Wednesday, October 12, 2016

[Movie] Jump into 'Deadpool', don't be shy

Deadpool is one of my favorite comic book characters after the Punisher in term of antihero characteristic traits. Released on 2016, its about time they make a movie about Deadpool. They both are crazy and anarchist. The only difference is that the Punisher doesn't have any superpower.

Fuck the system!!
While Deadpool, is a mutant. Man-made mutant. His background was a former Special Force operative that goes by the name Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). He was not a mutant originally. He had just, 'fulfilled his duty' in the special super secret service and what not, and then spend his remaining days doing mercenary works in a bar called Sister Margaret's.

Life seems good. Never out of jobs either. Lots of people needed his special set of skills. Ok, not really. He take whatever job he can do with his special set of skills. Mostly scaring the young punks stalking their ex-girlfriend or whatever, with his serrated steel blade.

Cancer in almost every vital organs there is. Did I win the fucking lottery or something??
But how did Wade Wilson became Deadpool? Well, life's a bitch. He have a slight problem of terminal illness called cancer. In his lung, thyroid, prostate, and also brain. He was going to die, good thing he hang in the bar as he usually do. And he drunk his sorrow down with a whole lot of alcohol beverages. Even better? His best friend, Weasel (T.J Miller), owns the bar.

The deal breaker here is that he have a girlfriend, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). One that he loves very much and wanted to spend little bit more time banging. This is where a recruiter from a secret black ops organization approached. Wade dubbed him as 'Agent Smith' (Jed Rees), because he looks like one. Agent Smith know of Wade's history, and offered him a new chance to live a new life.

Good thing they teach you how to sew in the Special Force.
Being a former Special Force operative, Wade are used to these super secret black weapon program bullshits. So he thought, why not? He's gonna die from cancer anyway. But if all went well, he'll get cured from the cancers and have more time to bang Vanessa night in and night out. Sounds like a good deal to me. Win-win situation, maybe.

Spoiler alert! The program was Weapon X program. Not spoiled enough? Its the same program that turned Wolverine into a human weapon. A brutal genetic experimentation conducted on human beings, with the aim of turning these victims into super soldiers. Slave super soldiers. Wade did not have a good time there. But he did make some friends with Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Angel Dust (Gina Carano).

The party starts now, bitches!
Wade managed to escape from the facility after he turned into a mutant. Ok, he didn't really escape, the facility was blown up to piece after he light up the oxygen tanks. He should die, actually, from the explosion. But he didn't. Then, his buddy Ajax came along and impaled him with a rebar, because they are not actually friends.

Ajax left him to die there, but Wade didn't die. So technically, he didn't escape from the facility. He just put the building on fire, got pinned on the floor with a rebar by Ajax, and then stayed there unconscious until everything was burned down to the ground. By the time he woke up, everybody already left the party. Well, isn't that just rude. The least they should do, is leave a note or something.

I'm here for the after after party.
With his face horribly disfigured, actually it was his whole body. He looked like a walking ball sacks. But an immortal walking ball sacks. So there is a plus there. The minus here would be his old life, which was his girlfriend. He began his quest to find a cure for his urmm.. new 'illness' that made him looked like a ball sack.

Afraid that his girlfriend won't like his new appearance, he hide himself. He did looked like Ryan Reynolds before this. He called himself Deadpool, wears a mask and a red black tight-suit, and did some vigilante works. Ok, he didn't really do vigilante works. But he did kill bad people. Does that count as vigilantism or just plain bloody murders?

The X-men do think that he could lean more toward vigilantism side, but preferably with less bloody killings. Its kinda annoyed Deadpool because Colossus (Stephan Kapicic) and his fresh trainee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), kept hounding him. Every time Colossus started to preach about heroism, Deadpool felt like shooting his own brain out. Too bad he can't die.

Anyway, time to find his old friend, Ajax. Ajax was the one who experimented on him back in the super secret warehouse/ science laboratory. So he must have known a way or two on how to reverse mutate a person. Let's keep a positive attitude here. What was his real name again? Ah, Francis Freeman. Hope his phone number is listed somewhere in the Yellow Pages. I think they have a section for 'artificial mutant science maniac' in there.

One of the best movie this year. Full of exciting family fun entertainment, except don't let your kid watch it. That walking ball sack will give them nightmares.


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