Saturday, April 15, 2017

[Games] 'Bulletstorm' storms again

I never understand why Bulletstorm never gain traction or developed further into series. The game was actually quite awesome. Recently I heard the developers are going to release a remastered version of the game. Practically the same game, but better graphic and extra contents, I guess?

Originally released 6 years ago, which was February 2011, the game not only receive positive reviews and feedback. The game was really good. But I suppose, during that time, a lot of first person shooter games with bigger names was released alongside Bulletstorm. Like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Crysis, F.E.A.R, Homefront, and many more.

Not to mention that Bulletstorm was also under fire by Fox News, where one of their panel psychologist, Carole Lieberman, may or may not, have associated the game with brainwashing kids to promote violence and rape, or something.

Hey, how come Duke Nukem is ok? Women got raped by aliens all the time in that game. Is it because Duke Nukem is an fictional pop icon/ American hero that share resemblance with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Dang, that's racist.
But what about Bulletstorm? What's the story here? Well, the background story for Bulletstorm is very simple. Practical self-explanatory. Storms full of bullets. It about a squad of black ops codenamed Dead Echo, went rogue because their big boss was huge corrupt, probably STD-infested, douchebag, dick and asshole, All at the same time. The name was Star General Sarrano, and he had the squad killing innocent people for his personal interests.

The squad bailed, and becomes space pirates instead. Because fuck the system. And fuck Sarrano too! They have been on the run ever since, hunted by Sarrano. That is until they found Sarrano's battlecruiser chilling on the orbit of planet Stygia.
It has been ten years since the black ops squad/ space pirates had their reunion with their crazy ex boss, Star General Sarrano. He's still a general, and that pisses off Grayson, the squad team leader, even more. In a drunken rage, he shot the battlecruiser with his bucket of a pirate spaceship, and crashed both of them on the surface of the planet.

But why Sarrano was orbiting the planet in the first place? Grayson somewhat regret that he didn't ask that beforehand, but that's ok. His team survived, and somehow so did Sarrano. So he had shot first, but now its time to ask questions.

One thing lead to another, it appeared that Sarrano really do have an agenda there. The whole planet was a mess, and swarming with mutated creatures, beast and plant alike. That motherfucker Sarrano, what the fuck did he do now?

The mutants attacked the team, and killed Rell and Doc Oliver. Ishi was dying because of the crash landing. But Doc managed to piece him back together before he died. By piecing him together, I meant, Ishi became an Asian cyborg murderer. Part of his brain have AI processor now, making him somewhat colder that an ice-cold killer.

Good thing that Grayson is good at handling psychopaths. Practically everyone in his team was. So he managed to get Ishi to team up with him instead of, you know, strangle him to death. Ishi hated Grayson because he's too impulsive. I mean, you gotta a least say something before you crash the goddamn spaceship onto a battlecruiser. Like, wear the seat belt and hold on to something, you know?

But what happened, happened. Now it is in their best interest to get the fuck out of that god-forsaken, mutant infested, hellhole of a planet. And their ticket way out can only be Sarrano. Well not necessarily him. The guy is a weasel, he must have a mean to save himself. Grayson and Ishi only needed that 'mean'.

They met Trishka, who happened to work for Sarrano, and on her way to rescue his sorry ass. But later revealed that she's the daughter of someone that Sarrano had asked Grayson's team to kill. Well, isn't that just a kick right in the nut. The rescue mission of Sarrano have become a hunt.

The gameplay was like every other modern first person shooter game. Its similar, but not the same. In Bulletstorm, you can leash people and things, and you can kick them. And it creates these amazing fast-paced. action packed, slow-motion moments from time to time. I mean, seriously. One of the unique thing about this game is the 'Skillshot'. Which you'll receive achievement, points, and stuff for being creative in mayhem and destruction.

The game was really good back then. Too bad that its not the sequels that gonna come out. Not really sure that player like me gonna get the remastered version of the game. But if you haven't played this game, then you should totally give it try.


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