ra's solar barge and replace Ra, to fight the Beast of Chaos every night. Not to mention Set had already became the strongest god ever, comparable to Ra himself. But like pouring oil on fire, this infuriated Set greatly. He cannot accept that his ultimate destiny was to sit alone on the solar barge fighting yet another nightmarish demon monster, for another who-knows how many millennia long.

Set railed against Ra, and Ra shot Set straight in the face with the fire of the sun itself. But Set withstood the flame, as he had grew stronger than any other gods below the sun. He stabbed Ra in the gut with a sword, wrest the flaming spear from Ra's hand, and blow Ra off from the solar barge with a fire blast using the spear.

And then he welcomed Apophis, the Beast of Chaos, to devour all of creations, So that he can remade everything in his image. Or at least, no more 'forever alone' for him. But for him to make all these changes, the world of the living, the dead, and the Afterlife, must be destroyed. Well, that doesn't sound good. What happened to Horus, God of Air? Can he even fight toe-on-toe with Set who had toppled the God of Light?

As far as any other fantasy movie goes, I find this movie very entertaining. Not historically accurate, but I'm pretty sure the movie wasn't even aiming for that.


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