Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tera Online: Everybody dojo fightin'

Did you know that you can travel around Arborea as a martial artist seeking to improve your inner strength? Well, now you know. It was released earlier this year in 2016, somewhat near around the time when Blade and Soul hit North America.

We both looked so dope right now.

There are 2 different kind of the costume. One is Dragonfire gi, which is for a male character. The other one is Phoenixclaw gi for a female character. Along with it comes some accessories for headgear and backpack. The headgear includes a helmet, some hats, and a sunglasses. No weapon skin though.

Personally, I find the costumes looked super cool on the male characters, regardless of the races. And, if you can get a dyeable version of the costumes, you can role-play and create your own 'School Path' with your friends. Dye the gi and match the colors with your friend. Then onward to explore the world of Arborea in search greater inner strength. Or terrorize the weaker martial art schools, like a band of undisciplined punks that you all are. The choice is yours.

Oh, you guys thought we gonna have a fist fight? You thought wrong, bruh.
However, one thing that disappointed me was the fact that there is no male brawler. You can only make a human female brawler, but I'm not really fond of the female version of the gi, the Phoenixclaw. Apparently it looked like a bathrobe. A sexy and skimpy female bathrobe. We'll get to that later.

Without the male brawler class, even with the Dragonfire gi look super awesome, you still gonna end up with characters that uses weapon that does't match with the gi. I mean, bow and arrows? Huge axe and swords? How about a lance and a shield? Hmmphh.

Hello, I'm just a wandering pacifist martial artist.
Good thing that this costume have a matching backpack. Because backpack accessories can hide the type of your class's weapon when the weapon is sheathed. So you can still travel around quietly as a wandering martial artist.

That is, until you draw you weapon and poke the brains out of your enemies' skull with your lance. Oh, they are so gonna regret it to ever bump into your shoulder.

Sure, lets have a fist fight. I can fight with my skimpy bathrobe on.
But what about the Phoenixclaw gi costume? The female version of the gi? Can't we work something with it? I mean, there is still a brawler, even though its locked to human female only. Well, I'm not kidding when I said the female gi is less than a gi and more of a bathrobe. It doesn't even have a pants attached to it.


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